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 Chapter 18 - The Hobby Is To Drive AE 86 To The Famous Mountain In Autumn“Hello, everyone.

I am your Sensei.

My name is Fujiwara Takumi.

You can call me Fujiwara-sensei.”

“Alright, let’s introduce ourselves.”

Before he finished speaking, a figure suddenly stood up and said, “My name is Hyuga Tokugawa.

Although I don’t think I can learn anything here, since I am here, I will be the first!”

“Uh, this student, the self-introduction I am talking about is about your interests and hobbies, but your ideal is very good…”

Fujiwara Takumi-sensei seemed to be a novice.

Facing such a sudden situation, he was not dignified and was even a little flustered.

Hyuga Tokugawa did not pay any attention to it.

Instead, he looked at a corner behind him.

He shouted, “Senju Haru! Last time, you won against us with your guards.

This time, you don’t have any guards to protect you.

Let’s compete to see who can win first place in the first combat examination!”

“The loser must not only bow to the winner and apologize but also be obedient in the future.

How about it Do you dare”


The classroom was in an uproar!

Everyone began to whisper.

“Senju Haru Could he be a disciple of the Senju Clan”

“Hyuga Tokugawa… Hyuga Clan actually dared to provoke the Senju Clan.

What is going on”

“He shouldn’t have risen to the level of a clan.

After all, it is just a competition between children.”

“Is that black-and-white-haired Senju Haru Wow, he’s so handsome, so cute!”

“Sisters, I’ve announced that Haru’s fan club will be established today.

Is there anyone who wants to join”

“I want to join!”

“Count me in.

I’ll win with my looks!”


At this time, Haru, who was in a daze, suddenly found that everyone was staring at him excitedly.

“Sigh, could it be that my damn charm that has nowhere to go has been discovered again” Haru sighed sadly.

“Haruru, that guy is challenging you.

Beat him up!”

Little Tsunade looked as if she was afraid that the matter would not be blown up enough and kept urging Haru.

However, facing Tsunade’s malicious and cute act, Haru was already used to it.

He expressionlessly looked at Hyuga Tokugawa, who jumped out to find a fight and secretly thought that it was troublesome.

“It’s up to you.

In any case, the result has already been decided.”

Listening to the other party’s lazy tone, completely not taking him seriously, Hyuga Tokugawa was very angry, but he did not dare to say any more harsh words.

After all, if he went too far, the consequences were not something he could bear.

He had even thought about how to explain it when this matter was sent back home.

Therefore, under the constant persuasion of Fujiwara-sensei, Hyuga Tokugawa snorted coldly and sat down.

However, everyone’s emotions had already been stirred up!

‘It was big news!’

‘The disciples of Hyuga’s family challenged the disciples of Senju’s family on the first day of school!’

If this kind of thing was normal, it would be impossible to see it.


You must have forgotten what the surname of Shoudai Hokage and the second generation Hokage is!

If people knew that Senju Haru was the child of the second-generation Hokage, Tobirama, the whole school would probably be in a frenzy!

Fujiwara spent a lot of effort to finally wipe his sweat.

He told the children to stop and then introduced himself to continue.

When Haru came back to his senses, he also wanted to see what future ‘big characters’ were in this class.

After all, he was only familiar with the appearances of these people when they had already grown up.

Just like Danzo, who came today, he did not recognize him from the beginning.

It was really too different from the Danzi of the future.

Soon he saw a few familiar fellows….

Jiraiya, who kept looking at the girls.

The self-introduction was short, and he didn’t like to talk nonsense.

There was also Kato Dan, who should not be in this class in the original work, but because of the butterfly effect, he was assigned here.

Well, it was Tsunade’s lover who died in the original work.

However, what interested Haru the most was this person.

“My name is Sakumo.

My favorite food is a hot plate, my hobby is reading, my favorite weapon is kunai, and my future dream is to become a person who can protect the village…”

There should be no mistake.

This guy should be the enemy who will be killed in the future – Konoha White Fang, who is also Kakashi’s father!

Haru suddenly looked excited!

The students in this class are really crouching tigers and hidden dragons!

So you blame him for looking down on Hyuga Tokugawa and the others

Compared to Konoha’s Sannin and Konoha’s White Fang in the future, even a fool knew what to choose!

Even the Kato Dan had a great value in recruiting! —In Hokage’s world, the only S-Class Ninjutsu that could make the soul leave the body was developed by this guy.

Of course, whether Tsunade could take a fancy to this guy or not, that was not something he could care about.


Soon, after Tsunade blushed and introduced herself, it was Haru’s turn.

And because of what happened just now, everyone’s eyes were on him again.

Fujiwara Takumi-sensei kept praying in his heart, hoping that nothing bad would happen on the first day of school.

Haru stood up and looked at Sensei with a strange expression.

“My name is Senju Haru.

I have a father who has a bad temper and likes to drink.

My hobby is driving my tofu car, AE86, on the famous Aki mountain.

My favorite color is green, and my future dream is to be the fastest man in the entire Ninja World…”

After listening to Haru’s self-introduction, everyone had a black question mark on their faces.

‘What is the E86’

‘Where is Aki Mountain Is it a deep mountain behind Konoha’

‘What does racing mean’

In the endless confusion, Fujiwara Takumi-sensei wiped his cold sweat and said with a dry smile, “Yes.

Student Haru’s introduction… is very unique.

Please take a seat.”

“Sensei, promise me.

In the future, you won’t wear a green hat, okay”

Looking at the other party’s incomparably sincere face, although he did not know the reason, Fujiwara Takumi-sensei still nodded, “Sensei promises you.”

After hearing this answer, Haru sat down in satisfaction.

“Sensei, I can only help you to this point.

Who told you to have such an unlucky name I hope you don’t have a girlfriend called Natsumi*.”

[*TL Note: I Think it refers to Initial D, where the main protag of Initial D, Fujiwara Takumi, has an (ex) girlfriend called Natsumi]


“Hmph, show off!”

Hyuga Tokugawa, who was sitting in the front row, muttered unhappily.


*Author Note:

Sakumo’s name turned into Hatake Sakumo.

The old Faceless (Author) felt that everyone should be more familiar with Sakumo, so he did not make any changes.

In addition, Sakumo should be a ninja who rose from the same era as Sannin.

We can’t find the specific age information, so we set it like this.

There should be no big difference.

If there is a mistake, welcome to correct it.


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