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“This is Sakumo, the man who will make all enemies tremble with fear in the future.”

Following Haru’s extremely serious introduction, everyone had different expressions.

As classmates, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others were very surprised.

They did not understand why Boss Haru was so fond of such a small family, a mediocre guy, and even made such an evaluation.

As for Uchiha Fuu and the others, their faces were full of disapproval.

Previously, they were not even convinced by Boss Haru.

Even if they were defeated miserably every time, they had never admitted defeat!

If they could not win this time, then they would fight back next time!

If they could not win the next time, they would do it next time!

If not for that incident and the fact that he was certain that Boss Haru also possessed Uchiha’s bloodline, Uchiha Fuu would not have let go of his arrogance and wanted to merge with it.

Otherwise, if one of the two was missing, Uchiha Fuu would not have made such a choice.

It was simply to continue fighting!

Therefore, it could be said that Haru had relied on his strength, character, and background to win over Uchiha Fuu, and in the end, he had turned into a state of not knowing each other without fighting.

Under such circumstances, it was naturally impossible for Uchiha Fuu and the others to take Haru’s evaluation seriously.

If he wanted to convince them, he had to first show them the strength and potential that matched this evaluation!

When Sakumo heard Haru’s evaluation of him, he was also very surprised and moved.

To be honest, even he himself was not sure what height he would grow to in the future, whether he would be mediocre for the rest of his life, or would he have a magnificent and wonderful life

But at this time, someone was even more sure that he would reach that height.

This kind of trust made Sakumo unable to forget it!

At the same time, the impulse in his heart became stronger.

“Although I am not worthy of such an evaluation….

One day, I will bring my talent to his side and live up to this trust!” Sakumo had made a decision in his heart!

The white headband on his arm was shining brightly.

Probably because he wanted to give his boss some face and not lose face in front of the ‘outsider’, Hyuga Tokugawa and Uchiha Fuu did not continue to confront each other.

Instead, they kept looking at Hyuga Tokugawa.

‘I don’t know what this guy is capable of to make Boss Haru look at him so differently.’

It must be known that all of them added together had never received such praise from Boss Haru.

He wasn’t jealous, but he was definitely unhappy!

Therefore, the two groups now had the intention of sharing a common enemy.

Of course, for the sake of Boss Haru, they would not take the initiative to pick a fight.

At most, they would treat him like an invisible person.

Fortunately, Sakumo’s EQ was not low.

He knew that if he wanted to join a new circle, he would be instinctively rejected by the other party.

But time would eventually prove everything.

He also wanted to prove to everyone that Haru was not wrong!

In the face of this strange atmosphere, Haru did not know whether he should be happy or speechless.

The arrival of Sakumo and his sincere evaluation would make Hyuga Tokugawa and Uchiha Fuu temporarily put down their prejudices.

At the same time, these guys were so hostile to Sakumo, which he had not expected before.

He didn’t know if he should regret what he said, but he had pulled a wave of hatred for Sakumo.

But Haru believed that with Sakumo’s character and style of doing things, this small problem should not be a problem for him.

After a simple self-introduction, Haru did not care about what they were thinking and began today’s group construction.

Konoha’s strongest youth

For a moment, Konoha was once again thrown into chaos


A week later, the crisis arrived.

On this day, just like usual, Haru led a group of younger brothers through the city during his free time after his cultivation, enjoying the gazes of the villagers (ridiculing).

Then, he fiercely supported the two old grannies and taught a thief a lesson.

Afterward, Haru, who was determined to become a qualified hedonistic son of rich parents, chewed on a fresh melon with his left hand and held a ‘silk banner’ that was specially issued by the garrison force with his right hand.

His face was full of despair.

At the same time, he kept muttering, “Why is it so difficult to do something bad”

“And that dog-like guy, after a hard beating, he found out that he was actually a famous repeat offender.

Because he was proficient in disguise, he repeatedly escaped.

The garrison forces have a lot of headaches because of this, but in the end, it was so easily solved by me”

“This is clearly not my original intention, sigh!“

At this time, Uchiha Fuu, who was on the side, asked with a puzzled face, “Boss has done so many good things, why does he always look like he is sighing and dissatisfied”

Hyuga Tokugawa immediately put on an ‘old experience’ look, “Boss’ realm is far beyond your imagination, slowly learn it.”

Would he tell others that Boss Haru was actually a very ‘low profile’ person who was detached from the low-level interests

Even the will of fire that almost everyone knew now came from Boss Haru.

If it were for someone else, they would have already been cocky to the heavens!

Looking at Boss Haru, he didn’t take it seriously at all!

Looking at Hyuga Tokugawa showing a proud expression of ‘you don’t know anything ‘, Uchiha Fuu was so angry in his heart that his teeth were about to break.

‘Wasn’t it just luck that he knew how to flatter’

‘In the future, Boss Haru will know who the most loyal and useful person is!’

‘We’ll see in the future, hmph!’

At this moment, a beggar walked over with a bowl of rice in his hand.

“Young masters, please do a good deed.”

Haru subconsciously reached for his wallet.

Then, he suddenly realized something!

‘No, this young master is a playboy.’


‘Isn’t that crazy’

‘This is a great opportunity!’

Haru looked at the pedestrians around him and made a decision in his heart.

No matter what, he had to succeed this time!

At most, at most, he would give this guy a little more medical fees.

“Old bastard, do you know who I am How dare you set your sights on me I think you are tired of living!”

“Brothers, beat him up!”

The old beggar: “…..”

 Uchiha Fuu hesitated for a moment and said, “This… is not too good.”

When he looked at Hyuga Tokugawa again, this guy had already rushed out excitedly.

“When you reach the level of the boss, you can question the decision of the boss!”


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