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Chapter 9 - Even The Air Outside Is dangerousOn the street in the center of Konoha’s main city district, Haru carried Tsunade, who was a few months younger than him and walked forward step by step.

She looked very serious and nervous.

Every villager who passed by looked like a spy sent by other villages.

The surrounding villagers were also nervous and hurriedly moved to the side to make way.

It was not because they recognized the noble identity of Haru and Tsunade, but because…

Ten ninja guards followed closely behind Haru!

Yes, a total of ten!

A powerful guard composed of one Jonin and nine Chunin!

Were these people sent by Hashirama on his own initiative

How was that possible!

One had to know that the number of ninjas in each country was far less than in the future.

For example, the 80,000 ninjas that Ninja World had gathered in the fourth battle, even if they took out all the old bases of several countries, including Konoha, they would not be able to gather so many ninjas.

Moreover, even if they sent people to guard, with Hashirama’s character, he would only send people to guard secretly, instead of shaking the city and making a big fuss like this…

So there was only one truth.

That was when Haru was ‘threatened’ by Hashirama and found that he had to leave with Tsunade, he immediately transferred 15 guards to Senju’s mansion.

Haru, who was silently reciting the word ‘cautious’, would never tell anyone.

In fact, there were five elite ninjas in the dark who were protecting them, monitoring any suspicious people who could appear around them.

Of course, this was also the result that Haru had tirelessly told them more than ten times before he left.

If not for the fact that Hashirama and Mito couldn’t bear to watch anymore and chased him out like chasing flies, he was confident that he would trick all the guards around Hashirama to protect himself.

He didn’t believe that there would still be people who would take the initiative to come and seek death with so many people protecting him!

As for his high-profile trip, would he make a fool of himself and be targeted instead

To put it bluntly, he had already lived in Senju’s mansion.

Unless he did not come out for a lifetime, it was only a matter of time before he was targeted.

Moreover, he had made up his mind to play with Tsunade outside for 30 minutes.

Even to be safe, he secretly brought out Tobirama’s flying Raijin and Kunai.

He had to make sure that it was absolutely safe!

If there were an accident, he would… just Pah! Pah! Pah!


“Haruru, I want to eat that.”

Tsunade, who was obviously very unhappy, let go of the small hand around Haru’s neck and pointed to the Three-color dango on two little girls’ hands on the street.

When Haru saw that, he immediately agreed.

Just when Tsunade thought that Haru would take him to buy it, she saw Haru directly turn around and signal with his eyes, “That person, go buy a few sticks and come back.

When you go back, remember to ask Master Hashirama for reimbursement.”

The guard who was called looked at him speechlessly and then went to buy things with a wry smile.

From beginning to end, Haru never left the protection circle half a step…


Little Tsunade’s hand was as angry as a little pufferfish.

Her little face, which had some baby fat, immediately swelled up.

Did this count as playing

When ‘that person’ came back after buying something, Haru unexpectedly did not give it to Tsunade to eat first.

Instead, he handed him the dango first and said very obediently and sensibly, “Thank you, uncle —”

The guard, who had just thought that little master was crazy, was immediately moved.

Look, what a polite good child.

It seemed that he had misunderstood just now.

But the feeling only lasted for a few seconds….

When he could not refuse, he ate Three-color dango in two bites and even smacked his lips to savor the aftertaste.

Haru, who had been watching him all this time, was finally relieved.

“Very good.

It seems that there is no poison.

Eat it.”

Haru breathed a sigh of relief and handed the dango to Little Tsunade.

Tsunade took a bite and immediately frowned, “It’s too sweet.

It’s not delicious!”.

Haru showed an expression as expected and then began to eat with a clear conscience, ‘Tsunade doesn’t like sweets, especially dango….’



“Call me uncle.”

“Haruru, what is that I want to play with it too.”

Haru glanced at the group of brats who were playing ‘jumping houses’.

There was no fluctuation in his eyes.

A few minutes later….

“Alright, let’s play.”

The ten guards formed a circle and carried him on their backs helplessly.

Inside the circle were Haru, who had finished drawing the house, and Little Tsunade.

“I want to play with everyone.

I don’t want to play alone!”

“It’s okay.

Uncle will play with you.

If you think it’s not enough, add two more guards… Well, only two, or it will be too dangerous.”

“I don’t want that..

Don’t want… Don’t want….”

Little Tsunade’s mouth was about to pop into the sky.

Seeing this, Haru immediately began to persuade her, “You are still young and don’t understand the sinister hearts of people.

Konoha’s enemies often send children in as spies…”

“I don’t believe it.

Bad Haruru must be making up a story to deceive me again.”

“It’s true.

I know a guy named Shinomiya Aoba.

When he was very young, he was undercover in the neighboring village.

When he grew up, he even became the Kage of that village.

For so many years, no one doubted him.

Do you think it’s not scary”

Seeing that Haru was so serious, Little Tsunade was a little confused and asked, “Really The people in that village are too stupid.”

Haru nodded quickly, “Yes…”

‘I don’t know how such a stupid plot was written*.

But It serves the author’s right to fall!’

[*TL Note: The author refers to his other works.

You can check it out on our website: “Naruto: This Ninja is Obviously Not Strong But Really Hard To Kill”]

However, it was enough to fool Little Tsunade now.

On the contrary, the guards were confused.

Where did Ninja World have such an awesome character

Little Tsunade pouted, and after playing for a while, she said, “It’s boring.”

Haru suddenly felt happy in his heart.

He finally had an excuse to go back.

Staying outside for one more second would be more dangerous!

“I also feel that it’s boring.

How about we go back and play Fight the Landlord.

How about we win all the money that your grandfather secretly hid”

Tsunade thought about it for a while, but she immediately shook her head.

It was not easy to come out, so of course, she had to go back after she had fun.

“I don’t want them to follow us anymore…..

Everyone is avoiding us.

It’s not fun!”

Seeing that Haru was trying to persuade her again, Little Tsunade immediately covered her ears and said pitifully, “Uncle —Is it okay”

‘Uncle… Uncle’

It had been a long time since Haru had heard someone call him uncle, and his entire body quivered!

What was so good about being a brother

“Let’s go.

Uncle will take you to see gold… fun!”


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