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Half a month of boring training school life had passed so quickly.

Haru was not in a hurry to fool those ‘celebrities’ in the future.

After all, just relying on his family background, he could not even shake these few thorns in the class.

What was there to talk about shaking his body and making the other side bow head to head

Although he did not like to be in the spotlight (before he had enough self-preservation ability), since he had promised Tobirama to win cleanly, then he would be high-profile for once.

It could also be considered to inherit the family business in the future and be a qualified hedonistic son of rich parents to build a good foundation.

Thinking of this, under the escort of Danzo with a fake smile, he and Tsunade entered the class.


In the first lesson, many people were a little sleepy.

Jiraiya was sleeping so soundly that even snot bubbles were coming out, making people unable to help but laugh.

Until Fujiwara-sensei closed the textbook with a helpless face, knocked on the lecture hall, and announced surprising news, everyone swept away their sleepiness, revealing an excited expression!

“Cough, cough, everyone, wake up.

Orochimaru, tell Jiraiya not to sleep anymore.

His saliva is about to flow into a river.

What kind of beautiful dream is this”

Orochimaru looked at Jiraiya with some disgust, then silently pulled out Kunai and stabbed him in the thigh.

Jiraiya screamed and jumped up.

Then, he looked around with sleepy eyes and asked with a smirk, “Ha, ha.

Is it time for lunch Goodbye, Sensei.”

“Ha ha ha ha…”

Jiraiya’s silly look immediately made the whole class laugh.

Fujiwara-sensei was speechless and let him sit down first.

Then, he looked at Hyuga Tokugawa and Senju Haru with a strange expression.

I just received a notice today.

The first-year combat acting has arrived early.

After lunch, all of the basic courses will be canceled.

Everyone will go to the No.

1 training ground to gather.

Everyone instantly started to discuss in surprise and excitement.

“Did I hear it right It has only been half a month since the start of school, and there is actually an actual combat drill”

“Oh my god, I can’t even throw the sword in my hand onto the target now.

Wouldn’t I be pressed to the ground and beaten in the next actual combat drill”

“Hey, hey, don’t you think this is too strange”

“Strange You mean…”

“Have you forgotten what happened on the first day of school”

“That’s right, Hyuga Tokugawa sent a challenge letter to Senju Haru!”

“There’s going to be a good show!”

All sorts of gazes immediately fell on the two parties involved.

They were looking forward to the actual combat drill today.

Hyuga and Senju were both great families of Konoha.

Almost everyone grew up listening to the familiar legends of Shoudai Hokage, so they were naturally very curious about the Senju clan.

Unfortunately, after Konoha was established, the Senju clan had not appeared in front of outsiders for a long time to protect the already withered clansmen.

Senju Haru was probably the first Senju clansman they saw, so they were naturally very curious and expectant.

As for whether there was anyone who wanted to see Senju’s clan fall from the altar, that was hard to say.

Facing these gazes, Hyuga Tokugawa was completely confident that victory was within his grasp.

Haru, on the other hand, was a little uninterested.

He propped his head up and thought of something.

In the eyes of Hyuga Tokugawa and the others, this was completely putting on an act.

He couldn’t wait to teach this guy a lesson!


Today’s lunch was probably the fastest day for everyone to eat.

Everyone couldn’t wait to participate in the actual combat drill.

Not only because of the basic classes, history classes were too boring, but also because there would be a good show that everyone was looking forward to watching.

When the time came to 1 o’clock, Fujiwara-sensei arrived late.

To be honest, after receiving the instructions from the school this morning, he was a little confused.

Although the history of the Ninja School was not long, it did not say that the actual combat drill would be held in half a month of school.

At this time, the students were all conducting the most basic system learning.

Even if they were to engage in actual combat, they could not see any effect at all.

Moreover, there were still so many commoner students.

If they were to face those family disciples who had already started to lay their foundations, wouldn’t they only end up being abused

This method would undoubtedly be a great blow to the enthusiasm of the students’ cultivation.

Therefore, Fujiwara Takumi-sensei made up his mind.

In the actual combat drill, later on, he would rather watch the chickens pecking each other and try his best to separate the children of the family and the commoner disciples to fight each other.

Just as he was carefully considering the list of arrays for a while, he heard the students start to shout out, unable to stay still any longer.

“Fujiwara-sensei, hurry up and start!”

“Yeah, we can’t wait any longer.”

Fujiwara also had a headache over these impatient little beans.

But just as he was about to make arrangements according to his thoughts, Hyuga Tokugawa could not help but walk out directly.

“Stop wasting time! Senju Haru, come out and fight with me!”

“Wait, Tokugawa, Sensei still hasn’t…”

“Oh Do you have any objections”

Fujiwara-sensei recalled Hokage’s words that the director had passed to him in the morning and could only smile awkwardly.

Alright, this matter not only involved the two great clans, but even Lord Hokage had begun to intervene.

He, an ordinary little Chunnin, should not think about the dignity of a teacher.

And to be honest, he was also looking forward to it…

“Student Haru, what do you think”

“I don’t care.

Just listen to Sensei’s arrangements.”

Fujiwara Takumi was immediately filled with tears of gratitude in his heart, “That’s good.

The first duel will be between Hyuga Tokugawa and Senju Haru.

Everyone must observe…”

Fujiwara’s old habit was acting up again, and he began to chatter.

Hyuga Tokugawa frowned.

He almost couldn’t help but interrupt the other party’s chatter.

But in the end, he endured it.

After all, the other party was his own Sensei.

If he went too far, even the clan leader would not help him.

In any case, he had waited for half a month, so there was no need to wait for this moment.

Therefore, Fujiwara-sensei finally felt good and found satisfaction in being a teacher.

The rules of the duel are very simple.

Before the battle, one side must make an opposing seal.

During the process, one side falls to the ground, and the other side can’t get up or admit defeat.

It is forbidden to use explosive talismans and other dangerous ninja tools.

After the battle ends, the two sides need to make a harmonious seal.

“Do you understand”


The group of little beans felt that it was extremely cool and shouted loudly.

At this time, Haru finally walked to the opposite side of Hyuga Tokugawa.

“Although I don’t want to be too high-profile so early, I am a person who is afraid of trouble, so that I will settle you in three seconds.”

When he said this, everyone was shocked!


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