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Kushina was a little touched, but at the same time, she felt a little embarrassed.

On the other hand, Haru was very touched and did not waste his time telling this secret.

This kind of harmonious relationship was what he wanted to see.

However, it was not suitable for Kushina to stay with them all the time.

This would drag down Kushina’s growth speed.

Therefore, he was pleased, but he refused.

“Kushina is different from you guys.

When you guys have built a foundation, she will also enter new training.

If you guys slack off too much, you probably won’t be able to catch up to Kushina in this lifetime.”

After being stimulated like this, the fighting spirit of Yahiko and the others were clearly stimulated again.

In any case, they did not know how powerful they would be in the future, so they just let someone fool them.

What Haru said mainly was the truth.

Compared to Jinchuriki’s growth speed, that was no joke.

He was prepared to let Kushina learn Uzumaki Clan’s sealing technique while letting her try to communicate with Kyuubi to strive to become the perfect-grade Jinchuriki.

There was no reason for Kushina not to be able to do what several people could do in the future.

Moreover, Haru had always thought that the Uzumaki Mito could actually do it.

It was just that she did not want to, nor was she interested in it.

After all, Kyuubi was fine no matter what.

Mito did not need to order Kyuubi to fight.

She only needed Kyuubi to stay obediently in her body.

Another reason was that nine Bijuu were as obedient as pets in front of her husband, Hashirama.

If he says catch and play, you will catch and play.

If he tells you to give it to others, you will give it to others.

In the face of such a ‘brutal’ fact, how could Mito take Kyuubi too seriously

The attitude was different from the beginning, so what was the point of being perfect or not

So sometimes, if you don’t investigate, you don’t know how awesome those deceased seniors are!

Just like during the four battles, Naruto divided the chakra among all the people of the Ninja Alliance Army, and then Hashirama, who was reborn from Edo Tensei, saw it and said with great emotion: “What a huge amount of chakra, it’s almost catching up to me.”

Speaking of which, Hashirama also added another sentence, which was to say that there was not only Naruto’s chakra but also Kyuubi’s chakra.

What does this mean

Naruto’s huge amount of chakra, coupled with the chakra borrowed from Kyuubi, was barely equal to Hashirama’s chakra!

Now, they knew why Hashirama was able to beat everyone back then.

This was also one of the reasons why Haru was so disgusted with Hanzo trying to blackmail Hashirama!

The two sides were not on the same level, so how could Hanzo be called semi-gods

After watching the little kids training for a while, Haru left with Flying Thunder God again.

Speaking of which, among these people, the one he valued the most was not Kushina, who was Kyuubi’s jinchuriki, nor Nagato, who had Rinnegan, but Konan, who did not have a high sense of existence and was not considered the top talent.

Haru was waiting for Konan to grow up quickly, and then develop the technology to produce exploding tags.

He then taught Konan the technique of mutual use of exploding tags.

When the time came, he could destroy the country by himself and earn money to support his family.

He was simply invincible!


You said that the six hundred billion exploding tags have nothing to do with Konan.

Did you spend money to buy them


One explosion talisman costs three hundred ryo, six hundred billion ryo is how much money it costs.

You can calculate it yourself with the calculator!

Even if Akatsuki sold the five capitals, they wouldn’t be able to earn that much money!

Not to mention, even if you had the money to buy it, could you really buy six hundred billion exploding tags Where could you buy it

It was simply a joke!

Therefore, the most likely possibility was that Konan used her own paper escape technique to combine it with the manufacturing technology of the Explosion Tags to create an even lower production method.

Only then could he possibly accumulate six hundred billion!

Anyway, Haru had always thought this way and did not accept any rebuttal.

In the forest, a figure was fleeing in panic,

His hands were glowing red, and he didn’t forget to touch the trees while running away.

Then, the sound of explosions rang out one after another.

Large trees fell with thick smoke, but they still didn’t dare to relax in the slightest and ran forward with their lives on the line.

Speaking of which, they used to be members of Iwagakure Village’s Explosive Team.

They had the Blood Limit Explosion and were very powerful.

However, because they were dissatisfied with Onoki becoming Tsuchikage, they incited a group of people to rebel.

In the end, they somehow leaked the news and were easily defeated by Onoki and his people.

He almost died and escaped.

At that time, those who believed in him were basically all dead.

After that, he became a traitor and was rewarded 2,700,000 silver by Onoki.

However, because his strength was strong and his ability was hidden, many bounty Ninjas who were stronger than him died.

But who would have thought that today, he would suddenly meet a tough guy that he could not afford to offend!

If he had not been cautious enough, his body might have been taken to the black market to exchange for money.

“Sorry, I am in a hurry, so can this hide-and-seek game end”

Suddenly, a voice came from behind.

The hair on his body stood on end because of the strong sense of crisis.

He turned around and punched without thinking.

Explosive · Eerie Thunder Fist!

This punch looked ordinary, but the person who was hit by this punch would explode along with the burst of chakra, which was extremely strange, so it was called an ‘eerie thunder fist’.

However, the extremely fast reaction of the attack hit the air.

“Where is he”

“Illusory Sword · Bamboo!”

Suddenly, he found that his entire body was so stiff that he could not move.

Even blinking his eyes was impossible.

In the breeze, he seemed to see himself in a bamboo forest, and nothing could be moved.

Then, he watched helplessly as a sword ruthlessly chopped onto his body.


Haru, who ran out to earn extra money, slowly sheathed his katana.

His eyes widened, and a red line appeared on his neck.

Then, he fell to the ground with a bang.

“Although I wasted a bit of time, it’s still okay.

I got 2.5 million.”

Haru muttered, then took out a stack of bounties and made a cross on the one with the help.

That’s right, the way Haru made money was not only to run business occasionally but also the unprofessional business that Kakuzu had done in the past.

After all, it was too troublesome for him to travel with Flying Thunder God.

He needed to investigate the price in advance and then buy goods.

No one could help him.

It was a waste of time.

On the other hand, it was much easier to earn money.

Haru only needed to send out a large number of White Zetsu clones to find the target on the bounty list and then inform him.

He will fly over with a QR code, then kill the target and take the corpse to exchange for money.

It was simple and fast, at least millions or tens of millions at a time, faster than robbing money.


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