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 Chapter 50 - Spitting at Each Other Really Never Afraid

“Boss, they’re here.”

Haru, who was in a daze, came back to his senses and saw Uchiha Fuu and his old acquaintances.

As the saying goes, their eyes would turn red when enemies meet.

For the past half-year, Uchiha Fuu, who had constantly been tasting defeat, was about to have his eyeballs pop out of their sockets when he returned home.

Those who didn’t know better would think that he was suffering from rabies or crazy cow disease.

But even if he lost so miserably, this guy had never thought of using any underhanded tactics or inviting two more ‘outside help’.

Every time, he had to use the five people of the original team to challenge the seven of them.

The reason was that the people of Uchiha’s family had to stand up from where they fell and would never find any excuses.

Alright, if they were not iron, then they were still Uchiha!

In Haru’s opinion, these guys were a little’ cute ‘.

This was also the reason why he agreed to meet them every time.

—It was definitely not to use them to test new Ninjutsu or to win their pocket money!



“Sigh, you guys shouldn’t have come.”

“But we still came.”

“Old rules”

“Hmph, come on!”

Both sides put the ‘wager’ to the side, then rolled up their sleeves and began to twist and twist together.

However, as they suffered losses time and time again, the children of Uchiha, who had also learned to be smarter, became extremely… well, sinister!

What eye-piercing, throat-cutting, monkey stealing peaches, pulling at hair, and biting the ear, that was a casual move!

Haru, who was watching from behind, sucked in a breath of cold air!

‘Your style… is terrible!’

As soon as he thought of how Uchiha would be too lazy even to open his mouth when fighting with his enemies in the future, he would shout and jump on them, pulling their hair and biting their ears.

Haru subconsciously shivered.

It was really a sin!


At the same time, Sarutobi Hiruzen, and Uchiha Kagami, who were carrying out the protection mission in the dark, also sighed.

“Kagami, does your Uchiha usually teach these things”

Looking at the extremely painful Sarutobi, Kagami said with a very helpless expression, “These… these ‘styles’ were forced by His Highness Haru…”

As long as he thought of how his family’s brainless children would take the initiative to foolishly come over to take a beating and deliver money, Kagami would strongly worry about the future of Uchiha’s family!

If the future of Uchiha’s clan was all like this, then what future was there to talk about

However, every time he euphemistically found the clan leader to discuss this matter, he would be scolded and chased out.

He would say something like ‘Uchiha is never afraid of things!’, ‘Uchiha is not a coward or a coward!’, ‘When he wins, we will talk about it!’, and other words that made people extremely helpless.

Several times, Kagami wanted to argue back and tell them that Senju Haru was a monster-like genius.

It was impossible for them to win with just Uchiha Fuu.

But in the end, he gave up.

Forget it, just treat it as paying tuition fees.

After all, with such an opponent, Fuu, and the others were extremely hardworking every time they trained, and their strength grew extremely quickly.

It could be considered a blessing in disguise.

As for the loss of money and the loss of face, it was not that important.

If they could develop feelings for each other, perhaps the rise of the Uchiha clan would fall on this little Prince.

It was just that even Kagami could not figure out what kind of attitude this little Prince had towards their clan.

If he had a good impression of them, His Highness Haru would bring people to find Uchiha’s people to beat them up from time to time, and there were even faint signs of addiction.

But if you were to say something that only felt bad, His Highness Haru would show mercy every time.

He had never slandered Fuu and the others in private and even faintly revealed a bit of appreciation.

It made Kagami very uncomfortable…


Then, at this moment, there was another change in the field.

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others all fell, and only Uchiha Fuu was left on Uchiha’s side.

According to the previous situation, Uchiha Fuu had no chance of winning against Haru and Tsunade at this time.

But this time, he unexpectedly took a deep breath and quickly formed seals with his hands.

“This is…”

Sarutobi and Kagami, who were in the dark, looked at each other in surprise.

“For this day, I have waited for too long!”

“I will return all the humiliation and pain that I have suffered before to you!”

“Fire Escape…..”


The high-spirited Uchiha Fuu was just a little bit away from completing the seal.

However, under the strange gaze of Haru, a figure who had removed the transformation technique had quietly approached him from behind.

Then, he kicked him away.

This figure was Senju Haru, who had secretly used his shadow clone from the beginning of the battle and disguised his real body as a stone with the Transformation Spell.

With another bang, Haru, who was beside Tsunade, disappeared.

Before he could release the Ninjutsu that turned the tables, Uchiha Fuu, who was kicked away, got up in a sorry state and shouted with a red face, “Bastard! You cheated!”

Haru helplessly spread out his hands, “Sorry, your posture just now was really too good.” I couldn’t help myself and couldn’t hold back, so I kicked you.

“But… is there a problem with using the Clone Technique and Transformation Technique to fight against the enemy Shouldn’t the battle between Ninjas be done with sneak attacks and poison This is nothing.”

Haru was very innocent, and Fuu was very angry!

Although he had already admitted that the other party was right in his heart, Uchiha Fuu still found it hard to accept.

“I want to fight you fair and square!”

After shouting, he didn’t care whether Haru agreed or not.

He stuck his neck out and began to make another seal.

Haru, who used his eyes to signal Tsunade not to come over, could only yawn and slowly make a seal with her speed.

Finally, Uchiha Fuu’s ninjutsu was completed!

“Take this! Fire Release – Great Fireball Technique!”

A ‘huge’ fireball was spat out from his mouth and flew directly towards Haru.

At this time, Haru’s ninjutsu was also completed.

For the sake of ‘reward’, the other party had worked so hard in his cultivation, and he had already mastered C-grade ninjutsu like Grand Fireball Technique at the age of six, so Haru decided to be a bit more serious.

“Water Escape – Chaotic Water Wave!”

Not forgetting his initial thoughts, Haru took out the first Water Escape ninjutsu he had learned in this life.

Wasn’t it just a face-to-face spray Who was afraid of who!

The water waterfall instantly met Uchiha Fuu’s fireball, and then in the blink of an eye, it wrapped and extinguished…

Water Escape had already restrained Fire Escape.

Coupled with Haru’s current chakra level and his mastery of ninjutsu, he was not comparable to Uchiha Fuu.

It was reasonable for him to be directly crushed.

If Uchiha Fuu chose to compete in physical skills, it might bring some trouble to Haru.

It could only be said that this guy had chosen the wrong direction to work hard from the beginning, alas!


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