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 Chapter 69 - The Elders Who Can't Drink Were Not Easy to Talk About

Clan Leader Uchiha was chased out by Anbu’s people.

To be honest, it was already very good for Tobirama to not take out Kunai and stab this old bastard to death on the spot.

“Clan Leader, how was it What did Lord Hokage say”

Just as the Clan Leader of the Uchiha Clan walked out, several elders impatiently asked.

He smiled lightly and said confidently, “Although Lord Tobirama didn’t say it out loud because of his face, we can already confirm that His Highness Haru does have the bloodline of our clan.”

Hearing this, the elders immediately revealed relaxed smiles.

No one knew that the Senju clan had actually secretly married their Uchiha clan, and it was even the second generation Hokage.

Now, who would dare to mock them behind their backs


“I wonder which clan member has obtained Lord Hokage’s favor”


The clan leader paused for a moment, then began to carefully recall Lord Tobirama’s expression from before.

When he saw the other people’s information, his expression was extremely ugly.

Only when it was Miyuki’s turn, did his expression slow down.

There was no mistake!

Lord Tobirama must have used this method to hint at him because he was embarrassed.

The reason why Miyuki had not been able to come back was either that she had met with trouble after giving birth and had died, or Lord Tobirama had other ideas and arranged for her to be in a hidden place.

Thinking about it, it seemed that the possibility of Miyuki not being alive was slightly higher.

Otherwise, even if Lord Tobirama had any objections to their clan, for the sake of his wife and children, he would not have caused His Highness Haru to lose his mother as soon as he was born.

(Haru: “Damn it, you curse again, you curse again!” )

He felt that he had already guessed the truth of the matter, so he calmly said, “It should be Miyuki.

However, this matter still needs to be kept secret.

Lord Hokage does not seem to want to mention this sad past.”

He even emphasized the words ‘sad past’.

The elders immediately understood and nodded in unison.

“Don’t worry, this matter is of great importance, and it is also related to the face of our two clans.

Naturally, there is no need to make it public.

However, we have to let people know that His Highness Haru is also a member of our Uchiha Clan.”

“No! This matter must be ruined in our stomach!”

The few elders had disappointed expressions.

Then, they heard the clan leader change the topic, “Especially you, Fourth Brother.

Once you drink some B wine, you won’t have a handle on your mouth! Those few clans are still waiting for us to give an explanation.

I will leave this matter to you. En, remember to bring more good wine when you go.

My Uchiha Clan is not an unreasonable barbarian.”

Everyone looked at the confused Fourth Elder and secretly gave the Clan Leader a thumbs up.

Only the Fourth Elder was a little confused, ‘so should I drink this wine or not’



Facing the extremely thick-skinned Fourth Elder, even if these families were unwilling to have anything to do with Uchiha’s clan, as the saying goes, one should not hit a smiling person.

They could not beat him out.

Not only could they not attack, but they also had to treat him well and not ruin their reputation.

Therefore, after a meal of wine, under the mouth of the Fourth Elder, almost all the people of the big families heard a piece of news that shocked them!

His Highness Haru was actually the child of Lord Hokage and a woman named Uchiha Miyuki

In the beginning, no one was willing to believe it, but as the Fourth Elder swore to the heavens that His Highness Haru had even opened Sharingan.

Moreover, he was a genius who had just opened his eyes and reached the second level, Sharingan

Everyone felt sour.

Because of this kind of lie that could be broken with a single poke, the people who believed in Uchiha would not have lost their minds like this.

Moreover, if not for Lord Tobirama’s ‘personally admitting’, these stubborn donkeys would not dare to publicize it so openly.

“Let me tell you, at that time, Miyuki was the most beautiful girl in my clan.

That fellow, who knows how many stinky brats went to offer their services every day, or else Lord Tobirama would not have fallen for her…”

“Nine years ago, when Miyuki went out on a mission, she encountered Kumogakure’s elite troops.

In the nick of time, she saw Lord Tobirama descend from the sky, and behind him was a multicolored light.

He killed all the enemies on the spot and then used this to win Miyuki’s heart.

In the end, he succeeded in hugging the beauty”

“What Did you say that Lord Tobirama never left the village nine years ago Have you forgotten about Lord Tobirama’s famous ninja arts”

“According to a young man who had a crush on Miyuki, during the time before leaving the village, Miyuki carried a special Kunai with her every day.

Now I think it must be a token of love that Lord Tobirama handed to her!”

“Hmm You asked Lord Tobirama how he knew that Miyuki was in danger and then used Flying Thunder God to arrive in time The heart is connected, do you understand! Don’t you know that the intuition of a strong person is very accurate Do you still want to listen to the story Why are there so many things!”

“If you want to hear it, just shut your mouth and listen to me….

This is a secret that can’t be spread out…”

After swallowing the following words in time, the Fourth Elder began to make up the story with spittle flying.

Needless to say, with the time character, and location, the Fourth Elder made up a story that was full of ups and downs, which was heart-wrenching, and the love story plot that made up a million words were pinned on Tobirama.

In the beginning, he was just too drunk to control his mouth, so he made up some nonsense and bragged.

In the end, when he realized the seriousness of the problem and wanted to stop, he could no longer stop, so he could only make up his mind and continue to circle.

In the end, he couldn’t even tell if it were true or false as if all the things that he had been spouting blindly had really happened.

Therefore, a few days later, the tragic and beautiful love story about Lord Tobirama and Uchiha Miyuki began to gradually spread out

What was even funnier was that none of the versions that were spread out were repeated plots!

But the common point was that the core characters had not changed, the plots were extremely melodramatic, and logic could not withstand any scrutiny.


When it reached Tobirama’s ears, the most outrageous version had become that he could not woo her, so he used the mission to trick Uchiha Miyuki out of the village, and then he secretly took her away and forcibly gave birth to a baby with her.

Later, Uchiha Miyuki, who was unwilling to be humiliated, crashed into the tofu and died.



The solid wooden table was directly smashed into pieces by Tobirama!


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