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Chapter 79 - Gift And Tobirama's Decision!

That night, Haru, who gloriously became a Genin Konoha, once again lay on the ground.

Tobirama, who was standing at the side, said expressionlessly, “Just this”

He was very angry!

He just couldn’t beat him!

Haru was extremely depressed.

Anyway, ever since he was beaten by A Thousand Year, Tobirama never let go of water when he was dealing with him.

His expression was serious as if he was fighting a few Kage.

This also caused Haru to be unable to escape the fate of being beaten up and then being defeated no matter how he struggled.

However, it was undeniable that this kind of high-intensity battle also caused Haru’s strength and combat experience to grow rapidly without him knowing it.

It was unknown how many times Tobirama sighed with emotion in his heart, This kid is a monster

‘En, as expected of someone who possesses my bloodline.’

Haru naturally did not know about Tobirama’s self-praise.

He only knew that everything seemed to be developing in a good direction.

Tobirama did not participate in Kumogakure’s alliance meeting.

He even killed Golden Horn in a thrilling encirclement and successfully ran away.

This made him feel relieved.

Moreover, there was a sense of accomplishment that changed Tobirama’s ending.

It was just that he could not share this joy with others.


Suddenly, two scrolls appeared in front of Haru, who was lying on the ground and recovering his strength.

“Since you have become a Genin, how to go in the future depends on your own choice.”

“On these two scrolls, one recorded all the Ninjutsu of Water Escape I have sorted out, the other recorded some forbidden techniques like Flying Thunder God that you have always wanted.

As for whether you want to practice them or not, you decide for yourself.”

Hearing this, Haru quickly got up from the ground, quickly held the two scrolls in his arms, and kept giggling.

It was as if he was touching two diluted treasures!

What a joke, Tobirama’s exclusive Water Escape ninjutsu, he had been coveting it for a long time.

With awesome ninjutsu, who was willing to learn some common things

Not to mention, he was talking about Flying Thunder God every day!

I didn’t expect Tobirama to be so straightforward this time.

Not only did he give him all the things he wanted, but there was also an unexpected surprise

I just don’t know if the forbidden ninjutsu of Edo Tensei is in it.

With Tobirama’s character, he probably won’t teach him this forbidden technique, right

But it’s hard to say.

It’s best to have nature.

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t.

At least Flying Thunder God, Multiple Shadow Clone Technique, and each other can use explosive talismans.

Haru was not greedy and satisfied!

However, today, Tobirama seemed to be a little abnormal.

Perhaps because he saw the doubt in Haru’s eyes, Tobirama, who never treated him as a child, did not hide it.

He said directly, “I have decided that I will launch a counter-attack in a while….

At least one or two big countries will be annexed.”

“This battle will be very dangerous.

Even I can’t guarantee that I will be able to return alive, so I handed these things over to you in advance.”

“If I fail, don’t be in a hurry to take revenge for me.

When you are confident, then help me achieve true peace.”

Haru suddenly clenched the scroll in his arms.

He finally understood what Tobirama meant.

Although Tobirama, who had Flying Thunder God, could come and go freely on the battlefield, the premise was that he could take the initiative to withdraw.

If Tobirama led the army to attack other countries, once they encountered danger, with Tobirama’s character, he would definitely fight to the death.

Because it was impossible for Tobirama to abandon everyone and escape alone!

Even if Tobirama returned to Konoha alone, after losing a large number of Ninjas, Konoha would not be able to recover from this setback.

Therefore, this was a decision that would be resolved if it failed!

To be honest, no matter which side he stood on, Haru did not want Tobirama to take this risk.

So he immediately asked, “Must we do this Why don’t we wait until Konoha becomes stronger before carrying out this plan”

Tobirama did not answer this question.

Instead, he asked, “While Konoha is growing stronger, the others are also recuperating.

If twenty years later, Konoha attacks the Wind Country, do you think the other countries will take advantage to rob him”

Haru was a little silent.

He had to admit that Tobirama’s vision was very long-term.

Because no matter what, Konoha was the enemy that the other countries wanted to defeat the most.

The second and third Ninja World’s great battles later all proved this fact.

Konoha was developing, and so were the others.

And Konoha’s speed of development obviously could not crush the combined strength of the other four countries.

Looking at it this way, the four countries that had already been destroyed were the best opportunity!

After all, in another 20 years, how much strength would Tobirama have left

At that time, even if they fought, Konoha might not be able to take advantage of them.

Moreover, if Tobirama took the initiative to start a war, how many voices of the agreement would there be in Konoha’s heart

Tobirama probably had already expected this situation, which was why he chose to bet everything on it.

“How confident are you” Haru asked with a complicated expression.

“Three points, but it is enough.”

Tobirama was prepared to let go of Kirigakure, who was far away, and Kumogakure, who wanted to ally with him many times, and then attack Wind Country and Earth Country with lightning methods.

He must kill the other party before the other two countries could react.

In this way, even if Kumogakure and Kirigakure found out Konoha’s real purpose, it would be too late.

With the remaining strength and geographical location of these two countries, there was no way to do anything to Konoha for the time being.

After a few years, Konoha, which had the territory and population of the three countries, was enough to enter a high-speed development period.

At that time, even if Kumogakure and Kirigakure joined hands, Konoha would not be afraid!

Of course, this was only the most ideal state.

Everything might not go according to Tobirama’s plan, but Tobirama still decided to fight while he was still in his peak state!

Haru still wanted to persuade him, but it was clear that Tobirama had made up his mind.

And with the change in history, at this moment, Haru did not know where the final destination of the first battle of Ninja World would fall.

“Don’t spread this matter.

By the way, Minato also prepared a gift for you and Tsunade.”

Haru nodded in a complicated mood.

Even the Ninjutsu scroll in his hand was not so fragrant.

After a while, Haru and Tsunade came out of the room with a scroll in their hands.

It recorded many of the Uzumaki Clan’s sealing techniques, including the Yin Sealing Technique.

Although these things were all precious items that could not be spread to outsiders, as a family, Mito had taught them to Hashirama in the early years.

In addition, Senju and Uzumaki had been allies for generations, so Mito did not overstep her bounds by doing this.

As for whether the two little fellows had the aptitude in this area and how much power they could exert, it would depend on their own fortune.

Haru, who was carrying the scroll back to his room, could not help but sigh again.

As expected, connections were his true golden fingers!


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