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 Chapter 17 - The Name Is Danzo!A month later, the Ninja School was recruiting students again.

Haru dawdled for a long time, but in the end, he was still dragged away by Tsunade in the end.

However, Haru never thought that the guard he had spent so much effort to get would actually be an ‘old acquaintance’!

“Under the orders of Lord Hokage, I have come to protect the safety of the two majesties.”

“En, what is your name”

“Shimura Danzo.”

“You are the one called Danzo!”

Haru’s eyes widened in an instant.

He circled around the young man who was speaking a few times and carefully sized him up.

‘Isn’t this the future root, Danzo’

As Tobirama’s student and personal bodyguard, Danzo, who was already 22 years old, had already become outstanding.

However, even Danzo did not expect to receive such a task to protect the two children

He did not have the patience and interest.

In comparison, Hiruzen was more suitable for such a task.

After receiving this task, he even suspected that he had done something that made Lord Hokage unhappy, so he wanted to transfer him away.

But when he learned the true identity of the target he wanted to protect this time, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Senju Haru, the child of Lord Hokage!

Tsunade, the granddaughter of Lord Hashirama!

Lord Hokage sent him to protect these two important kids.

No matter how he looked at it, it did not seem like he was rejecting him.

On the contrary, he might be preparing to use his signal!

Therefore, Danzo was a little excited in his heart.

He secretly made up his mind that he must make them comfortable no matter how much he hated children.

—-Ah, no, it was to leave a good impression.

‘Hiruzen, Hiruzen, I’m finally one step ahead of you this time!’

Just as Danzo kept on fantasizing about the peak of his life, he suddenly found that Hokage’s child was looking back and forth at him with a very strange look.

“Your Highness Haru…”

“Don’t call me Your Highness.

Just call me Young Master.

It’s a separation, isn’t it”

Danzo’s face stiffened.

He squeezed out an ugly fake smile and said, “Young Master Haru, it’s getting late.

It’s time for us to set off.”

Haru shook his head again and looked at Danzo with amazement.

Then, he retracted his gaze and said meaningfully, “Let’s go.

I hope you can persevere until the end.”

Danzo didn’t understand and didn’t take it seriously.

He was responsible for protecting them on the way to school and after school every day.

Even if he was really targeted, he was confident that he could delay the arrival of reinforcements.

To put it bluntly, in this period, almost every one of Jonin could take care of himself.

Moreover, even after several decades, Jonin was still a very awesome existence.

After all, before the appearance of those Kage-level, Jonin would already be a top-notch fighter.

Therefore, at this time, Danzo really had the right to be arrogant.


Ninja School.

Although the Ninja School had only been established for five years, and it was only the second year of the official name, the number of students who came today far exceeded the number 38 years ago.

Even the big families sent some children to school to study, although they did not need it at all…

Of course, most of them were civilian students because this was almost the only chance for them to change their fate.

Therefore, after some families confirmed that their children had a certain talent level, they would send their children to the Ninja School to study.

Even if they stepped on this road, it would be full of danger and uncertainty.

When Haru and Tsunade arrived, they did not attract much attention.

After all, they were not like Uchiha’s family.

They always wore clothes with embroidered family patterns, constantly reminding the people around them.

In this regard, Senju’s family was really too low-key.

But after dividing the classes, Haru and Tsunade, who walked into the classroom, unexpectedly saw several familiar faces.

“It’s you!”

Hyuga Tokugawa immediately opened his eyes wide and blurted out.

Moreover, it wasn’t just him.

The few people who came to Senju’s house to kneel and apologize were all present.

They weren’t fools either, and they almost understood the coincidence.

Why did the family suddenly arrange for them to enter the Ninja School to study

Why were they so coincidentally assigned to the same class

Just now, they were still excited and had a beautiful dream of dominating their age.

But now, the dream was broken…

The Patriarchs of the big families who had been rejected had changed the way to send them to Haru.

After all, with the power of these families, it was not difficult to find out the time for Haru and Tsunade to enter the school.

It was easy to arrange for the children of their families to get in this year and assign them to the same class.

Hyuga Tokugawa, who was the first to figure this out, immediately had an ugly look on his face.

He was also an ambitious guy.

Otherwise, he would not have united so many children of big families at such a young age.

How could a person like him be willing to be someone else’s follower

Not even Lord Hokage’s child!

However, the other party did not seem to have any intention of hanging him.

He directly pulled Tsunade and sat on the empty seat in the last row.

Haru, who had the soul of an adult, was not interested in arguing with a few innocent children.

As for taking in little brothers, if they were willing, then he wouldn’t mind taking them with him.

If they weren’t willing, then he had no intention of forcing them.

Was a disciple of a big family really that great

He himself was a member of Konoha’s biggest family, Senju’s family.

Moreover, he might even be able to become the clan leader in the future.


After sitting down, Haru said sadly.

He really didn’t miss school life at all.

Moreover, in his serious planning, he didn’t think that these Sensei, who was at most Chunin level, could teach him anything good.

Why would he waste his time listening to the lecture if he couldn’t learn how to use his shadow clone


However, he seemed to be too cautious, so much so that Hashirama and Tobirama felt that he needed to come out and pay more companions to see the outside world.

It was really a mistake!

Haru had already made up his mind.

The first thing he wanted to do next was to persuade Tobirama to teach him the Shadow Clone Technique as soon as possible.

After learning the biggest cultivation cheating device in Hokage’s world, he would be completely liberated.

As for when he would be able to learn it…

Haru had never been worried about this before!

Because after this period of cultivation, he had already discovered that his innate potential in the aspect of ninjas was so good that even Tobirama would often reveal a surprised look!


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