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 Chapter 63 - Tobirama Yearning

After a day of training, Haru was thinking about how to see Tobirama and how to make Tobirama believe his ‘nonsense’.

Then he heard Hyuga Tokugawa call him from the side, “Boss, Uchiha’s guys are here again.”

Haru looked up and found that Uchiha Fuu was walking over quickly.

His face seemed to be a little ugly.

“You came to deliver money again”

As soon as they met, Hyuga Tokugawa could not help but mock them.

Uchiha Fuu was angry, but he could not refute anything.

He could only say with a straight face, “The old place is waiting for you.

If you are afraid, don’t come.”

Before Haru could say anything, Hyuga Tokugawa impatiently retorted, “Afraid Afraid that you are stupid and rich Whoever doesn’t go is a dog!”

Beside him, Inuzuka Kou and Sesshomaru, who were lying on his head, said, “Meow”

Even Haru was speechless.

He really didn’t have the mood to fight with others.

But since Hyuga Tokugawa had said this, he couldn’t say anything.

Uchiha Fuu was very angry.

He really wanted to turn around and leave, but his face darkened when he thought of what had happened today.

He felt that it was necessary to tell the other party.

So he looked at Haru seriously and said, “Although I always thought that this was a matter between us, the proposal you asked Lord Kagami to bring back last time annoyed quite a few people in the clan.

The challenge this time was not my intention, but someone came to me and forced me to send a challenge.”

“That guy has a bad character, but he is very strong.

I don’t think you can beat him, so you can choose not to go.”

“Don’t misunderstand anything.

I am not reminding you out of good intentions.

I just don’t want you to lose and think that I am playing a dirty trick.”

The proud Uchiha Fuu explained a few words to himself, then turned and left.

Haru looked at the other party’s back and could not help but laugh.

‘What a tsundere.

He was clearly here to inform the others.

He was worried that they would suffer a loss, but he refused to admit defeat.’

If it were for anyone else who was not smart, they might have thought that he was here to provoke them.

“Boss! This guy is too arrogant.

Isn’t he just looking for external help Don’t tell me we are afraid of them” Hyuga Tokugawa said angrily.


Alright, he had overestimated this guy’s IQ and EQ.

It’s still early.

You guys take a walk around the area first.

I have something to do and need to make a trip to Hokage’s building.

I’ll come back later.

“It’s fine.

Boss, you go and do some serious business first.

We’ll go over and find out what kind of external help that guy has found.”

“Take it easy.

When I come back, don’t get into any conflict with the other party.

You might suffer a loss.” Haru was worried about them.

It was enough to prove that the other party had come with ill intentions.

It was better to be careful.

However, the careless Hyuga Tokugawa did not take it to heart at all.

After all, one had to fight to know whether he was powerful or not.

How could he be scared by a few words from the other party

However, in order to make the boss feel at ease, Hyuga Tokugawa patted his chest and promised that they would scout ahead first.

‘Alright, nothing should happen.’

After so many battles, the two sides had already reached a tacit understanding and knew where the bottom line was.

Even if they were beaten up, it would not be a big deal.

Moreover, these guys were not stupid to that extent.

Even if they wanted to fight, they would wait for him to come back.

Haru brought Tsunade to the Hokage building.

There was only one guard left, and Haru was not at ease letting Tsunade leave with Hyuga Tokugawa.


After arriving at the Hokage building, Haru called out Kagami, who was secretly protecting him, and said, “I want to go in and find Tobirama.

Is there a way”

Kagami pondered for a moment, “Wait for me.

I will go and inform Lord Hokage first.”

This was one of the safest places for Konoha.

Kagami was not worried that something would happen, so he went in to report.

As Tobirama’s shadow guard, Kagami naturally had the right to enter and exit Hokage’s building freely.

Soon, Kagami appeared again, bringing Haru and Tsunade straight to Hokage’s office.

Du Du Du…


After bringing Haru and Tsunade in, Kagami immediately left, closed the door, and guarded outside.

“What’s the matter”

Tobirama asked without raising his head.

Based on his understanding of Haru, this child would not come here to look for him for such a boring reason.

“You haven’t been home for many days.”

Haru hadn’t thought of how to speak yet, so he decided to talk about something else first and find the entry point.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to come just like that, “You will be killed by the Gold Horn and Silver Horn Brothers of the Thunder Country.”

Not to mention who would believe him

Tobirama stopped what he was doing and was silent for a moment, “Tsunade, go to the room and rest first.

I have something to talk to him alone.”

Tsunade nodded and walked in obediently.

Then she immediately put her ear on the door.

“The war is coming, right”

This was not a secret.

Almost everyone could see it.

So, Tobirama nodded, “The ninjas of several countries have been transferred to the border of the Fire Country.” This war is inevitable.

“Four against one, can you win”

Tobirama smiled confidently and spat out a word, “Yes!”

Haru did not doubt what Tobirama said because, in the original history, this war ended with the defeat of the other four countries.

If Tobirama did not die because of that matter, the four countries would still live under the shadow of the surname Senju.

If Hashirama was the peak of individual strength and was the god of Ninja World… Then Tobirama was the king of war!

The combination of Edo Tensei and the explosion talisman could greatly make up for the gap in the number of Ninjas on both sides and even give the enemy a massive blow to morale.

Flying Thunder God and Multiple Shadow Clone Technique could easily allow Tobirama to appear in any corner of the battlefield to make up for the lack of high-end combat strength.

Coupled with Tobirama’s calm and wise mind, as well as the sufficient preparations he had made in advance, it was almost impossible for Konoha to lose in this battle!

Do you think it’s four against one

In fact, the four of you were surrounded by me, Senju Tobirama!

Therefore, Tobirama had confidence in himself.

However, what Tobirama said next shocked him!

“I can win, but it’s not enough….

Do you remember how you told me to get true peace This was also a thought that I had at the beginning.

It was just that I did not get Big Brother’s approval.”

“But now, the opportunity has come.

I want to try…”

“I want to try.

When Ninja World is unified, can true peace be realized”

Haru suddenly… his brain went haywire!


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