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Chapter 19 - Hm, I heard I don't Have A Good TemperThe first day of Haru’s life in the ninja school passed very plainly, at least he thought so himself.

He didn’t know that his good classmates who were afraid of chaos had already spread the news that Hyuga Tokugawa had challenged him.

At this time, only a few people knew Haru’s true identity, but the surname Senju still won him a lot of attention.

And with the results of the first combat examination as the content of the competition, it could be considered ‘positive energy’.

The teachers in the school did not object to such a reasonable competition.

Even Tobirama and Hashirama, who quickly received the news, did not take this matter to heart.

Firstly, as long as the competition between children did not involve the bottom line, they would not pay attention to it, because any one of them had a growth experience that was hundreds or thousands of times crueler than this!

Secondly, they all knew how great the potential and talent of this child, Haru, was.

It was also a good thing to send some people to force him to leave.

Three, no one’s life had always been smooth.

Since they had great expectations for Haru, regardless of whether he won or lost, this would be beneficial to Haru’s growth.


On the contrary, when Clan Leader Hyuga heard about this, he gave Hyuga Tokugawa a harsh scolding.

He had spent a lot of effort to send him over, in order to gain the friendship of the other party, not ill will!

Now, all his previous efforts were in vain.

Even if Hyuga Tokugawa relied on his age advantage and the foundation of his physical skills to win this duel, what could he do

The reputation and status of the Senju clan in Konoha were still unshakable!

And their Hyuga clan could not get any substantial benefits.

Instead, it would leave behind the impression of a hothead who did not know what was good for him.

It was a typical case of not trying to curry favor with him.

But now, this matter had already been spread out, and it seemed that they were fickle and unpredictable in the face of the battle.

It made people sneer.

They could only reluctantly agree with Hyuga Tokugawa’s stubborn statement: “The person I want to follow must be stronger than me.

Otherwise, I won’t be convinced!”

That’s right.

Their Hyuga clan has come to this day.

Their current status and reputation are not obtained by relying on currying favor but through practical contributions!

Although Tokugawa had done some ridiculous things with his background and strength before, his nature was not bad.

He had never bullied ordinary children.

At most, he fought with other family disciples all day long.

Otherwise, how could he, as the patriarch, tolerate it again and again

“Since things have come to this, as long as there is no objection from Senju’s family, let the children go.”

Clan Leader Hyuga sighed and no longer pursued this matter.


On the other side, under the escort of Danzo, Haru and Tsunade also returned home.

However, what surprised Haru was that his cheap father, Tobirama, also came back early

Normally, at this time, Tobirama should still be dealing with official business in Hokage’s building or secretly doing experiments.

Why did he suddenly come back so early

“Haru, come in with me.”


When passing by Sister Ayako, Senju Ayako immediately winked at him and said in a low voice, “Uncle Tobirama should be angry.

He is a very petty person sometimes.

Remember to admit your mistake when you go in….

If Uncle Tobirama dares to hit you, you must immediately shout for help.

Mom and I will go in and save you immediately!”


Before Haru could thank Ayako, he saw a water ball that came from nowhere hit the back of Ayako’s head, directly knocking her to the ground.

At the same time, Tobirama’s unhappy voice immediately came, “Is dinner ready”

Ayako, who was stuck on the ground by the water ball, immediately shook her hair and hurriedly stood up to run out.

Seeing this, Haru’s facial muscles could not help but twitch.

He was really out of his mind.

He actually almost believed that Ayako could come to save him, if it were for Uzumaki relatives who said this, it would be more like it.

After living in this house for the past few years, he could tell that Ayako was an All Mouthy King.

As the big brother, Hashirama was even more useless.

The only one who could truly control Tobirama was the Uzumaki aunty!

“Hurry up and come in.”



After entering the room, Haru sat opposite Tobirama with a ‘well-behaved’ expression.

“Today is your first day at school.

How do you feel”

“It’s okay.

Sensei and my classmates talk very well.

I really like it there.”

“I heard that someone challenged you today”

“It’s not that formal.

It’s because of what happened last time….

I can solve the small matter myself.”

Tobirama nodded in agreement.

It was alright, it did not ruin the reputation of Senju’s family.

Then, Tobirama asked about some trivial matters that he had to attend school today.

Haru, who did not know why also gave him answers one by one.

—It was really a scene of a father being filial to his son.

However, the uneasiness in Haru’s heart became even stronger!

He originally thought that Tobirama was looking for him to talk to because of the matter of Hyuga’s family provoking him, but it seemed that Tobirama did not care much.

He only asked a simple question and then ignored it.

Then why are you suddenly so serious

Just as Haru was deep in thought, Tobirama suddenly asked lightly, “Is my temper very bad”


“Don’t you have a father who has a bad temper and likes to drink”


Haru immediately showed an extremely wonderful expression!

‘D * mn, I was too focused on playing tricks and almost forgot about this!’

Obviously, with Tobirama’s status and position, it was not difficult for him to know what had happened in the school today.

Of course, it also included those coquettish words that he had not spoken in his mind when he introduced himself!

And with Tobirama’s narrow-mindedness, there was nothing strange about calling him in to talk with a serious face.

But even Tobirama himself did not know why he was so angry when he heard Haru describe him like this.

It was clear that they were not really father and son.

Was it because a part of his blood was flowing in Haru’s body

Tobirama did not know, but he knew that if someone made him unhappy, he would definitely take revenge.

Even if this person was already his son in the name!

Seeing that Tobirama was looking at him with an unfriendly expression, Haru could not help but shiver.

Then, he hurriedly said with an overflowing desire to live, “I didn’t want to expose my true identity, so I made up a story randomly.”

“Think about it….

If too many people know that I am the child of Lord Hokage, it will definitely attract a lot of unnecessary danger, and it will also be detrimental to the unity of classmates.”

“You don’t want to see me use my identity background to bully others.”

Hearing this, Tobirama’s face finally eased a little.

Only then did Haru let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, this young master was quick-witted and came right away.

Otherwise, it would have been very difficult today.


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