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Chapter 46 - Danzo Who Doubts His Life

After listening to Uchiha and Kagami’s explanation, Haru knew that Tobirama might have already guessed that someone would target him and Tsunade, so he simply decided to use the plan to send out Danzo and Kagami, two guards, one in the open and one in the dark, to protect them.

He was even afraid they would alert the enemy, so he didn’t let them know.

However, there was nothing to be dissatisfied about in Haru’s heart.

Unless he never stepped out of Senju’s house, it was only a matter of time before he faced such danger.

Since he had obtained the benefits of this identity, he must bear the corresponding risks.

This was understandable.

“Oh right, where did Danzo go Did he meet an enemy”


Kagami hesitated for a moment, then looked at Haru with a complicated expression and euphemistically said, “It should be.

He may not be in a good state right now.”

First, he was slapped to the wall by the expert of the Akamichi Clan, and then he was ruthlessly thrown out.

In addition, the enemy had come prepared this time.

It could be imagined how terrible Danzo’s situation would be at this time.

However, he had already informed Anbu’s people, believing that reinforcements would arrive soon.

Haru did not know what Danzo, who was holding Cigarette in his mouth, did after he left.

He wanted to do something but failed.

After listening to Kagami, he only thought that Danzo had encountered a strong enemy and was held back.

Therefore, he inevitably felt that the current Danzo was… Well, a little weak!

Look at how dedicated Uchiha Kagami was, how fast he was dealing with the enemy!

Little Tsunade seemed to be very uncomfortable with the bloody scene before her, and she hid behind Haru.

To be honest, Haru was pretending to be calm.

After all, he had broken arms and blood.

People who had never experienced these things could not understand what happened at this time.

Fortunately, his adaptability was very strong, and he forced himself to adapt to this environment.

In the end, he forced himself to endure it.

This world was not peaceful at all.

It was common for a few people to die.

If he could not adapt to this point, he would probably have to hide in Konoha as a coward for the rest of his life.

Soon, Anbu’s people arrived and prepared to take these people away.

Kagami also explained the information he knew.

Obviously, these people did not just want to attack Senju’s family but wanted to use this opportunity to transfer Konoha’s hatred to the designated target.

It was best to start a war.

Although Hashirama was not dead and his power was still there, Hashirama, who was seriously ill at this time, could still display his strength at his peak.

Therefore, the best way to set up a target was to find out the current situation of Konoha, which was probably the real purpose of these people.

Of course, it was not ruled out that all of this was the result of the self-directed and self-acted by the people of Iwagakure in order to make Konoha clever and lose his intelligence.

It could only be said that now Konoha was surrounded by wolves.

The enemies hiding in the dark were waiting for the opportunity to move, waiting for the fierce tiger Konoha to fall, and they would eat it easily.

Under the premise that every force was suspicious and had a motive to do such a thing, even Tobirama would find it difficult to make the right judgment.

But no matter what, Haru believed that with Tobirama’s character, those few villages would probably suffer.

Can’t find a real criminal

It doesn’t matter!

In any case, none of them were innocent!

“I’ll send you back.

I have to report this matter to Lord Hokage.”

Hearing this, Haru hesitated for a moment, then said shyly, “Well, can I take the Explosive Talismans on these guys”

After bandaging the wounds of the ‘farmer,’ the members of Anbu who were carefully removing the explosive talismans on these people immediately looked at him in surprise.

“What do you want to do with the exploding talismans” Kagami suddenly asked nervously.

He did not know why but he remembered the tragic scene of his own children being tricked into a fool.

I will use it for self-defense.

It is estimated that this will not be the last time.

Besides, it is good to sell it for money!”


‘Using it to sell money….’

‘A great help….’

At this moment, Uchiha Kagami felt a little dizzy.

It was clearly some very shameless words.

How could this brat say it so confidently and naturally

However, as one of the few people who knew the relationship between the other party and Lord Tobirama, out of respect for Lord Tobirama, Kagami did not object.

Of course, the exploding talismans on the enemy must not be touched for the time being.

Otherwise, these Anbu members would not be able to report back.

As a result, Kagami simply gave the dozen or so talismans he had on him to Haru.

In any case, he didn’t really use these things, and he also didn’t like to use them.

The reason why he had them on him was only because he was prepared.

And Haru, who had turned from earning a large sum to earning a small sum of money, spat on the ground.

After checking the number of talismans he had, he could only take them into his pocket.

‘Alright, it’s better to have them than not having them.’

This kind of strategic resource, one for a few hundred taels of silver, if they met Uchiha Fuu another day, they would ask if they wanted this kind of good stuff.

If Kagami knew what Haru was thinking at this moment, he would probably not be able to resist the glare.

How could he be so shameless as to want to sell the explosive talismans he extorted back to his clansmen in the blink of an eye

They were all middle-tier merchants who earned the price difference, but Haru was good, directly playing the game of taking advantage of a white wolf!


At the same time, the other side.

Danzo, who had finally killed the enemy Jonin in a bloody battle, was leaning on his knees and panting heavily.

He felt that he probably didn’t read the almanac when he went out today.

Otherwise, how could he be so unlucky

When he thought of the series of unfortunate events that happened to him today, Danzo clenched his teeth and finally turned into a deep sigh.

However, when he thought that the enemy who suddenly appeared was likely to be coming for his mission to protect the target, Danzo’s heart tightened.

So he didn’t care about continuing to rest.

He gritted his teeth and was ready to catch up, hoping that there was still time.

He really didn’t dare to imagine what Tobirama would do to him if something happened to Haru and Tsunade.

There’s also the bastard from Akamichi’s family!

If not for those fat pigs, how could he have fallen to such a state

Then, with a whoosh, Anbu’s people finally arrived.

Then, Danzo, who had heard the news from Anbu, immediately blacked out.

Fuck, he had been intercepted!

Although Uchiha Kagami’s timely appearance allowed him to avoid making a big mistake, at the same time, he also ‘snatched’ the credit that should have belonged to him!

For a moment, Danzo began to doubt life.


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