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Chapter 64 - Tobirama Is The Founder Of Akatsuki


Haru’s brain went blank on the spot, and he exposed the fact that he had no knowledge, so he could only walk the world with the word “F*ck”!

“I just said it casually! You don’t really take it seriously, do you”

Haru’s eyes widened and his heart was filled with grief.

He just wanted to remind Tobirama not to believe in the people of Thunder Country.

It was best to find an opportunity to kill the Golden Horn Silver Horn in advance.

In the end, before he could speak, Tobirama told him, “Little brother, your suggestion is good, so I am going to use this opportunity to annex the other four countries and unify Ninja World to achieve true peace.”

‘This is f*cking…’

‘Admit it, Tobirama.

In fact, you are the one who established Akatsuki, right’

Haru, whose scalp was numb, could not help but ask, “You are not planning to gather the nine great Bijuu in secret, are you”

Tobirama was stunned for a moment and pondered, “Bijuu’s killing power in the war is indeed very strong.

If we can completely recover Bijuu, it should be a lot easier.

However, it might be a bit too late.

However, there is no need to worry.

I have already reached a consensus with Uzumaki Clan.

Uzumaki Clan’s sealing technique is the nemesis of Bijuu.

At that time, it will not be able to cause any waves.”

‘Damn, the leader of the secret Akatsuki is truly a hammer!’

Haru seriously suspected that Uzumaki Clan had revealed his terrifying strength in this battle, which was why he was destroyed later.

Think about it, the crazy Bijuu was almost unstoppable on the battlefield.

However, such a terrifying Bijuu was tied up by Uzumaki Clan’s people with a ‘dog chain’.

If it were for anyone else, their mentality would collapse!

At this moment, it was as if Jinchuriki from all over the country was unable to properly control Bijuu, and some of them were even sealed inside their magic tools.

Every time they recovered Bijuu, they would cause quite a bit of casualty.

Haru felt as if he had already figured out the true reason for Uzumaki Clan’s death

“This… Can it really be done” Haru asked in astonishment.

He felt that his trip here was very unnecessary.

“I’m not sure either, but I want to give it a try.

Moreover, this is just an idea of mine.

Whether or not it should be implemented depends on the result of this war.”

Haru understood.

If the war was very urgent and Tobirama judged that Konoha could not annex other countries after the war, he might give up this idea for the time being.

But if the opponent was too weak, then don’t blame Tobirama for attacking the four countries and unifying Ninja World in one fell swoop!

What great boldness!

Even Haru’s blood was boiling, and he wished he could go to the battlefield to kill the enemy.

However, he immediately calmed down.

With his small body, even if he went to the battlefield, he would still be cannon fodder.

It was better to stay in Konoha as his connections, and never leave the village until Kage level’s strength reached the limit!

As for his purpose of coming here today, there was no need to speak.

Tobirama was prepared to annex the four countries, so how could he still participate in the alliance agreement

However, if he really did this, then it would definitely cause the other four countries to fight back, and it was unknown whether Tobirama could resist or not.


When he walked out of Hokage’s building, Haru, who was warned by Tobirama not to leak it out, was still in a trance.

He did not expect that the butterfly effect he brought would be so great.

If Tobirama really succeeded, the plot of the world would definitely change beyond recognition.

But… who cares!

Wouldn’t it be good to become the great Naruto, who was only one person and above ten thousand people in the entire Ninja World

He silently gave Tobirama a thumbs up.

“By the way, Tokugawa and the others are still waiting.

Let’s go earn some extra money first.”

He brought Tsunade quickly to the old place they had agreed on.

He did not waste too much time, but when he arrived, the scene in front of him made his eyes instantly become cold.

“Oh, you are the boss of this trash Not bad, I thought you were too afraid to come.”

A guy with a dark face, with Uchiha’s emblem embroidered on his clothes, stepped on the head of Hyuga Tokugawa, whose face was covered in blood, and looked at him with a fake smile.

Inuzuka Kou and the others were also in the same miserable state.

Their clothes were stripped off and hung on the tree.

Their bodies were also painted with the word ‘trash’.

Looking at the old acquaintances of Uchiha Fuu, they were all gloomy and angry.

If you looked carefully, you would find that their faces were a little red and swollen, as if they had been slapped several times.

At this time, they were in a state of anger but dared not say anything.

“What’s going on”

Haru stopped Tsunade who wanted to save Hyuga Tokugawa and the others and asked Uchiha Fuu calmly.

Although they often fought, they never crossed the bottom line and never did anything so outrageous.

“I… I didn’t stop them.

I’m sorry.” Uchiha Fuu clenched his fists in shame.

They were obviously referring to Hyuga Tokugawa and the others.

Moreover, to be able to make Uchiha Fuu, who had never lowered his head to admit his mistakes, say the three words “I amsorry”, it was obvious that something that he did not know had happened in between.

Haru was silent for a moment, then asked, “How did you get the injuries on your faces”

“I want to stop you from seeing this…”

Although Uchiha Fuu did not say it clearly, the people behind him all looked at the guy who spoke arrogantly before with resentment.

‘As expected, they should have been beaten by that guy when they tried to stop him.’

Haru had probably analyzed the cause and effect.

It seemed that this matter had nothing to do with Uchiha Fuu and the others, which meant that the main problem was this bastard.

He had always believed in one principle, which was to solve the problem as much as possible.

If the problem could not be solved, then he would solve the problem of the person who raised the problem!

“Give me an explanation.

If you can’t satisfy me, then prepare to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair.”

All the people who were familiar with Haru knew that when he spoke in this tone, it meant that he was really angry!

Although Hyuga Tokugawa and the others had always been able to do whatever they wanted, he was the first to eat.

But since they sincerely called him boss, then as the boss, he must help them out!

Even if the other party had already protected his forehead, he was at least a Genin!

“Hahaha, interesting.

I always thought that I was arrogant enough.

I didn’t expect to meet someone even more arrogant than me today.”

“If not for these pieces of trash constantly throwing the face of my Uchiha clan, I wouldn’t have the mood to specially make a trip and deal with you little things.”

“Kid, don’t think that just because you can beat a few pieces of trash, you can think of how powerful you are.

I’m not someone these pieces of trash can compare to.”

“Here, these hotheads will end up like this.

Before they passed out, they shouted, “Boss will definitely take revenge for us! “, hahaha, it was simply a joke.


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