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Chapter 93 - Mangekyou

“Pan Guo, why aren’t you back yet”

“Boss! Boss, run!”

“Leave him behind and die!”

Haru suddenly opened his eyes and broke out in cold sweat.

He dreamed that the entire Konoha was destroyed.

Tobirama, Mito and Kagami all died to save him.

Only Tsunade stood in the ruins and waited for him to return.

This dream was too terrible!

“Where is this place”

Looking at the strange and dark environment around him, Haru finally remembered the scene before he fainted.

Then, his heart sank!

How are Tobirama and the other

So many people were actually unable to stop the other party

Who exactly was the other party, and why did they want to capture him

What was the purpose

Haru was wrapped in countless questions, but before he could think of how to escape, a voice was already heard.

“You’re awake.”

Haru knew that he could not hide it, so he directly sat up and looked at the black robed person not far away.

“Who are you”


Gulp gulp…

For a moment, there was some silence in the air.

Although Haru forced himself to make a serious expression, as if as long as I did not feel embarrassed, the other party would be embarrassed.

But he couldn’t hold his stomach and let out a few more cries.

Madara, who had wanted to say something, stood up and walked out after a moment of silence.

A few minutes later.

Haru sat on a chair with a banana in his left hand and an apple in his right hand.

He was done eating!

After all, if the other party wanted to harm him, he could have done so long ago.

He did not need to do anything to eat.

Apart from that, if he wanted to find an opportunity to escape, how could he have the strength if he didn’t eat his fill

Soon, all the fruits on the table entered his stomach.

During the entire process, the black-robed man was like a statue.

He didn’t make a sound, nor did he make any movements.

However, Haru could always feel a gaze sweeping over him.

“I don’t want to eat anymore.

I don’t even have a piece of meat.”

Haru casually threw the apple core into his mouth.

It seemed that he was using this method to hide the uneasiness and nervousness in his heart.

“Tell me, who are you and what is your purpose As long as you don’t go overboard, I can send someone to Konoha to pass a message to Tobirama.

It should be enough to satisfy you.”

Haru was testing and gambling.

If the other party wanted to capture him because he had a grudge against Tobirama, then it would basically be a dead end, and there was not much hope of escaping.

“Senju Tobirama I want it, but he can’t give it to me.”

“What’s more interesting is that you actually expect a dead person to save you.”

Haru’s originally calm eyes instantly became cold and dangerous, “Tobirama will not die!”

“In this world, anyone will die, and Senju Tobirama is no exception.

However, it is worth it.

At least four Kages will be buried with him.”

“In order to protect Konoha, I didn’t even leave a complete corpse behind.

It is somewhat a pity…”


Haru did not believe it, and impulsively completed the seal as fast as possible.

He wanted to leave this place and rush back to Konoha!

He did not believe that Tobirama would die!

Water Escape – Water Break Wave!

In the next second, Haru immediately spat out a high-pressure, high-pressure water column from his mouth.

In the original work, Tobirama could even easily cut God Tree with this move.

Although Haru was not at that level, cutting his head or something was still a piece of cake.

However, something unexpected happened.

Madara did not seem to have any intention of dodging.

Haru suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart, he covered his chest and kneeling down.

“What did you… do to me”

“It’s just a special kind of curse seal.

It’s buried in your heart.

In other words, from now on, your life and death are in my hands.”

Madara calmly stated a fact.

Although he still hadn’t thought about whether to kill the other party.

However, it was definitely not wrong to grab and set up a curse talisman first.

Moreover, he did not like the other party to keep mentioning the name Tobirama.

This could also be considered a small lesson for this kid.




Just when Madara thought that this kid should be obedient, Haru forcibly endured the pain coming from his heart.

He gritted his teeth and stood up.

His pitch-black pupils instantly turned into two magatama, and then the chakra in his entire body began to boil rapidly.

His needle-like brain quickly secreted a special type of chakra.

Accompanied by heavy breathing sounds, the third magatama in Haru’s eyes finally stabilized!

Haru, who was only 6 years old, had already awakened and evolved to three tomoe Sharingan.

Even the current Madara could not help but praise this talent.

After all, like Shisui in the future, a proud son of heaven who opened Mangekyou at the age of 8 was really rare!

Looking at the entire history of Uchiha, there was only this one!

However, what shocked Madara even more was what happened after that.

Under the double stimulation of the death of Tobirama and the crisis, Haru’s already very strange physique also began to overload.

A large amount of special chakra was secreted from his brain and then directed into his eyes.

If someone touched his body at this moment, they would find that his current body temperature was frighteningly high!

Especially his head, it was very suspicious if he would be burned to an idiot.

However, the strange thing was that Haru was especially clear-headed at this time.

This was too torturous!


After covering his head and letting out a howl, Haru charged at Madara with red eyes.

He needed to vent, he needed to divert his attention, otherwise he would feel like he was going crazy.

Moreover, compared to the pain in his head, the curse talisman on his heart was nothing.


Violent chakra instantly poured into Haru’s right hand, and the unreasonable strange force directly sent Madara flying with a punch!

No, this was more accurate to say that when Madara was in a daze, he took the initiative to retreat.

It was because he saw that the three magatama in Haru’s eyes seemed to come alive and were trying to reconnect together to form a new pattern!

The six year old Mangekyou!

Madara could not calm down.

But soon, he discovered that something was wrong with the other party.

How could the awakening process of Mangekyou Sharingan be so long and painful

Madara instantly opened his left eye, and Mangekyou began to check the chakra flow in Haru’s body.

Then he immediately frowned.

How did it become like this

If this continued, when Mangekyou Sharingan opened it, it would be the moment that this kid died!


Seizing the right opportunity, Madara came behind Haru and slashed at the back of Haru’s neck with his saber.

However, Haru only staggered and turned around to stare at Madara, as if he had lost most of his rationality.

This was the first time Madara had seen such a strange thing.

But what he was sure of was that he had to stop this process.

Madara’s left eye quickly enlarged and instantly occupied all of Haru’s vision.

Under the powerful eye power of Madara, Haru finally closed his eyes.

His body went soft and fell to the ground.


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