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Chapter 23 - The Enemy Would Not Be Mercy Just because of Your SexThe vigorous ‘challenge’ at the beginning of the semester ended in such an unexpected way.

No one cared about the feelings of the loser, while the winner ate everything!

Therefore, when Fujiwara-sensei hurried back, he saw that most of the students in the class were surrounding Senju Haru, and anything he said could cause a burst of exclamations.

Only a few boys were still standing in place, not joining in the fun.

As for how Hyuga Tokugawa was injured, no one came to ask, which showed how bad this guy’s popularity was.

“Alright, hurry back to your positions…”

After Fujiwara-sensei spoke, the little girls who were infatuated with him had to pout and return to the class, and then the actual combat drill began again.

However, after watching Senju Haru’s move that was as unmoving as a mountain, Water Release had instantly beaten Hyuga Tokugawa.

The next few groups that went on stage could only be described as chickens pecking at each other!

The ‘seal of mutual confrontation’ was rather well-shaped.

However, when the battle began, the swords on both sides were almost unable to hit anyone.

On the contrary, the faces of the people watching from the side were almost ruined.

They felt that the degree of the ‘threat’ was stronger than that of Haru’s classmate, Water Release.

Haru was very bored as he watched, and he even yawned.

If he had known that Hyuga Tokugawa was so useless and underestimated his opponent, he would not have forced himself like this for half a month.

What a waste of time.

At this time, Tsunade quietly moved to his side, and without saying anything, she hit his waist.

Sensing that Tsunade was coming, Haru, who was unprepared, was immediately hit.

He grimaced in pain and said, “What are you doing”

Tsunade snorted.

Her eyes were not eyes, and her nose was not nose.

Seeing her like this, Haru knew that the little fellow was angry.

It was probably because he had ignored her just now and did not celebrate the victory with her immediately.

And for Tsunade, the previous scene made her feel like her beloved toy had been taken away, nothing else.

Then she heard Fujiwara-sensei call Tsunade’s name.

“Next match, Tsunade against…”

“Sensei, I want to fight with that guy!”

Tsunade, who was angry, immediately pointed at a person and said.

Inuzuka Kou was stunned for a moment, and his expression was a bit tangled.

Originally, he was definitely on Hyuga Tokugawa’s side and also supported Hyuga Tokugawa to kill Senju Haru’s spirit, but Hyuga Tokugawa, whom they had high hopes for, directly pulled his crotch and was beaten in one move by the other.

Although Hyuga Tokugawa had indeed underestimated him, the talent and strength that Senju Haru had displayed could not be underestimated.

This had already caused them to give up on the idea of continuing to oppose him.

Thus, they all hid behind others in unison and avoided Senju Haru’s gaze, afraid that they would be beaten up again.

In the end, Senju Haru did not seem to make things difficult for them.

However, Shoudai Hokage’s granddaughter did not seem to be prepared to let them go and directly pointed out an unlucky person.

As this unlucky fellow, Inuzuka Kou definitely did not want to come out.

If he won, there would be no benefits.

Instead, he would be targeted by Senju Haru and even be remembered by the two Hokage-sama.

If he lost, he would lose face.

He actually lost to a girl younger than him.

Inuzuka Kou was really in a dilemma.

In the end, he had to give himself a way out.

He said, “We have to respect Fujiwara-sensei’s arrangements.

A ninja’s duty is to obey orders so that I will listen to Sensei.”

At this time, Tsunade was still too inexperienced.

When she heard that the other party even said such words, she did not know what to do.

She could only mutter, “Coward.”

Inuzuka pretended not to hear it.

In any case, he had already seen the basis of Fujiwara-sensei’s arrangement of candidates.

Up until now, he had always been a male VS male, female VS female, family member VS family member, commoner member VS family member.

According to this situation, he should be able to avoid trouble successfully and not lose face.

On the other side, Fujiwara-sensei also had a headache.

Now that he knew to respect his teacher, what was he doing earlier

However, although he was dissatisfied, he still wanted to follow his original line of thought, to be steady and not make any more trouble.

However, at this moment, Haru suddenly said, “I can understand Sensei’s good intentions in arranging this, but on the battlefield, no one will show mercy to you because of your gender.”

“Instead of waiting to bleed to death in the future, it is better to let everyone realize the cruelty and hardships of the road of Jonin from now on.”

“If he loses his ambition just because of a momentary loss, he will never be able to recover from this setback.

Then I feel that there is no need for such a person to stay here anymore.

It is better to go home early to inherit the family business.

Instead, it is safer.”

Even Inuzuka Kou could see it.

So, how could Haru not see it

It might be a coincidence if it happened once or twice, but every time it was like this, it could not be described as a coincidence.

It must be the result of Fujiwara-sensei’s careful arrangement.

Haru could also guess the purpose of Fujiwara-sensei’s deliberate action, but he did not agree.

In the end, ninjas were an extremely dangerous profession.

Excessive care would only make them unable to recognize themselves.

Even if they graduated, they would suffer a lot or even get injured and die.

Losing some face now was better than losing their lives in the future.

Which was more important, naturally, it was self-evident!

Haru originally did not want to say so much, but with Tsunade’s unexpected action, he took advantage of the situation and said a few words.

Hearing his words, Fujiwara-sensei, who had only been thinking about how to protect the confidence and self-esteem of the children, was suddenly stunned.

His starting point was good, but the things he considered were not that long-term.

Indeed, if he could not even accept such a small failure, then it could only be said that the road of ninja was not suitable for the other party.

Could it be that the enemy would also allocate their opponents based on their gender background in a battle

That was simply too laughable!

Fujiwara Takumi took a deep breath and made an unexpected move.

He actually walked directly to Senju Haru and bowed deeply.

Then, he bowed to all the students and said in a deep voice, “Student Haru is right.

The previous arrangement was indeed because I, Sensei, was too ‘weak’.

Therefore, I apologize to everyone here.

At the same time, I also thank Student Haru for his reminder.”

“In the following battles, Sensei will randomly draw lots and no longer engage in man-made interference.”

“Sensei only hopes that no matter what the outcome of the later battles will be, everyone will be able to win without being arrogant or dejected.

Do not give up so easily.”


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