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Chapter 78 - If You Can't Defeat Even Hokage, Are You Worthy of being Konoha's Genin

“Lord Hokage, Kumogakure has sent a request for peace again.

He hopes to form an alliance with us.”


“Yes, Lord Hokage!”


When he was left alone in Hokage’s office, Tobirama sighed softly, revealing a tired expression.

Although the physique of the Senju clan was far superior to that of ordinary people, as long as it was a person, after experiencing two years of war, it was impossible for them not to feel mentally and physically exhausted.

Especially when Tobirama, who was controlling the army of impure earth to fight against the enemy, also had to fight against the four shadows from time to time.

When there was time, he had to fly back to Konoha to continue making arrangements. 

Even if his body was made of iron, he would not be able to endure it!

However, Tobirama resolutely persisted.

Even if he had been tricked several times by the enemy and was almost killed, he still relied on his strength to break out of the encirclement with Flying Thunder God.

In fact, at this point in the war, the few great countries were already somewhat afraid of being beaten.

If this continued, they did not know whether Konoha would be finished or not, but they were definitely going to be greatly injured.

Therefore, it was not only Kumogakure who repeatedly sent out requests for an alliance, the other Ninja Villages also had the intention to retreat.

However, at this time, it was Tobirama who did not want to let them go!

Once the four major powers wanted to retreat, Konoha Ninja, who was stationed under his eyes, would immediately chase after them and beat them up.

If they did not pay a painful price, none of these people would be able to return alive!

If not for the fact that Tobirama was not confident of himself at this time, and the fact that Konoha’s casualties were not optimistic, the sound of peace in the village was becoming more and more intense, giving him a lot of pressure.

He might have already led people to the enemy’s base camp.

As for the bull** request for peace and alliance request, Tobirama had never thought about it from the beginning!

‘If you want to fight, then fight, if you want to reconcile’

‘Am I, Senju Tobirama, so easy to talk to’

Therefore, the situation was in a stalemate.

The remaining troops of the few great countries did not dare to retreat.

Konoha was also considering whether to take down one or two fellows first.

However, in this way, the enemy would fight to the death.

At that time, more people would die.

And, the few great countries retreated, and Konoha continued to recuperate.

The war was over.

In the war, several great countries broke off all means of retreat and fought to the death.

The outcome was unpredictable.

Even Tobirama had to consider this price carefully.

“There are still too few people…” Tobirama sighed again.

After more than ten years of peace, even if he had made many reforms, he had only developed Konoha to the current level.

If there were another three thousand people, he was confident that he could annex at least two countries.

If there were five thousand people, what if he really unified Ninja World!

Tobirama could not help but start to complain about his idiot big brother who had assigned Bijuu to outsiders.

At this moment, if the nine great Bijuu were all in Konoha, together with Uzumaki Clan, it would be enough to flatten the entire Ninja World!

But the result was good.

Every time Bijuu appeared on the battlefield, it was equivalent to throwing an indiscriminate missile.

However, Tobirama did not have the heart to let the Uzumaki Clan enter the battlefield.

If something happened to the Uzumaki Clan accidentally, he would not have the face to see that idiot big brother after his death.

After putting down the information that ‘the second generation Tsuchikage and the second generation Mizukage fought again’, Tobirama rubbed his temples and suddenly remembered that today seemed to be the day that Haru and Tsunade graduated.

“Forget it, let’s go take a look.

Just take it as a change of mood.”

Thinking of this, Tobirama’s figure suddenly disappeared from his seat.


At the same time, Haru and Tsunade who easily completed the graduation exam already got their own ninja forehead,

He also completed the login of the ninja information and gained his own special ninja number.

Tsunade was 002302, and Haru was 0023033.

This meant that the number of ninjas that Konoha was making up had exceeded 2,300.

Of course, this did not mean that Konoha only had these ninjas.

Many of the ninjas who fought with Senju’s clan and the members of the big families were not registered in the book.

Otherwise, Konoha would not be able to gather more than 5,000 ninjas.

After all, Konoha had only been established for more than ten years, and the ninja code was something that Tobirama had created before establishing the Ninja School.

It was like Koharu’s ninja number was 000256.

To put it bluntly, there were more than 200 ninjas in the entire Konoha, was that possible

There were more than just these people in the big families!

“From today on, I have to bid farewell to the beautiful campus life…”

He covered his forehead.

Haru, who had already finished his sixth birthday, seemed to be a little depressed.

Of course, it was not that he was reluctant to part with those little lolis who surrounded him all day long, but he was simply nervous about the life of a ninja that he was about to encounter danger.

Not to mention, they were still in a period of war, and no one could guarantee that they would encounter enemies who slipped through the net once they stepped out of the village entrance.

Fortunately, he had just become a chuunin, and there was still a period of time for him to continue lying low.

In addition, he had been training hard like a mad devil for the past two years, improving his own strength.

His talent was already at the top of the pyramid and coupled with the cultivation cheat like Shadow Clone, Haru did not even know what level of ninja he was now.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have the chance to fight with his full strength, but every time, he would be oppressed by Tobirama, who had returned from the battlefield, until he couldn’t find his way to the north.

So much so that his understanding of him now was that of a weak — weakling!

If he couldn’t even defeat Tobirama, how could he be worthy of being Konoha’s Genin

However, even Haru himself didn’t know how shocked Tobirama was in his heart every time he finished dealing with him.

At this rate, perhaps in a few years, Tobirama would witness the birth of a ten-year-old Kage-level.

This was under the premise that Sharingan, who had hidden dangers, was not counted.

In these two years, Tobirama also took the time to try some methods, but he could not solve the problem of Haru opening Sharingan, and the chakra in his body would go berserk.

In the end, he could only warn him not to activate Sharingan unless it was absolutely necessary, let alone be stimulated and let Sharingan evolve again.

The people of the Uchiha clan were eager for their Sharingan to evolve to three tomoe early, but when it came to Haru, it became a ‘drag’, afraid that his head would explode if he was not careful.

Who knew how many people of the Uchiha clan would be jealous if he said it out


Tobirama came silently, stopped in the dark, and rested his gaze on Haru for a long time before he seemed to make a decision.

Then, he did not show himself.

Instead, he turned around and left.

However, what Tobirama did not know was that his unyielding attitude had caused another change in history.

The Four Kingdoms, who could not sit still and wait for death, finally came to a consensus under the push of a mastermind behind the scenes

A new storm was coming!


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