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“I think Hyuga’s family is a big business.

The fruits last time were so delicious.

It’s a pity not to share the burden.”

When Hyuga Tokugawa saw Haru look over, he quickly came up with an idea, “What is so good about the fruits They are all worthless things.

In my opinion, Akamichi’s barbecue is excellent! Let’s go and get some free coupons, eat meat, and vomit.

Doesn’t it sound good”

It seemed to make sense.

Haru’s eyes fell on Akimichi Nishi, who was obviously several times fatter.

Akimichi Nishi subconsciously recalled Uncle Roku’s ‘thin’ body and the two lines of clear tears.

He hurriedly shook his head like a rattle.

He didn’t even want to eat meat anymore.

He hurriedly said, “No matter how delicious the food is, we can’t eat it every day.

Even I am tired of eating it.

I believe Boss will definitely not be interested.”

“So I think it is better to go to Inuzuka’s house.

Inuzuka’s house is so fun! There are so many dogs.

This time, we won’t play throwing the frisbee.

We can also play riding the ’em horse’ to fight!”


‘I didn’t expect that you, a guy with your tonnage, you still want to f*cking ride a ’em horse’ to fight Do you want to crush our dog to death’

Inuzuka Kou’s face turned green, and he wanted to bite this damn fatty to death.

“Let’s go and fry the insects! Didn’t you see that Boss’ snacks are almost finished This time, go get more!”

“The insects are not delicious, they are not nutritious, and fruits are better.”

“Eat meat, eat meat!”

“No, eat **ing fruits!”


After experiencing society’s poisonous beating, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others all learned to be a traitor, throwing a big black pot into the air.

In short, they came to a consensus, and at the same time, it was the clan’s ‘sincere’,’ friendly ‘, that repeatedly warned them…

That was, “Get lost! Take your boss to harm other people’s homes!”

“Alright, alright, stop arguing.

It’s so noisy that I have a headache.

I won’t be going anywhere today.

Boss will take you guys to get some good health.”

When Hyuga Tokugawa and the others, who were arguing until their faces were red, heard their boss speak, they gave up.

After all, if they thought about it carefully, compared to the consequences of bringing their boss to their own house, they might as well stay.

Then, they heard Boss Haru pat their shoulders with a look of emotion.

“You all are considerate.

Don’t worry.

We will visit each other again after a while…. Sigh, you are all good, but each and every one of you is too enthusiastic.

Can Boss treat you as an outsider In the future, your family will be my home.

I won’t be polite to you.

‘No, no, no, don’t talk nonsense!’

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others immediately became anxious, their expressions extremely brilliant.


‘Boss… you might as well treat us as outsiders.

We might really not be that close.’

However, no one dared to say this.

Therefore, with this kind of uneasy and uncomfortable feeling, their group was warmly welcomed.


Inside the house, Tobirama went to work.

Ayako and her husband also started to carry out tasks again because of Tsunade’s school.

They were not at home now.

When Hashirama heard that Haru and Tsunade had brought their friends to their house, he forced himself to show up, but he was immediately driven back by Mito to take medicine and rest.

Because Hashirama’s condition had worsened once again, his mental state and physical condition were not as good as before.

There were several times when he had even stepped into the gates of hell.

In the end, he relied on his tenacious willpower and reluctance to leave his family.

It was really hard to say when he closed his eyes, he would fall asleep forever.

In this regard, Haru was also very uncomfortable.

“Boss, I actually saw Lord Hashirama! The God of Ninja World… The living Lord Hashirama!” Hyuga Tokugawa clenched his fists excitedly, unable to speak properly.

When he looked at the others, they all had similar reactions.

In this era, Senju Hashirama was forever a god in the heart of Konoha!

Moreover, it was a kind of worship and reverence that no one in the later generations of Naruto could feel!

Thus, just seeing Hashirama’s true appearance was already worth it for these little brats like Hyuga Tokugawa, who had slowly grown up listening to the stories of legends!

It had to be known that it was extremely difficult for even the clan heads of their various clans to see Lord Hashirama once.

How lucky were they!

If it were for any other time, Haru might despise them for making such a big fuss, or even ridicule what they said, or even expose Hashirama’s character, telling them that the legendary God of Ninja World was actually an unreliable clown.

But now, when he thought about Hashirama’s physical condition, he lost the mood.

However, perhaps because of the influence of Hashirama’s optimistic attitude, he and Tsunade would not sigh with a sad face all day long.

Wasn’t it said that smiling was the best medicine to delay illness Perhaps a miracle might really happen.

In this regard, even the rational Haru could not help but have a trace of hope in his heart to place on this illusory miracle.


After eating up the fruit juice and pastries sent by the servants, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others also recovered from the excitement of seeing the God of Ninja World.

One by one, they asked Haru what good things he had for them to play with.

Haru calmly and generously first pushed aside the curious Tsunade, then mysteriously took out a few ‘ninjutsu cheats’ from under the bed in the room and threw them to these few guys who had never seen anything in the world.

“Everyone, be quiet.

If you want to see it, hurry up and look.”

When Hyuga Tokugawa and the others, who did not know the reason, looked at these ‘Ninjutsu cheats’, their eyes immediately shone.

‘This is simply… simply too….’

Well, they really couldn’t describe it.

But they knew that their boss had opened another door to a new world for them.

Because they were bored, Haru casually opened a book and looked through it with a look of approval, then revealed a disdainful expression.

These books were all extorted from Sarutobi Hiruzen.

At that time, he thought it was a  treasure, making him believe it was an explosive thing.

As a result, when he took a look at it, this could also be used to teach primary school students.

For him, who had been nurtured by many ‘poor’ Sensei in the New Era, it was not even a thing.


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