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“Enough! The other party already has no ability to resist, what else do you want to do”

At this moment, Uchiha Fuu, who could not endure the torment in his heart, directly blocked Haru, looking at Uchiha Ryou with great anger.

Uchiha Ryou smiled, the kind of smile that did not hide any malice at all.

“Are you teaching me how to do things”


A heavy slap directly slapped Uchiha Fuu to the ground, and the left side of his face swelled up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“It is because there is too much trash like you in the clan that our Uchiha clan has fallen to such a state.

If you don’t want to end up like these trash, then scram!”

However, Uchiha Fuu was like a stubborn bull.

He gritted his teeth and stood up.

“If the clan head and elders know what you have done today, do you think they will agree with your actions The real trash is not them, it is you!”


Before Uchiha Fuu could finish speaking, he was kicked to the ground, clutching his stomach and retching.

“Who gave you the courage to talk to me like that Don’t forget that you are the one who shamed our clan.

I, on the other hand, saved the face of Uchiha’s clan and ruthlessly attacked the arrogance of the other clans!”

“Now I finally know why you can’t beat these trash.

With such a weak heart, you are not worthy to live in this world.”

Uchiha Ryou said condescendingly with a cold face.

Then, he raised his foot and kicked at Uchiha Fuu, who was curled up on the ground and directly kicked his head.

An indescribable feeling of pleasure surged out from his heart!

But at this critical moment, a figure that wasn’t tall stood in front of Uchiha Fuu, forcefully receiving this kick.

“This is impossible! How could you undo my illusion”

Uchiha Ryou widened his eyes, seemingly in disbelief.

At this time, Haru, who had been lowering his head, suddenly raised his head and said coldly, “Perhaps… you can ask this pair of eyes.”


Uchiha, Ryou, felt as if his brain had exploded!

What did he see

What did he actually see

He actually saw the pair of magatama Sharingan in the other’s cold and ruthless eyes!

“Impossible, this is impossible! Aren’t you a member of Senju’s clan How did you awaken Sharingan”

Moreover, it was Sharingan, who was a level higher than him!

Uchiha Ryou, was like a mad demon, and his three views began to collapse rapidly.

“Illusion technique, this must be an illusion technique!”

“Release! Release me!”

Haru’s Sharingan gave him an incomparably huge impact.

It was an impact that outsiders simply could not imagine.

“Look straight at me, son!”

Haru jumped up and directly grabbed the other party’s neck and pressed him to the ground.

Four eyes met, Uchiha and Ryou kept struggling, “Let me go! It’s all fake, it’s all an illusion!”


‘If you say so, then so be it.’

Haru stood up expressionlessly and stepped on Uchiha and Ryou’s arms.


“Ah! My hand, my hand!”

“Go to hell, go to hell!”

Avoiding the attacks of the other party holding Kunai’s hand, Haru still had the face of a dead man.

He held the other party’s arm with both hands and then twisted it with force.


The intense pain made it hard for Uchiha Ryou to breathe.

His eyes bulged like a dead fish on the shore.

However, Haru still did not let him go.

He said that if he had to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, he had to do what he said!

“It’s about time.

Let’s stop.

Lord Hokage and Uchiha’s people are rushing here.”


Kagami, who had an extremely shocked expression on his face, stopped Haru and suppressed the shock in his heart as he spoke.

“You want to become my enemy too” Haru glanced at him.

Even though Haru’s Sharingan was only a twin-tomoe, and even though Haru was still too young, when he saw this pair of demonic eyes at a close distance, for some unknown reason, Kagami felt extremely great pressure.

That was the final ultimatum that his superiors had given him!

Kagami was silent.

Then, he took two steps back and watched helplessly as Haru broke two of the legs of his clan’s disciples.

Meanwhile, Uchiha Ryou, whose limbs were twisted, had already fainted.

Kagami did not have any sympathy for this.

Because this fellow had brought all of this upon himself.

As long as there was still a trace of kindness in his heart, he would not fall into such a state.

In Kagami’s heart, there was only the village.

Previously, he had stopped Haru not because he wanted to plead for this fellow.

He only wanted to leave some leeway.

After all, the war was about to start.

At this time, internal unity was very important.

However, since the matter had already come to this point, he could only see how Lord Hokage would deal with this matter.

However, before their arrival, he could not help but ask, “Your eyes”


Before Kagami could finish asking, Haru, who had calmed down, felt a sharp pain in his head.

Then, his vision went black and he fainted on the ground.

“Lord Kagami, is Haru also from our clan”

Uchiha Fuu struggled to get up and asked the same question that his other companions could not figure out.

Kagami was also very confused at this time. ‘If you asked me, who would I ask’

‘Could it be that His Highness Haru really has the blood of their Uchiha clan’

‘Perhaps the ‘spouse’ that Lord Tobirama had never shown up was from Uchiha!’

‘Other than this possibility, there is no other explanation.’

Kagami suddenly became excited!

‘Doesn’t this mean that Lord Tobirama had started to trust the Uchiha clan again’

Although he had always thought of the village as the most important thing in his heart, if he could let more clansmen obtain Lord Tobirama’s trust and allow more clansmen to participate in the development of the village, he would naturally be extremely happy!

If Kagami had originally only considered Haru as a mission protection target, then he had stayed to repay Lord Tobirama’s trust.

Now, he was looking at Haru with eyes full of love and expectation.

This was the hope of their clan!

Their Uchiha clan had truly changed the current situation, the hope to completely integrate into the village!


Soon, Tobirama brought people over, followed by the Uchiha clan and other clans who had received the news.

“Kagami, what happened” Tobirama asked on behalf of everyone.

Uchiha Kagami said with a determined expression, “Uchiha Ryou has violated the rule that ‘Ninja can not take the initiative to attack ordinary people in the village’.

He also took the initiative to provoke and attack His Highness Haru.

In the end, he was defeated by His Highness Haru.”

When these words came out, everyone was stunned.

When did the disciples of the big families become ‘ordinary people’

However, strictly speaking, before receiving the forehead guards, they were indeed not formal ninjas.

If they were not ninjas, then they were just ordinary people.

So this rule could be understood like this

For a moment, the people of the big families looked at Uchiha with a strange gaze.

It seemed that they did not need to pressure them anymore


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