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 Chapter 38 - How's Uchiha Family

Tobirama, who temporarily suppressed this thought in his heart, suddenly asked when Haru was resting, “Did you fight with the people of Uchiha’s family today”

Haru nodded as he drank water, and then told Tobirama the whole story.

In any case, there was nothing to hide.

With Tobirama’s Hokage status, it was easy to know the inside story.

Moreover, now that Danzo protected him and Tsunade from school every day, anything that happened would definitely be reported to Tobirama.

However, Haru felt that fighting in Naruto’s world was nothing.

Tobirama would not make a fuss over such a small matter.

The truth was indeed so.

After Tobirama found out about this matter, he did not take it to heart at all.

In the era where he and Hashirama lived, even children could use knives to kill people on the battlefield, so what if they fought now


“What do you think of Uchiha’s family”

Haru paused for a moment.

He thought of how Tobirama had finally discovered the ‘secret of Sharingan’.

This had caused further distrust and other things.

It had also set the fuse for the destruction of Uchiha’s clan in the future.

Therefore, it was rare for him not to say anything.

Instead, he pondered for a moment and carefully said, “I feel that as one of the great contributors to the establishment of Konoha, Uchiha’s clan is not in a good situation right now.

They are not worthy of their achievements.”

As if he had not expected that he would say this, Tobirama revealed a surprised expression.

Then, he asked with some interest, “En, continue.”

Haru deliberated for a moment and decided to put in a few good words for the Uchiha clan.

After all, the importance of Uchiha’s clan was self-evident.

If that kind of tragedy were to be destroyed in the future, it would be too sad.

Perhaps Tobirama also realized some problems, which was why he promoted Uchiha to his guard and then released a signal to the outside world to relieve the pressure on Uchiha’s clan, as well as to give this clan a head.

Haru was not afraid that he would say something wrong with these proofs.  So he cleared his throat and said, “I have made some conclusions from the books in your study.

The most important thing is that Senju’s clan really began to develop and grow and finally succeeded in establishing Konoha.

The source of it is from Senju’s clan and Uchiha’s clan becoming enemies and friends.”

“When the two great clans began to work together, almost all of them won!”

“All the enemies who stood in the way of the two great clans either bowed down or turned into ashes.”

“And the title of Hashirama’s uncle, God of Ninja World, also began to spread widely from this period and was recognized by the world.”

“I do not deny the achievements of Hyuga, Aburame, and the other clans, but compared to the Uchiha clan who can stand on equal footing with our Senju clan, their achievements can only be regarded as adding flowers to the brocade.”

“But after Konoha was established, when it came to rewards, all of this seemed to have turned around.”

“Other than us, the other clans also had their own territories and interests connected.

They were doing well.”

“On the contrary, the Uchiha clan, who had made great contributions, was gradually marginalized and even ostracized.”

“As the saying goes, if a rabbit is caught alive, it will be eaten by a dog.

If a bird is killed, the bow will be hidden.

In the outside world, there are so many countries and villages eyeing us covetously.

This is no different from cutting off an arm.”

“Even if I’m worried that Uchiha’s clan will have great achievements, I think it’s too early.

At least after establishing Konoha, true peace has not been realized.

In this case, Uchiha’s clan can just become the sharpest knife in our hands….”

“They will charge and break through the enemy lines for Konoha, killing the enemy as much as they want, and not give up because of some vague fears,” Haru said seriously.

Tobirama also listened seriously and never opened his mouth to interrupt him.

It was not until Haru was thirsty that Tobirama slowly opened his mouth and said, “Do you think I was wrong I am afraid of the Uchiha clan”

Haru took a sip of water and shook his head.

“No, but it is undeniable that you do not trust the Uchiha clan at all.”

Tobirama was silent for a moment and said as if he was trying to convince himself, “I founded the garrison force of Konoha and handed it directly to the Uchiha clan.

If I did not trust them, I would not hand Konoha’s safety to them.”

Haru immediately laughed, “Indeed, the power of the garrison forces is not small, but at the same time, it also fundamentally puts an end to Uchiha’s clan participating in Konoha’s core level.

Even if Uchiha’s clan has other thoughts, it is impossible to achieve them.

Moreover, is the garrison force really that important”

“Once Uchiha’s clan has a strange intention, Hokage’s direct subordinate, Anbu, can kill the crisis in the cradle at any time….

And what is the duty of the garrison forces I don’t think you, the founder, can understand it more clearly.”

“Why is the friction between Uchiha’s clan and other clans increasing Isn’t it all because of this garrison force”

“Uchiha did all kinds of dirty work and then offended everyone.

However, the Uchiha clan, who got the’ benefit ‘and’ rights ‘, still had a lot to complain about…”

“Enough!” Tobirama frowned and stopped Haru from continuing.

Because what Haru said was the original intention of setting up the garrison forces.

While ensuring Konoha’s internal safety, they also dug a big pit and buried the entire Uchiha clan.

As long as the Uchiha clan still retained the garrison forces for a day, for the sake of their duties, they had no choice but to become enemies with all the other families and even the villagers.

This was just like how Earth’s urban management officers would drive away vendors to protect the cleanliness and face of the city.

But there was no doubt that this method would damage the survival interests of a portion of the common people.

In addition, the methods used to enforce the law would definitely not be gentle.

—A few more black sheep would immediately turn the city enforcement officers into a group of evil forces that everyone could not avoid.

Right now, the Uchiha clan has this intention.

It was impossible not to enforce the law, but once strictly enforced, there would inevitably be conflicts.

And Uchiha’s clan generally had a bad temper, and their style of doing things was too fierce.

Over the years, it was unknown how many people they had offended.

This was also one of the reasons why even though Uchiha’s clan had clearly received unfair treatment, they did not even have an ally who was willing to speak up for them.

Now that Haru had directly exposed what he had done in front of Tobirama, Tobirama naturally was not willing to listen anymore.


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