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When Haru with Flying Thunder God came over, they saw a patch of blood red.

Half of the strong man’s face was torn apart, revealing a mechanical man inside.

He was crazily fighting against the ninja who was protecting Kirigakure Ninja leader.

Not far behind him, a woman was quietly lying on the ground with a child in her arms.

Blood was constantly spreading.


Haru was puzzled.

White Zetsu’s clone revealed his upper body and explained, “That person is Emperor Knight.”

“What’s going on Why is he fighting with Kirigakure’s people”

White Zetsu’s clone gave a strange smile and began to explain the situation.

The more Haru listened, the more surprised he became.


Tracking missile

Mechanical body, full body is a weapon

Why doesn’t it sound like a human Are you sure it isn’t Pain, Rikudou Sennin, who ran out of the Asura Path ahead of time

Moreover, how did you, a Machine God’s rebellion, suddenly become a great hero with a heroic and tender heart

Just as Haru was complaining, he suddenly remembered that Kagami seemed to also be a rebel.

He was even offered a bounty of 40 million taels by Konoha.

Then it was fine!

“Are you not going to make a move” White Zetsu’s clone asked curiously.

Haru thought about it for a while and did not speak.

He hid his figure and prepared to take a look again.

The battle on the battlefield was getting more and more intense.

Although Kirigakure only sent a dozen or so elite teams to solve the problem, it seemed that Emperor Knight still had a chance to kill a way out.

However, the problem was that Emperor Knight’s powerful weapon was almost used up before.

For a modified man like him, when the strongest burst was finished, he would immediately enter a period of weakness.

And the ones who really made Emperor Knight fall into a desperate situation were those Kirigakure Ninja leader!

The disgusting Water Release Technique made most of his attacks miss, and then another the Water Release Technique also suppressed him that he couldn’t cover others attack.

Soon, many parts of Emperor Knight’s body were dismantled, and even some parts of his flesh were exposed.

Seeing this, the attacks of Kirigakure Ninja became fiercer and fiercer.

However, Emperor Knight never took a step back, and there was only sorrow and anger in his eyes that could not be melted away!

He wanted to make these people pay with their blood!

“A fear that surpasses death!”

Along with a roar, a large amount of steel ropes suddenly shot out from Emperor Knight’s body, binding all the people except the Hozuki Clansmen who used the Water Transformation Technique to dodge.

Then, Emperor Knight pulled off his clothes, revealing a ruby-like object inside.

At this moment, this ruby was flashing with a dangerous light.

“Not good, this guy wants to self-destruct!”

“Quick, kill him!”

One of them shouted in horror, but there was no way to stop the sturdy steel cable from pulling them close to each other.

“Water Release – Mouth Shot”

The remaining Hozuki Clansmen immediately began to attack.

The powerful water bombs continuously hit Emperor Knight, who couldn’t move.

The dazzling ruby began to break apart, and the light in the interior was dim, but it was still a step too late.

“I’m here.

Wait for me.”

In the last light, Emperor Knight seemed to see his wife and child reaching out to him with a bright smile on their faces.

Boom !

The super big explosion instantly devoured everyone, the entire village.

Even the Water Transformation Technique could not save those guys from the Hozuki Clansmen.

Looking from afar, it was like a ‘star of the faction’ standing up from the ground.

“I… didn’t die”

Emperor Knight slowly opened his eyes, and a blank look flashed across his eyes for a brief moment.

Then, he lay weakly on the ground and saw a guy standing beside him.

It was an eccentric guy wearing a mask and a gold-trimmed fire cloud robe.

At this time, Haru, who had just used Flying Thunder God to cut off the source of the self-explosion and saved Emperor Knight, spoke up.

Kamen Rider Emperor Knight The bounty is 31,000,000,

Regardless of life or death.

When Emperor Knight heard this, he immediately woke up from his trance.

To be able to mention his name and bounty, it was obvious that he was not dead, and this was not hell.

But the bad news was that the other party had ill intentions when saving him, and actually wanted to use him to exchange for the reward

But it didn’t matter.

He wasn’t even afraid of death, so how could he be afraid of being killed

Therefore, Emperor Knight lay there silently without saying a word, waiting for death to arrive.

Seeing this, Haru was also a bit surprised, and then he thought of the other party’s current state of mind, so he calmly said, “Before I saved you, I brought back two corpses.”

Emperor Knight suddenly opened his eyes.

He struggled to see his wife and son who were still tightly hugging each other from the corner of his eyes.

Tears of pain finally flowed out of the man’s eyes, causing people to be moved.

“I am very curious about your story.

For example, what is going on with your body What kind of power is Machine God If you satisfy my curiosity, I can help you bury them.”

It was already worth it for Emperor Knight to use the last thing he knew to exchange for the corpses of his wife and children.

As for who the other party was

He didn’t care at all.

So he slowly said,

“Machine God was an organization that suddenly appeared more than ten years ago.

The idea of using machinery to replace the fragile flesh and blood to achieve an unrealistic concept of immortality.”

“As far as I know, the people in this organization were originally the Puppet Masters of Sunagakure of the Land of Wind.

Because they raised such an absurd idea and were discovered to secretly conduct experiments, they were expelled.”

“After being expelled, these people did not give up, so they established Machine God.

While avoiding the pursuit of Sunagakure, they continued to conduct human experiments.”

“And I was one of them who was captured to conduct human experiments.

I was also the only experimental body that barely succeeded in all these years.

More than two-thirds of my body was replaced by machinery, including the head of the right half.

In the years when I was used as a war weapon, I was always unable to convince myself in the face of those innocent people.

Then, some people jokingly called me ‘Kamen Rider’…”

“Ridiculous guy who wears a human skin mask and kills, but aspires to the way of chivalry!”

“Later, in order to get rid of the control of this group of people, I first deceived them and gained their trust.

Then, when they relaxed their vigilance, I detonated the entire base and escaped.”

Haru listened quietly and had a preliminary understanding and judgment of the whole thing.

If this guy was not lying, it was indeed a tragedy!

First, he was caught for human experiments.

However, he had a conscience from the back and was unwilling to be used as a killing tool.

Then, he killed his way out of the organization and was hunted down.

In the process of concealing his identity, he met a kind woman.

From then on, he got married and had children.

Unexpectedly, an accident happened one day.

His identity was exposed and his whole family was buried in the fire.

Finally, for revenge.


Wasn’t this standard assembly line script of Hollywood Hero Movies


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