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Chapter 87 - Salted Fish Sword

At some point in time, Haru and the others, who had completed the rescue mission, had already gradually approached the central battlefield.

Looking at the entire history of Ninja World, there were only a handful of scenes as tragic as this one!

Four Kages Attack!

Five Kages Chaotic Battle!

Konoha besieged!

Oh, there was also a Ginkaku , who was buying soy sauce.

Half of Bijuu seemed to be hanging.

In the end, the sailors who were worried and rushed over did not even look at him.

A few golden ‘dog chains’ directly tied him to the side.

Now, other than being unable to be furious, he could do nothing.

However, he used this method to ‘drag’ Kyuubi and Jinchuriki, not letting the water households interfere in Tobirama’s battle.

And this was actually what Tobirama wanted to see.

After all, ever since Mito took the initiative to remove Yin Seal because of Hashirama’s death, not only did he become old, but he also rapidly declined his physical condition.

The current Mito was not suitable to drive the Kyuubi in his body to fight, which would undoubtedly overdraw her vitality, and might even cause more serious consequences.

“What are you doing here This is not a battle you can participate in.

Hurry and take refuge!”

When the jonin saw Haru and the others, he immediately scolded them seriously.

But for the first time, Haru ignored the jonin’s words and stared at the three kages who were besieging Tobirama.

To be honest, after the death of the Nidaime Tsuchikage, the three kages had lost their air control and their most powerful wide-range killing methods.

Tobirama took out his sword, and Konoha Ninja became more and more crazy.

Almost everyone in the three kages was injured, and it seemed that it was only a matter of time before they were exhausted to death here.

But now that things had developed to this point, the gaze that the three kages faintly revealed became very indifferent.

This was because when they made this beheading plan, they had considered the best and worst result.

The best result was naturally to kill the Nidaime Hokage with lightning speed and then quickly escape.

The worst result was that Hokage did not succeed.

On the contrary, all of them died in Konoha’s hands, and then only one village remained in the entire Ninja World.

Although the death of the Nidaime Tsuchikage had been shrouded in a haze in the hearts of the remaining three kages, they still could not accept the worst result!

Therefore, Hokage must die!

When Kage-level took out his awareness and stopped thinking about it, the strength he could erupt with was extremely terrifying!

If not for the fact that Sword of The Thunder God was too sharp and contained the power of thunder and lightning, taking advantage of the advantage of weapons, Tobirama would have almost been injured again.

After all, the weakness of Sword of The Thunder God was also very obvious.

He needed to use the ‘Tactic(Space Coordinates)’ that he had left behind in advance to move through space.

Up until now, most of the Kunai on Tobirama had already been destroyed.

Moreover, he could not temporarily leave the battlefield and allow the three Kages to wantonly kill.

He could only grit his teeth and endure.

In this situation, although Haru knew that he might not be able to help much, he did not want to leave just like this, waiting for the result in torment.

He wanted to do something!

“Hahaha, Senju Tobirama, you are dead for sure!”

“Unfortunately, I can’t kill you with my own hands to avenge my big brother!”

“Die, die, die, die!”

Ginkaku, who had been sealed by the water household with Vajra(River Crab), was still spouting nonsense, and his foul language was endless.

If not for the fact that no one was paying attention to this guy, he would have already been dismembered.

However, Haru, who was already a little upset, could not help but glare fiercely at him.

“Shut up!”

In the end, Ginkaku, who received a response, was even more excited.

He laughed wildly and said, “Little brat, you can make me shut up if you want.

Come, kill me!”

“As long as you die, you won’t open your mouth to speak again.”

“Look at you.

You have never killed anyone, right Come, I will teach you!”

Haru walked towards Ginkaku step by step.

He looked at Ginkaku’s crazy expression and his face was calm.

“You will be the first person to die in my hands, but obviously will not be the last.”

“Hahahaha! You only know how to say, little brat!”

Haru calmly took out Kunai and stabbed out!

But at this time, something unexpected happened.

Ginkaku, who had returned to his human form, had broken free of a hand at some point.

He was grinning hideously and grabbing towards Haru’s head!

“This little brat must be very important.

If we capture him, not only will we be able to take revenge for our big brother, we can also help us escape.”

Ginkaku’s madness just now was at least an act in order to provoke this little brat!

After all, in Ginkaku’s opinion, even if he only had one hand to move, it would be easy for him to subdue the other party.

But as the water splashed and blood splattered, Ginkaku’s ferocious expression froze on his face.

What… happened just now

“I’m sorry.

Compared to aiming for a vital point like your heart, I personally prefer to behead my enemy.”

Water Escape – Water Blade Slash!

Haru expressionlessly dropped the bleeding Kunai.

He used his cold eyes to stare at the head that still had a doubtful expression and rolled to the ground.

Ginkaku never thought that his vicious life would end in the hands of a little brat!

He had underestimated Haru’s strength and courage and overestimated his current state.

This was the first time Haru killed someone.

It was strange that there was no disgusting feeling.

Of course, it was also possible that he had just seen the miserable state of the innocent villagers and had already adapted to the disgusting and uncomfortable places.

Apart from that, there was only calmness left.

It seemed that every time he encountered danger, his subconscious would always calm him down and then make the most rational judgment and response.

This might be a type of talent inherited from someone.

Haru didn’t think much about it and was attracted by the change in 【Myriad Realms Monolith】 in his mind.

【In Konoha’s 16th year, he was “forced” to kill for the first time, and achieved the achievement “I have never seen such an outrageous request in my life”, and received the reward “Salted Fish Sword】

【Salted Fish Sword】

[Item Description: The previous dynasty bestowed Sword… a salted fish.


[Evaluation: How dare you use the sword of the previous dynasty to cut down an official of the current dynasty!(Father-in-law voice —) ]

[Pick!(Raise the middle finger! ]

What the hell is this **

Haru pulled out a dried salted fish from his crotch with a terrible look on his face.

Then, he carefully examined it

He discovered that it was an ordinary salted fish!

First, it was Headband, then it was the salted fish sword.

The most useful thing he had ever obtained was actually that box of 【Cigarette】

“Do you know how dangerous it was just now You can’t stay here any longer.

Come with me.”

Mito looked at Ginkaku’s corpse with a complicated expression.

However, Haru shook his head.

“I want to stay.”

Haru’s expression was very serious.

But if he did not carry a salted fish in his hand, it would probably be more convincing.


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