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“Damn it!”

Chiyo cursed in her heart.

Although Araya was extremely annoying, she admired his attainments in puppet techniques.

Otherwise, she would not have let the other party become the vice captain of the puppet army.

Now that she had died without any value, how could she not be angry when she had no room to display her abilities

And what was worse was that she was also in danger.

A Puppet Master without a puppet was like a tiger without claws and teeth.

He could use his roar to scare those timid fellows, but at the same time, he could attract the hunter’s surprised gaze!

Sure enough, after casually killing Araya, the other party’s figure strangely disappeared once again.

For some reason, Chiyo suddenly thought of a person.

Back then, she was still a fledglingbrat, and that big shot left an indelible impression on her on the battlefield.

Every time it disappeared and reappeared, it represented the disappearance of one or several lives.

Was it Gennin or Jonin, or was it an elite Jonin

There was no difference at all.

Because if that sword went down, she would die!

But how was that possible

That big shot was already dead.

Then, did someone learn that big shot’s ninjutsu

But it didn’t make sense either.

This guy was obviously not Konoha’s person, so how could it be

Could it really be a coincidence

Chiyo was crazily thinking in his brain, and at the same time, all kinds of poison needles were scattered everywhere.

But what surprised Chiyo first, was that the other party did not immediately choose her as the next target to kill.

Instead, he began to use his elusive speed to kill Sunagakure and the others.

Seeing that the situation was over, Chiyo immediately clenched her teeth and gave the order to retreat.

They had underestimated Akatsuki’s combat strength and strangeness.

Right now, there were only a few who could escape.

Chiyo had already taken the lead to escape, and the rest of the people already had no intention of fighting, so they naturally ran away.

Then the problem was, if no one took the initiative to stay behind to cover the rear, chasing a group of defeated generals, then what was the difference between that and chasing down moving targets

In almost the blink of an eye, the group of Sunagakure that had attacked this time completely collapsed.

Although Akatsuki’s people had also suffered some casualties, they were much better than Sunagakure.

In addition, there was Yone-sama to hold them back.

Their morale was really bursting.

In the process of chasing after Sunagakure Ninjas, they released 120 of their fighting strength, as if they had been injected with chicken blood!

Chiyo’s heart was bleeding, her face was terrible, but she could only choose to do this, because if they continued, the result would be the same, so they might as well give it a try.

They could not expect Konoha’s people to kill through the entire Land of Water to save them.

Not to mention whether Konoha’s people could do this, if that happened, it would probably be Konoha who would kill them all.

What’s more, the current Amegakure was even more terrifying than when Hanzo was in power.

The things that Sunagakure had encountered, presumably, Konoha’s people had also tasted them.

Thinking of this, Chiyo, who was running, felt a layer of haze in her heart.

At a certain moment, Chiyo squatted down slightly, his left hand touching the ground.

In the previous escape, she had repeated this action more than once.

And this time, she had finally arrived.

A figure holding two swords slashed down from the sky.

The two swords slashed towards Chiyo one after another.

The bone-piercing chill made Chiyo feel the threat of death.

Perhaps in the next moment, she would be killed here.


“Sealing Technique – Lion Closing Roar!”

Chiyo instantly activated the seal she had engraved on the ground!

The white lion with sharp teeth opened its ferocious mouth and bit towards Chiyo and Haru.

Perished together

No, this was just a sealing technique!

People who were swallowed by the Lion Closing Roar would not die or even get injured, but their chakra would be completely sealed!

This was the only way Chiyo could come up with in a short period of time.

Because she knew that she would definitely be the target of the enemy, and she, who could not control the puppet to fight, was not the opponent of the enemy at all.

Moreover, the enemy had that elusive speed and powerful ninjutsu.

Therefore, only by sealing the opponent’s chakra by surprise could they have a chance of survival, or even complete the counterattack!

Chiyo was indeed experienced, to actually think of this method in such a short time.

The Lion Closing Roar almost instantly swallowed the two of them.

The strong impact directly sent Chiyo flying, and the emeny’s chakra was sealed.

However, there was no worry on Chiyo’s face, and she just stared at another direction.

He had already fallen into the trap, and as long as the other party was dragged into the water by her, then everyone would lose their Chakra, and the outcome was still unknown.

However, what caused Chiyo’s heart to instantly sink to the bottom of the valley was that the other party was actually still standing in place intact, only to see a huge pitch-black energy skeleton with only the upper body wrapped around it, and the Lion Closing Roar that sent her flying was actually firmly grasped in the hand of that skeleton, and then forcibly crushed!

Although the sealing technique could always produce unexpected effects, it always had a weakness, and that was that it had to come into contact with the target’s main body to be effective.

Trying to seal Haru through Susanoo was simply a dream!

Haru coldly looked at Chiyo, and actually did not care about her anymore, because an old woman whose chakra was sealed could no longer cause any waves.

“Take a good look, this is just the beginning.”

Just as Haru indifferently said this sentence, his Susanoo quickly evolved to the second form, and then a trident appeared in his hand.


With a casual toss, he ran to the furthest distance, and the dozens of Sunagakure Ninjas who were about to escape were instantly devoured by the huge explosion, not a single one of them alive!

Chiyo sat on the ground and looked at the scene in front of her.

Even in the face of the ‘Demigod’ Hanzo and the powerful Konoha, she had never experienced such despair.

The other party’s terrifying strength could clearly defeat them head-on, but he chose to use a sneak attack and cripple their puppets, not letting them see any hope.

This method was truly extremely cruel.

This time, a monster really appeared in Amegakure, a monster comparable to the ‘God’!

Not letting Chiyo wait for long, when Haru drove Susanoo to start a massacre, in just a short period of time, Sunagakure’s 300 elite Ninjas were all killed, completely wiped out.

When Haru walked in front of Chiyo, Chiyo’s eyes were even a bit absent-minded, as if he did not expect this kind of result.

However, Chiyo did not beg for mercy, nothing more than death, the only thing that he could not be at ease with was her little grandson who had no parents.

Haru silently raised the sword in his hand.


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