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Chapter 96 - Conspiracy

In the end, Haru was still unable to leave.

The reason for his body was only a part of it.

Most importantly, Madara only said that.

He was not prepared to let him leave at all.

Therefore, Haru’s idea was not important at all, and Madara did not care.

Madara even left a backup plan, deliberately letting Black Zetsu spread the secret of Haru’s background, and handing the scroll that was hidden in the secret to’ someone with a heart ‘, in order to cut off the close connection between Haru and Konoha.

Since he had decided to keep Haru by his side to teach, then Madara naturally would not make the low-level mistake of nurturing his enemy!

Therefore, in terms of position, he had to reverse it!

Fortunately, Haru was still young.

He still had time to instill his ideas into Haru.

A few years later, when he felt that Haru could become a teacher.

Even if Haru still had feelings for Konoha in his heart, things remained the same and people remained the same.

What beautiful memories he had in the past would cause him to suffer many criticisms and cold looks!

The human heart was hard to predict, and in addition to the changes and forgetfulness brought about by time.

At that time, after experiencing ‘betrayals’, Haru would be able to truly be reborn and become the shape he wanted to see.

Madara calculated everything without missing anything, and was already certain of Haru.

However, he did not do much, only taking advantage of the fact that he was snobbish and using the human heart to gently push it behind his back.

This was a conspiracy that was not afraid of being known by others.

Unless Tobirama could suddenly ‘die from the dead’, it would be a foregone conclusion.


Still alive

How was that possible

Madara smiled gently as everything was under his control.

Then, he blended into the darkness around him.



Along with the disappearance of the Nidaime Hokage and the promotion of the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen.

The atmosphere of the entire village had changed.

If it was said that when Hashirama and Tobirama were in the position, all the rights were concentrated in the hands of Hokage, it was a matter of words.

Now, Sarutobi, whose prestige and strength were severely lacking, chose to actively disperse Hokage’s rights to win over a group of people who belonged to him.

Following that, because many large clans did not place much importance on him, Sarutobi, Hiruzen, decisively and boldly used the children of many small clans to give them a fair stage to balance the transcendent status of those large clans in Konoha.

If it was any other time, Sarutobi, Hiruzen, would have already died a hundred times!

However, the current situation brought too much convenience to his reform, and also reduced too many obstacles.

At the end of the war, Konoha suffered heavy casualties, his people withered, and even those large clans suffered heavy injuries, urgently needing to take a breath.

Under such circumstances, internal strife would only make him die faster.

In addition, Sarutobi Hiruzen were quite capable.

They came personally to give an explanation and also gave many promises.

In the end, everyone actually acquiesced to his actions.

Of course, all of this was on the premise that Sarutobi Hiruzen’s actions could allow Konoha to get out of the wounds caused by the war as soon as possible and allow him to recover as soon as possible and return to his peak!

If he finally found out that Sarutobi Hiruzen, could not do it at all, and only knew how to write empty checks, then rest assured, this agent Hokage, not to mention becoming a full-time agent, would definitely die a very ugly death!

However, Sarutobi Hiruzen, did not seem to be worried about this, because Konoha’s situation was terrible, and the other big countries were also not in a good state, and would only be worse!

Therefore, even though the seeds of hatred had been planted, at least there had to be close to 20 years of peace time.

When the next generation of children grew up, there would be a possibility of war again.

And it was only possible!

With these ten years and twenty years of buffer time, Hiruzen was confident that Konoha’s development would be pulled back on the right track, creating more people and wealth for Konoha, and building a more prosperous country.

And with people,

With money, would Konoha be afraid of fighting with others

Of course, no one wanted to fight, and everything was just preparation for the rain.

On this day, Hiruzen took the time out of his busy schedule to guide his disciples.

In fact, he could choose to give Tsunade and the others to Jonin to teach.

After all, the agent Hokage was also Hokage.

He was usually busy with official business, which would undoubtedly delay the time of both sides.

However, having the identity of Senju’s clansman and also being Hashirama’s granddaughter was a relationship that Sarutobi and Hiruzen could not give up no matter what.

If he wanted to sit firmly in Hokage’s position, he had to get the support of Senju’s clan, even if it was just a little bit of recognition on the surface.

However, because of the matter of Haru his perfunctory actions had already aroused the dissatisfaction of Mito and other people.

Therefore, Hiruzen could only find another way to use his identity as Sensei to gain favor from Tsunade.

After all, in any case, Tsunade was the ‘genuine’ Senju clan member!


No one had expected that Tsunade, who had a strange power, would be sent flying by Jiraiya.

Jiraiya was stunned and wondered if he had finally cultivated a peerless technique and defeated the violent woman!

Tsunade got up from the ground and was still in a trance, as if her mind was not on the battle just now.

Hiruzen frowned slightly, and then he opened a path.

“Being distracted in battle is a big taboo.

If you were a real enemy just now, you would be dead by now.”

Tsunade nodded silently and did not refute.

Ever since Haru was captured by the enemy and disappeared like Tobirama until now, Tsunade, who had lost two relatives, became silent, as if she had changed completely.

Perhaps only time could erase the pain, or never forget it!

After today’s practice, Tsunade hesitated for a moment, but she still quickly caught up with Hiruzen and said, “Sensei, do you have news of Haru and uncle Tobirama”

Hiruzen sighed and shook his head.

“I have already sent people out to search for Lord Tobirama and Haru, but there is still no valuable news.”

“Don’t worry.

Since I am temporarily taking over the position of Hokage, I will naturally do my best to search for the whereabouts of Lord Tobirama and Haru”

After listening to Hiruzen’s solemn promise, Tsunade dispersed the worry between her eyebrows and felt a little more hope in her heart.

After all, there were times when no news was good news, right

However, what Tsunade did not know was that Hiruzen did not tell her the truth.

He did send people to search for Tobirama, but that was only symbolic, and he did not have much hope.

As for Haru, who had a higher chance of surviving, he did not send anyone out to search.

Kagami’s spontaneous behavior had become another way of saying that he used to be perfunctory


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