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“How many”

White Zetsu chuckled and said, “It’s already the third one.”

Haru calculated that he had already earned close to 40 million on this trip and could solve the urgent need.

“How many more”

“One, these people are deliberately covering up their tracks.

For the time being, only these few have been found.

In order to find more people, it will take more time and luck.”

Haru also knew that what White Zetsu said was the truth.

As the saying goes, money is hard to earn, and sh*t is hard to eat.

How could it be so easy to earn money just by standing

There were only so many bounties in the black market, and almost all the ninjas who could be put on the bounty had some unique skills.

They were either hidden very well, or they were pretending to be a pig to eat tigers.

They were sinister!

This was also why this line of money came so quickly.

Haru still regarded it as a way to earn money quickly.

He could occasionally do it, but it was a dream to rely on this to become rich.

Kakuzu had worked for dozens of years, but he had only saved up that little bit of money.

On average, he could not find many goals in a year.

If he really wanted to have money, he would not have no competitiveness.

Thinking of this, Haru remembered another thing, “It seems that Kakuzu has a bounty on the black market on himself, right When he is naive enough to lack money, he will tie this guy up and sell it.

Then, he will learn how to make “unlimited money”.”

Of course, I was just thinking about it.

Kakuzu was not so easy to talk to, and the people in the black market were not stupid.

At most, they were fooled once, and it was impossible to deceive them a second time.

This was also why Akatsuki in the original work, in order to make money, began to do business with war mercenaries.

Such an extremely dangerous task, often the reward was the highest, and in order to live, defeating the opponent, any price was willing to pay.

Then there were even more ridiculous operations, such as actively starting a war between the two countries, then helping A to fight B, and then helping B to fight A.

Or simply a few people to help A, a few to help B, and then everyone to put on a good show, not to mention how intense and lively the fight was.

In the end, after the calculation, this group of hired ninjas was completely unharmed, and the people of the two countries were about to die!

When the last bit of oil was squeezed out, the war could end.

This kind of method was really too wild.

Haru had also had this kind of intention, but this way of selling the employer was a bit too much of a character.

Although he was not a good person, he also had his own bottom line.

However, if it was just simple employment, perhaps he could really pick up Amegakure’s old profession and do more assassination business.

If he really turned Amegakure into an assassin kingdom and turned Akatsuki into an assassin organization that made the entire Ninja World terrified, it seemed to be quite good.

Thinking of this, Haru sighed and no longer tangled.

Anyway, he was also here to earn money.

Earning more money was a lot.

No matter how small the mosquito was, it was still meat.

“Who is the last one How much is the reward”

“Let me take a look. Oh, what about this Its name is Kamen Rider.

The organization’s internal code name is Emperor Knight.

What is it good at Unknown.

The bounty is 3,000,000.

The bounty party is an organization called the Mechanicus.”

Haru was a little speechless.

Could it be the Kamen Raider he knew

What the hell was going on with the Mechanicus

Flesh and blood were weak, and the machinery ascended

“Tell me the location,” Haru said with a strange expression.

After White Zetsu pointed out the direction, Haru sensed Flying Thunder God’s tactic, then locked onto one of them that was moving slowly and disappeared with a whoosh.


At the same time….

In Land of Grain, a small village that was still struggling to survive despite the pain of the flames of war.

A tall, strong man, who was two meters tall, was holding a farmer’s fork in his hand and confronting a dozen of Kirigakure Ninjas.

Behind him were all pale and skinny villagers who were shivering.

In the cruel second battle of Ninja World, there were almost no countries that survived.

Land of Grain, which was ordinary and only had a little Ninja Village, was one of those unlucky villages.

After a fight with Iwagakure, Kirigakure was forced to withdraw from Grass Country.

Before, the Iron Country was almost destroyed by Hanzo and his people, so Kirigakure had to choose the nearest Land of Grain as the frontline base of the Fire Country.

Moreover, the Land of Hot Water next to it was Kumogakure’s temporary war stronghold, which could put pressure on Konoha together.

However, this was a bitter country without any resistance.

Every day, not only did they have to provide a large amount of food and supplies to Kirigakure Ninjas stationed here, but they also had to grit their teeth and watch this group of people commit crimes in this country.

In addition, Kirigakure ninja did not treat the people of this country as living human beings.

Several times, they even forcibly captured a lot of people as cannon fodder to break the various traps set by Konoha Ninjas on the front line.

Under such circumstances, the ninjas of Land of Grain finally couldn’t hold back their anger and chose to fight with Kirigakure.

However, courage was commendable, and reality was extremely cruel.

Although Kumogakure was very surprised at the beginning, ‘why did these people suddenly become unyielding, not afraid of death Did they find helpers and join forces with Konoha’

However, when Kirigakure reacted and slaughtered all the ninjas in the entire Land of Grain, Kirigakure could only laugh at the fact that these trash were overestimating themselves!

At this point, the entire country had completely fallen.

If not for the fact that Kirigakure didn’t like such a lonely small country, Land of Grain would have become a part of history and a part of Amegakure.

After that, the Land of Grain which didn’t completely have the protection of the ninjas, suffered more and more exploitation from Kirigakure’s ninjas.

If they didn’t like it, they would directly kill more people!

Every day, the people of the land of Grain seemed to live in hell.

It was very likely that they only looked at a certain person in the crowd and then were killed on the spot.

Naturally, there was not enough food to eat.

Basically, they were all forcefully collected by Kirigakure.

After all, Kirigakure’s country was an island country far away from here.

It was very difficult to transport supplies, and it did not matter to dry up the lake to catch fish.

If there was nothing, then go rob!

This kind of philosophy that was almost like a bandit was also a big ‘characteristic’ of Kirigakure ninja.

Just like this, a few days ago, Kirigakure Ninja visited this small village again, regardless of the life and death of everyone, insisting on taking away the last bit of food from the villagers.

Thus, the conflict completely erupted.

Based on the despairing concept of death, the villagers wanted to fight this group of bastards to death.

If it were a normal play, the villagers would definitely be all killed at this time.

Then, Kirigakure Ninja spat disdainfully and left.

But just as the tragedy was about to happen, a person who no one expected usually stood up.


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