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Chapter 24 - SesshomaruFujiwara Takumi was indeed a good Sensei who was willing to think for his students.

This was his advantage and also his weakness.

This meant that there were two sides to everything.

It had to be based on the actual situation.

And Fujiwara Takumi’s biggest weakness was that his personality was soft, but now it had become a strong point, allowing him to listen to other people’s opinions, even if the other party was just a child, and then he would reflect and improve.

If Fujiwara Takumi could continue to maintain this kind of temperament, Haru believed that in time, Fujiwara-sensei would definitely become a very outstanding Sensei.

Thus, the rules of the actual combat drill were overturned just like that.

Fujiwara Takumi began to use the method of drawing lots to re-distribute the matches.

Then, a very coincidental thing happened….

When the candidate for Tsunade was selected, Inuzuka Kou’s name suddenly appeared.

This was probably fate…

“Tsunade versus Inuzuka Kou, both sides, please step out!”

Compared to Tsunade’s eager face, Inuzuka Kou’s face was very depressed.

Who would have thought that he could be pulled out among the remaining people

If he didn’t know that Fujiwara-sensei was not such a person, he would have suspected that Fujiwara-sensei was cheating on him.

But in public, there was no need for Fujiwara-sensei to do this.

‘So, I have to do it after all….’

After ridiculing himself, Inuzuka Kou’s eyes suddenly became very sharp.

Although the consequences of winning would be dire, the surname Inuzuka brought him not only pride but also responsibility! He would not go easy in a duel because of the other party’s distinguished status, and he would not lose!

“Sesshomaru, get ready!”


Sesshomaru was a school gift given to him by Inuzuka Kou’s father.

It was a pure white puppy with a tuft of red hair on its forehead.

Although they had only been together for a short time, from the name that Inuzuka Kou had given him, one could tell that he had long regarded the Sesshoumaru as his lifelong companion!

“Let the battle begin!”

As soon as Fujiwara-sensei finished his words, Inuzuka, who was still in the “corresponding” seal a second ago, immediately fell to the ground and ran like a beast to the side.

And Sesshomaru, that was baring his teeth, quickly approached Tsunade from another direction.

Inuzuka Clan had never been separated from a human and a dog.

—-Without a dog, their own strength could not be used.

Therefore, regardless of whether it was in any battle, Inuzuka Kou was allowed to attack together with Sesshomaru.

It seemed unfair, but if Inuzuka Clan didn’t let the dog go, and Aburame’s clan didn’t let the insects go… then it was not really unfair.

The students watching the battle immediately became nervous.

Although Sesshomaru was just a little puppy, it could scare a lot of… uh, children.

However, Tsunade didn’t have any fear at all.

Instead, she was even more excited.

“Now is the time.

Let’s go!”

Although Inuzuka Kou was far from reaching the same level as Sesshomaru, when he roared this in his heart, Sesshomaru seemed to sense his emotions and rushed forward!

Under everyone’s gaze, Inuzuka Kou and Sesshomaru rushed to Tsunade from the left and right!

No matter which direction Tsunade chose to attack, she would be attacked from the other side.

At this time, the best choice should be to use the fastest speed to dodge, but the next step would be to fall into the rhythm of Inuzuka’s attack.

However, at this time, Tsunade suddenly stopped smiling and chose an action that everyone, even Inuzuka Kou, would not expect.

Pa! Pa!

Inuzuka Kou, who was pouncing over, was directly grabbed by Tsunade.

Under a great force, Inuzuka Kou, who could not break free at all, was directly pulled down.

Even pain appeared on Inuzuka’s face.

He really couldn’t understand how the other party’s body contained such powerful strength.


He won this match!

“Let’s go, Sesshomaru!”

Sesshomaru ruthlessly bit on Tsunade’s shoulder.

After all, it was only an actual combat drill, and it was forbidden to attack any vital parts.

When some of the female students saw this scene, they immediately closed their eyes in shock.

However, Tsunade only frowned slightly.

She directly ignored the bite of Sesshomaru and took a deep breath.

Then, under the disbelieving eyes of Inuzuka, she smashed her head against it!


Inuzuka did not expect that Tsunade would use such a barbaric method to attack.

His eyes suddenly turned black, and then he lost consciousness for a short time.

And Tsunade, who used the headbutt attack, seized this short opportunity and instantly let go of Inuzuka.

Then she used the results of her cultivation in this period of time.

Strange Force – Ordinary Punch!


Inuzuka’s face was directly distorted, and he fell to the ground.

Fujiwara-sensei was shocked and immediately ran over to check.

He shouted, “Fall on the ground and don’t get up again! Tsunade, win!”

“Phew —”

Tsunade let out a long breath.

She originally wanted to finish off the other party within three seconds, but what made her a little depressed was that the other party ran faster than her, so she simply stayed where she was and waited for the other party to launch an attack first.

In the end, although she could be considered to have cleanly dealt with the opponent, she could not break someone’s record.

She was really unhappy.

However, it seemed like she had forgotten something

At this time, Haru walked over and pointed at her shoulder with a toothache on his face.

He said, “Don’t you feel any pain”

Tsunade turned her head and looked at him with a pair of big eyes and small eyes.

“Oh, I wonder why is there a burning sensation on my shoulder”

“Wooo… Wooo…”

Sesshomaru stared at Tsunade fiercely, and then he was knocked on the head by Tsunade, and then he was carried off in a daze.

“What a cute dog!”

Under the stunned gaze of Sesshomaru, Tsunade seemed to have forgotten that she had just been bitten.

She hugged him in her arms and rubbed him.

Perhaps in Tsunade’s eyes, using force meant that she liked it, but Sesshomaru felt like he was about to be strangled to death.

Haru was speechless.

Tsunade’s nerves seemed to be natural.

He didn’t know if there was something like a rabies vaccination in Naruto’s world.

After exerting all his strength, Sesshomaru finally broke free and jumped to the ground.

Then, he ran away with his tail between his legs, not daring to look back.


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