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 Chapter 8 - Two KingsAlthough Haru’s words were a little naive, if he could really do it, he might be able to achieve a long period of peace.

At least, it would not be worse than the current Ninja World.

Of course, he was just saying it casually.

After all, before he transmigrated, there was no country that unified the entire world.

However, apart from some regions, most countries were still quite peaceful.

However, Tobirama’s opinion was very similar to his.

He even had such an idea in the early years.

However, he could not convince Hashirama at all.

He could not do it with his own words.

In the end, he had no choice but to give up.

Tobirama, who was interested, could not help but start to ridicule his big brother.

“At the first Kage Meeting, I strongly opposed assigning Bijuu to the other countries.

Now, it seems that this is completely the way to help the enemy!”

When this matter was brought up, Haru couldn’t help but complain with a bit of excitement, “Isn’t that right! It’s so stupid!”

Why did he say that Hashirama wasn’t a qualified leader

Just look at what stupid things he did, and you’ll know.

The Bijuu in Naruto’s world was roughly equivalent to a Nuclear bomb in the technological world.

Which country would sell it to other countries after developing it

Even if you don’t want to use such a killing weapon for peace, you can still hide it.

Do you understand what deterrence is

This was also under the circumstances that Hashirama had made up his mind.

Tobirama proposed to let other countries take money to exchange for Bijuu.

Otherwise, Hashirama wanted to give it to others for free!

The beautiful name was: Bijuu balanced!

Even if he wanted to balance it, it was not this way!

If this wasn’t stupid, then what was it

If you said that after giving it away, everyone would be afraid of each other, and it would be fine if they could achieve a type of false peace but in reality

After obtaining Bijuu, the military strength of the various countries had once again increased, and then they urged on greater ambitions.

After the first battle, the second battle and the third battle will follow

Who knew how many people had died under Bijuu’s attack What was this

If Hashirama’s brain were normal, he would join in hands with Madara, plus the nine Bijuu.

If he could not easily flatten the entire Ninja World, Haru would be ready to take his head off and kick it like a ball!

As long as the Uchiha clan and Uzumaki Clan did not defect, under the premise of having nine Bijuu, even if Hashirama and Madara were gone, who would dare to bare their teeth

In the end, the One Hand King Explosion was torn apart by Hashirama!

It was no wonder that he would lose all his coffin books when playing cards!

With this kind of card skill, even if you gave him a better card, he would still be able to come up and give you good cards and then lose everything!

Therefore, one big and one small, the two sat outside and ridiculed the stupid things that Hashirama had done.

There were some things that Tobirama wanted to say for a long time, but he had to maintain his character, and there was no one who could make him feel at ease and listen to him from the same standpoint as him.

This was great, almost completely shaking off his big brother’s old foundation!

It was to the point that at this moment, the way Haru looked at him was a little strange, which meant that you, Senju Tobirama, also had the potential to be a chatterbox.

Until a voice floated over…

“How did Senju’s seal form”

“I don’t know Mokuton.

How would I know…”

Tobirama and Haru froze at the same time.

“Hehehe, it’s already so late.

Why aren’t you going to sleep”

Haru hurriedly explained, “It’s not me, it’s all…”


Without a word, Tobirama used Flying Thunder God to escape.


‘Tobirama, you are so disloyal!’

‘Take me with you if you run away!’

Haru stood up without tears.

He said obediently, “I’m going to sleep now.”

In the darkness, Hashirama and Mito narrowed their eyes and smiled, their faces terrifying like the messengers from hell.

Haru subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

‘Tobirama, this matter is not over between us!’


The next day, in the morning.

Haru stared at Tobirama, who was eating breakfast with a face full of resentment.

He only hated himself for not awakening a Sharingan or something.

At this time, he might have been out for ten months!

Perhaps because someone was watching him, Tobirama hurriedly put down his chopsticks.

He put on Hokage’s bamboo hat and walked out without even wiping his mouth.

“Eh Uncle Tobirama isn’t eating anymore” Senju Ayako asked curiously.


Hashirama Tobirama and Haru laughed at the same time.

Ayako was so scared that she thought that something unclean had entered the house.

After all, that kind of thing just happened yesterday.

Fortunately, everyone quickly returned to normal, especially Little Tsunade, who had brought a bunch of snacks from who knows where and shouted that he wanted to kill everyone…

The result was naturally that she lost again with tears in her eyes, and then she hugged Haru’s arm and kept shaking and acting like a spoiled child.

Haru, who was bullied by her cute appearance, could only surrender with both hands and hand over the ‘spoils of war’ again.

Of course, this time, Hashirama, who began to doubt life, was naturally not within the scope of returning the money.

After all, the entire Konoha belonged to Senju’s family.

How could Hashirama lack the money to buy snacks

In this matter, Mito, who was in charge of the financial power, had something to say.

“Haru, I want to go out and play —”

Little Tsunade opened her big watery eyes with baby fat on her face.

Her small hands grabbed the corner of Haru’s clothes, looking like she would cry if he disagreed.

As expected, she was still a child…

Haru shook his head.

It was really difficult to connect this kawaii girl in front of him, who often acted cutely, and the violent girl who would beat people up in the future.

However, they were indeed the same person.

In the face of Tsunade wanting to go out and play, Haru immediately said earnestly, “You’re still young and don’t know how dangerous the outside world is.

There are many strange uncles outside who especially like to catch little lolis like you….”

Haru had deliberately described the outside world to be very terrifying.

In short, it was just one word from the heart!

He didn’t want to go out!

However, Little Tsunade didn’t take this.

She directly plunged into Hashirama’s arms.

“Haru is bullying me again….”

Hashirama had a headache because of Haru, and he also felt that Haru was good at everything, but just a little… a little too much.

If the netizens described it, it must be ‘there are always unruly people who want to harm us’, or the paranoia of persecution!

Although the thing that Haru was worried about might happen, it wasn’t to the point where he was overly afraid of anything.

Right now, he was still surnamed Senju!

As a child of Senju’s family, how could he be so overcautious

Therefore, Hashirama immediately revealed a ‘benevolent’ smile, “Take the boss out and play.

Let’s write off what happened last night.”


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