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After spending some effort, Shikakichi finally woke up Hyuga Tokugawa and Aburame Shima, and then vividly described the scene of Haru and Tsunade showing off their might.

Whether it was Tsunade taking care of three of them with two punches and one kick, or the last move of Haru, Water Escape, beating Uchiha Fuu, it was shocking!

In addition to the shock, Hyuga Tokugawa was also a little disappointed.

After all, the opponent who defeated him was easily killed by another person.

Even if this person was his boss, he would still doubt himself.

Was his talent not enough, or were his efforts not enough

The gap was actually so big…

However, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others subconsciously ignored a fact, that was, Haru and Tsunade were facing the four enemies with their full strength.

If they did not use all their strength to exhaust the rest of the people, and even if everyone was injured, Tsunade and Haru would not be able to defeat each other so easily.

It was also because of their efforts that Tsunade and Haru were able to successfully take the ‘Broken Blood Skull’ one by one.

Therefore, there was no need to undervalue themselves.

Even without Haru and Tsunade, it was not as if they had never defeated Uchiha and the others.

“Where is Lord Haru”

Hyuga Tokugawa finally remembered and asked.

“Big Boss, big sister, I’m afraid you won’t be able to make it to dinner.

He left first and brought the spoils of war back with him.

He said that we will divide the spoils tomorrow,” said Shikakichi.

After hearing this, Hyuga Tokugawa immediately smiled bitterly.

“The win this time will all depend on the big boss, big sister.

So, let’s forget about dividing the spoils.

I really don’t have the face to ask for it.”

“Yes, I think so too.”

“If that’s what everyone means, then let Boss know tomorrow.”

Although Shikakichi, as a thinker, did not think that defeating the other party was all thanks to the big boss, he naturally would not say it in this situation.

If he was really misunderstood, he was greedy for that little thing, which was why he said that, that would be depressing!

After all, it wasn’t without reason that Hyuga Tokugawa was always called an idiot…

If it were to spread to the ears of big Boss, wouldn’t the negative impression points that had been reduced because of’ em playing dead ‘directly become a negative number

Shikakichi wouldn’t do such a troublesome and losing transaction.

Thus, it went very smoothly and everyone unanimously agreed.

“What about these guys”

Hyuga Tokugawa really wanted to abandon these guys, but no matter how he thought about it, doing this was a bit too unreasonable.

But if he woke them up or sent them back like this, he was a bit unwilling.

Finally, after thinking hard, he said with a ‘* inspiration’, “Shikakichi, do you have a pen”

Shikakichi, who often carried pen and paper with him, was stunned at first, then took it out, “What are you going to do”

“Hehehe, I have to leave some commemoration for these bastards!”

Hyuga Tokugawa took the pen and smiled proudly.


A moment later, Patriarch Uchiha smashed the teacup in his hand in a furious rage!

“Look, this is a good disciple nurtured by my Uchiha clan! All-day long, he only knows how to fight and stir up trouble.

How did you all discipline him!”

In the patriarch’s room, Uchiha Fuu and the others all lowered their heads.

Sitting next to them were their parents.

Seeing that his clan’s long hair was so angry, the First Elder said with a bit of a pain in the ass, “Fuu and the others are still young.

Fighting and quarreling are not a big deal.

Why are you so angry”

‘Besides, isn’t this what you acquiesced to’

‘Now you know to be angry’

The elder didn’t add fuel to the fire when he said the last sentence.

Otherwise, he would be scolded later.

“What do you know” The clan elder snorted coldly.

It was fine if they fought, but not only did these unfilial children lose to the children of those families, they were also knocked unconscious and sent back.

They had really lost all their face!

The elder who was still unaware of the situation didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and said, “Isn’t it normal to win or lose in a fight If you really want to argue, it should be that Fuu and the others won more times.

Besides, although it is quite shameful to be knocked out and sent back, at least they did not abandon them.

Looking at it, those little guys are not bad.”

It was fine to not mention this, but when this was mentioned, the clan leader immediately erupted.

He blew his beard and glared, “Not bad Ask them, what are those brats doing!”

The elder looked over with some doubts, only to see that Uchiha Fuu’s face was red, and only spoke a few words after a long time.

When the elder heard this, his teeth immediately hurt.

No wonder the clan leader was so angry.

It turned out that not only were they sent back after being knocked out, but even the money and forbearance on their bodies were taken away as spoils of war.

In addition, there was a large word written on their backs: ‘-defeat’.

When he thought of this journey back, he did not know how many people saw the children of their Uchiha family being defeated and carried back by the children of other families.

The elder immediately shut up.

“Now do you still think I shouldn’t be angry with these children” The clan elder asked with a cold face.

The elder immediately said with a serious face, “I suggest we just beat them to death.

What a shame!”

The Clan Leader’s gaze once again fell on Uchiha Fuu and the others who were shivering in fear, “Do you know your wrongs”

“Yes… I do.”

“What was wrong”

“We shouldn’t be so brave and fierce.

Fighting all day long and provoking people…”

“Bullsh * t!”


Clan Leader Uchiha slammed the table again, scaring the children so much that their faces lost their color.

“When has our Uchiha clan ever been afraid of trouble Fighting is nothing! The key is that you have to win! Even if you lose, you can’t lose the face of our clan like today!”

‘Then what you said before is just nonsense’

The elder slightly moved his lips, but in the end, he swallowed back these words.

‘If you have a good face, just say it.

You have to make such a big turn, see how scared the child is.’

After spraying saliva for several minutes, the clan leader finally vented his frustration.

Only the heavens knew that when he heard about this matter, he was so angry that he almost died on the spot!

It was really too f*cking embarrassing!

The clan leader continued, “I don’t care what happened before.

Now, I only want to ask you one thing.

Can you win the next time”

Uchiha Fuu gritted his teeth and said, “Definitely!”

“Well, don’t run around in the next few days.

Take care of your injuries first, and then train to death for me! After you win, you know what to do.”

Uchiha Fuu nodded hard.

Next time, he would paint ‘Defeat’ on the other side’s face!

At the same time, the elder complained in his heart again, ‘You are really vengeful.

Aren’t you afraid of ruining the children in the clan But it’s none of my business!’


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