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Chapter 65 - Everyone Will Submit To This eye

The 10-year-old Uchiha Ryou laughed arrogantly.

He did not feel that bullying the weak was a shameful thing at all.

On the contrary, he enjoyed the anger of others, but he did not dare to say anything.

He wanted to rush up and bite him to death, but he could only endure this kind of gaze.

In addition, it was not that he did not know the identity of these people, but he also knew that this matter involved the Senju clan.

But, so what!

The old bastards in the clan were all confused.

They had no idea how great Madara-sama’s will was!

In the early years, some of the Uchiha clansmen who inherited Madara’s will tried to rebel, but Tobirama sent a large number of Anbu members who represented “Tiger”, “Explode”, and “Bull” to arrest all the people who rebelled and let Anbu members begin to monitor Uchiha’s clansmen.

This was actually the reason why Uchiha’s clan had always been in a terrible situation all these years!

During that purge, Uchiha Ryou’s branch managed to escape the arrest by luck because they had hidden rather deeply, and thus went into hibernation.

Therefore, with the indoctrination of his parents, Uchiha Ryou, who had long been dissatisfied with the power of Senju’s clan, did not have any respect for the surname Senju.

Moreover, he firmly believed that Madara-sama was not dead!

All of this was a conspiracy of the Senju clan!

“Are you done laughing If you are done laughing, then prepare to lie down.

I want to cripple you.

Even Rikudou Sennin can’t stop me.

I said it!”

“No matter what happens, don’t make a move.” The last sentence was said by Haru to Tsunade.

In the dark, Kagami, who was about to come out and stop them, finally sighed and did not show up.

Now that things had developed to this point, it was no longer something that he could stop just because he wanted to.

However, he had to inform Lord Hokage and the Clan Leader as soon as possible…

“Shameless boasting, ah!”

Kicking away the miserable Hyuga Tokugawa under his feet, Uchiha Ryou quickly rushed out.

Even if he was only dealing with a child, he was not careless.

He had even investigated in advance that Haru was good at Water Escape Ninjutsu and was not good at close combat.

This was undoubtedly a real villain!

On the other side, when Haru saw that the other party had kicked away Hyuga Tokugawa, who no longer had any ability to resist, his gaze became extremely cold!

“Be good and lie down.

In front of me, you don’t have any chance to form seals!”

Uchiha Ryou used his words to harass him, and at the same time, he used his body technique to attack Haru.

And in the face of the other party’s powerful whip kick, Haru, who seemed to be preparing to form seals, suddenly gave up.


Haru’s extremely thin arm actually directly blocked the other party’s whip leg

Uchiha Ryou’s pupils immediately shrank.

The information was wrong, how could this kid’s strength be so great

But just as he was about to withdraw with fear in his heart, Haru’s left hand that blocked the whip leg turned into a fist and claw, firmly grabbing this guy’s ankle.

“Just because I don’t like close combat doesn’t mean I am not good at it.

Have you heard of Senju’s clan’s strange strength”


Grabbing the other party’s ankle, Haru circulated his strange strength and turned around to smash him down.

Uchiha Ryou’s back and the ground had a heavy kiss.

He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Haru’s talent was a manifestation of a monster in the eyes of geniuses like Hashirama and Tobirama.

However, Haru, who liked to hide his strength, had never brought out a hundred percent of his strength.

And not being good at close combat was just an illusion he deliberately created.

In fact, whether it was physical skills or sword skills, he had dabbled in them.

Don’t forget, Tobirama was an expert in using knives…

Resisting the pain, Uchiha Ryou bit the tip of his tongue and immediately rolled back.

Haru did not seem to have any thoughts of taking the opportunity to hit the drowning dog.

He only said lightly, “Just this”

Uchiha Ryou’s face immediately turned red.

They had miscalculated.

This brat was not simple!

Thus, he temporarily gave up on close combat and turned to quickly form seals.

“Fire Release – Great Fireball Technique!”

Hu —

A huge fireball whizzed out.

Regardless of whether it was in scale or power, it was far from what Uchiha Fuu could compare to back then.

However, Haru revealed a look of disdain.

‘Fire Escape’

‘The one that this young master is the least afraid of is Fire Escape!’

“Water Escape – Chaotic Water Wave!”

Although water countered fire, it still depended on the user.

Unfortunately, the speed of Haru’s chakra growth was so fast that even Tobirama was silent.


The huge fireball and the waterfall of water crashed into each other, and white water vapor instantly rose into the air.

Then, under the shocked eyes of Uchiha Fuu and the others, the fireball was quickly extinguished, and the remaining water continued to flood toward Uchiha and Dragon.

Nothing else but water!


Uchiha Ryou, whose face had already turned a little ugly, hurriedly used the Body Flicker Technique to dodge, and then several swords in their hands flew out.

At this time, Uchiha Ryou had suffered a blow, and he was no longer as arrogant as before.

He really couldn’t understand how the other party could have such abundant chakra at such a young age.

However, Uchiha and Dragon did not give up, because he still had a trump card that he had not used.

Haru also used the Body Flicker technique to dodge Kunai that was flying over.

Then, his hands quickly completed the hand seals as he moved.

“Water Escape: Water Bullet!”

This time, it was no longer the version of his demonic transformation, but the version of Tobirama.

Dozens of water bombs the size of a baby’s head smashed at Uchiha Ryou unreasonably.

Although Uchiha Ryou tried his best to dodge, he was still hit by a few water bombs in the end

With a bang, they turned into smoke.

“Clone Technique…”

When Haru saw this, he frowned slightly.

Even he did not notice when this fellow had used his clone technique and where his main body was hiding.

Then, suddenly, pain came from behind Haru as he flew forward.

The disappearing Uchiha Ryou had actually strangely arrived behind him

After landing, Haru quickly turned around and looked up.

His vision was quickly occupied by that pair of eyes.

“Illusion – Earth Bind!”

Then, the world spun….

When Haru realized something, he found that he could no longer move.

“So he borrowed Sharingan’s power…”

In the outside world, after confirming that the motionless Haru had been affected by his illusion, Uchiha Ryou immediately began to laugh loudly.

Although he had just activated the single magatama, he could not directly use Sharingan to pull the enemy into the illusion world, but he could already use it to increase his own illusion and increase his success rate.

Although the opponent’s degree of difficulty had exceeded his expectations, under these eyes, no one could refuse to submit!

‘A genius of Senju’s clan’

‘Just so-so!’

Uchiha Ryou walked forward with a sinister smile.

He wanted to teach the other party a lesson.


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