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When Water Escape quickly extinguished the fireball he was so proud of, Uchiha Fuu directly stood in the same place and suffered a huge blow.

It had to be known that he had put in a lot of effort and suffered countless hardships before finally mastering this move.

At that time, Sensei, who taught him in the clan, praised his talent very much.

It was rare to learn such ninjutsu like the fireball at this age.

That was why he was so confident in setting up a fight again, wanting to wash away his shame.

However, at this moment, he finally realized his mistake.

The strength that this guy Senju Haru had always revealed was not all of this guy’s strength.

With that amount of water he had just used, the average Chunin could only feel ashamed of his inferiority, and his face was full of shame.

He had been playing with the small water gun before, but now that he had set it on fire, the small water gun stopped moving and simply opened the firebolt.

This person was really too sinister!

Uchiha Fuu only had time to make such a conclusion before his entire body was submerged in the water, and he fainted from anger.

“Sigh, why do you have to do this!”

Haru shook his head helplessly as if he felt sorry for the other party.

If not for the fact that he was afraid of beating the child silly, what he had just used wasn’t Water Escape, but’ Sea Flight ‘.

After all, under the influence of his cheap father, he didn’t care about the average amount of water he could produce!

Since he had decided to use Water Escape as his regular weapon, the ordinary Water Escape was naturally not within his consideration.

No matter what, he had to be like Kisame, who could turn the basin into a lake by spitting.

Haru happily pulled Hyuga Tokugawa and the others up and divided the stolen goods.

After dividing the spoils, he told them to remember to send the person back intact, and then Haru left with Tsunade.

After he left, Shikakichi smiled and took out a box of colored pens.

Everyone happily took it and began to paint.


“That power… Is His Highness Haru really only four years old” Sarutobi began to doubt life and quietly swallowed.

Kagami gave a bitter smile as he looked at the defeated Uchiha Fuu and the others.

Then, he sighed and said, “In fact, His Highness Haru’s fourth birthday has not yet arrived.

He has only cultivated for less than a year.”


Sarutobi Hiruzen almost blurted out.

Fortunately, he managed to hold back.

With such a huge amount of chakra, could it be that His Highness Haru’s mother was a member of the Uzumaki Clan

It was not impossible.

After all, with Mito-sama’s presence, it was not difficult for Lord Tobirama to marry another Uzumaki Clan.

However, didn’t Lord Tobirama once say that even if he were lonely for the rest of his life, he would not find Uzumaki Clan’s woman!

Sarutobi silently cursed.

Then, he raised his head with a guilty conscience.

When he realized that Kagami had not noticed his abnormality, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Go and report this matter to Lord Hokage first.

I will follow up and protect the two young Princes.”


Sarutobi responded and immediately disappeared.

He had no doubts about Kagami’s strength.

Otherwise, with just his love for the village, Lord Tobirama would not let Kagami become his bodyguard.


Kagami followed along without encountering any abnormalities.

When Senju’s mansion appeared in sight, Kagami hesitated for a moment before suddenly appearing.

“Thank you for your hard work, Kagami.”

Haru put on the appearance of a little adult and spoke in a somewhat dignified manner.

After all, he could not be like the other transmigrators.

He would get close to this person every day and call him brother and uncle.

As the most powerful person in Konoha’s network, he had to be careful and not fall.

“Your Highness Haru, Kagami has some doubts.

Perhaps Your Highness can tell me the answer.”

Haru was somewhat surprised, but he still nodded and said, “What doubts”

“Your Highness, are you unhappy with our Uchiha clan”

In fact, the question that Kagami asked was already a little sensitive, but if he did not ask clearly, Kagami would really feel uneasy.

Instead, it was Haru who was a little puzzled, “Why do you say that”

Kagami smiled awkwardly and said, “Fuu and the others are still ignorant children.

Your Highness, there is no need to lower yourself to their level.”

Haru immediately revealed an expression of realization.

So it was this matter.

Could it be that he was too ruthless and the others couldn’t continue watching

However, he had already gotten used to it.

Every month, if he didn’t beat up Uchiha Fuu and the other children, his body would itch.

What should he do

Therefore, Haru asked tentatively, “Is it your clan’s intention”

Kagami hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, no, the clan leader intends to ignore it, but…”

Haru’s expression immediately relaxed, “Don’t worry, I have a sense of decency.

Since your clan leader does not object, then it proves that he also supports us to carry out the ‘tempering’.

Am I right”

It was rare for him to give up on the opportunity to become a punching bag.

He was really reluctant to do so.

Kagami felt his teeth ache.

It seemed that the other party was really addicted to beating up the disciples of Uchiha’s clan.

“Although that’s what you said, but…”

“Actually, you shouldn’t have come to me for this matter.

Even if I don’t want to fight, you guys, Uchiha, won’t agree! Now that they are always looking for trouble, I can’t avoid fighting.

So I think you can persuade Uchiha Fuu and the others.”

What Haru said was not unreasonable, but the problem was that he could not persuade them!

Kagami suddenly became very depressed.

The clan leader took the lead and gave the order to die.

The few little guys also made a ‘military order’.

They had to vent their anger and regain their face.

Could it be that he could still persuade His Highness Haru to let go of the fight and let Fuu and the others win once

He knew that it was impossible!

This matter was a dead cycle.

Seeing that Kagami was so depressed that he didn’t want to speak, Haru looked at him with some sympathy and prepared to go in.

However, he immediately thought of something and fell silent again.

“How about this… When you go back, say that it was me who said it.

In the future, they can find us to fight.

The appearance fee will increase….”

“The first time is 5,000 taels.

If you lose, you will have to double the challenge again.

It will cost 10,000 taels! The third time is 20,000 taels, and so on.”

“This way, as long as they lose a few more times, it will be painful.

Then this matter will naturally be left unsettled.

You can think about it and go.”


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