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 Chapter 98 - Another War

Uchiha’s body techniques and sword techniques had become the first thing that Haru wanted to learn.

When mentioning Uchiha, it was natural that Fire Escape and Sharingan would be included.

Unfortunately, Haru’s talent was all focused on Water Escape.

Although he also possessed the fire attribute, he was relatively mediocre.

It was far from reaching Madara’s expectations!

ItSo much so that Madara was like an uncle who came here in those days.

Fortunately, Haru’s talent in other aspects was still ridiculously strong.

Basically, everything he went to school was astonishing.

Only then did Madara gradually have a good expression.

After thinking for a while, he did not really send Haru down to reunite with Izuna.

As for the usage of Sharingan, it could be said that among the people who were still alive in this world, there was no one who dared to say that they knew more than Madara!

The only problem was that every time Haru opened Sharingan, the time it took for him to wake up was very short.

Then, he would faint and fall into the self-protection mechanism of his body.

Only when the boiling violent chakra calmed down would he wake up.

When he was at the second magatama, the time he slept was 12 hours.

Now that he had reached the third hook jade, it had become 24 hours.

In other words, every time Madara taught Haru how to use Sharingan, he had to take a certain risk, and there was still 24 hours of ‘cooldown time’.

Even if Haru was extremely talented, and his learning ability was far better than that of ordinary people, this greatly delayed Madara’s teaching progress.

Not to mention that Haru had other things to learn.

For example, the Senju and sword techniques that Tobirama taught him, the Ninjutsu such as Water Escape, Flying Thunder God, and the Uzumaki Clan Sealing Technique that Mito gave him…

Although he had already memorized these things in his mind, if he wanted to completely turn them into his own things, he would undoubtedly need a lot of time to train them.

In this way, there was far less time to use.

Madara seemed to be in no hurry.

After all, waiting to open Rinnegan was the most important thing for him at this stage.

It was also because he had a lot of free time that he chose to teach Haru properly.

This was because of Izuna, and of course, he had his own considerations.

If he failed to activate Rinnegan in the end, he might even have to place his hopes on Haru.

This was also why he planted a confinement curse on Haru’s heart at the first possible moment and cut off his possibility of returning to Konoha.

Madara needed someone to inherit his will, and it was better to be prepared!

Therefore, the one who was anxious was Haru himself.

It was not that Madara was not good to him, or what he was doing.

It was mainly because Konoha had his relatives, friends, Sensei, and classmates.

Although it was only six years, he was very happy.

He really began to treat Konoha as his own home.

Hashirama, Tobirama, Mito, Ayako, Tsunade, Hyuga Tokugawa, Sakumo, Kagami…

Too many people were waiting for him to go back!

He also missed these people and wanted to go back.

Especially Tobirama, Haru still did not believe that Tobirama would die.

He was more willing to believe that Tobirama was still alive, but because he was too heavily injured, or some other reason, he could not return to Konoha immediately.

So no matter what, he wanted to go back and take a look.

If he wanted to go back, he first had to trick Madara and Black Zetsu, so that they could believe that he had been brainwashed successfully.

Secondly, one had to possess sufficient strength, because this was the basic foundation of survival!

Lastly, who the hell knows where this place is Can you give me a map


Time flew.

In the blink of an eye, 14 years passed.

In 30 years of Konoha, Kirigakure of the Water Nation launched a large scale attack on the Country of Maelstrom.

Uzumaki Clan immediately asked his allies, Konoha, for help.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Hiruzen, in the name of Sandaime, tactfully and firmly refused the request for help from the Alliance Nation.

The reason was that the three countries of the Wind Nation, the Earth Nation, and the Thunder Nation entered the border of the Country of Fire at the same time.

Konoha could not go to support the Country of Maelstrom while fighting the three countries.

On the contrary, they were hoping that the Kingdom of Maelstrom could delay the attack of the Kingdom of Water and prevent Konoha from being attacked from both sides.

Konoha’s shamelessness stunned Uzumaki Clan!

They never thought that the two countries, which had been friendly for generations, would actually be backstabbed!

It was clear that in the war more than ten years ago, they, Uzumaki Clan, almost used the whole country to support Konoha and helped him win the war.

If not for Uzumaki Clan’s sacrifice, who could have subdued Bijuu and the others who had been wreaking havoc on the battlefield

At least half of their clansmen had been killed in that battle!

It was impossible for them to recover from the decades of recuperation.

It could be said that this was the weakest stage in the Country of Maelstrom.

And they were abandoned like this

Uzumaki Clan was very puzzled.

He sent people to see the master of the water family, but they were chased out before they could even enter the gate of Konoha.

In the end, Uzumaki Clan could only be disheartened and prepare to fight to the death!

After learning about this, the remaining clansmen of the Senju family, led by Senju Ayako and his wife, ignored Hokage’s order, broke through the gate of Konoha, and rushed directly to the Kingdom of Maelstrom.

Konoha could let Uzumaki Clan down, but the Senju family could not!

Back then, Tobirama only said one sentence, “Come with me, I need your strength.”

Uzumaki Clan used all his strength to follow Tobirama onto the battlefield.

Even if there were heavy casualties, he did not even frown once!

Now that Uzumaki Clan needed support, he had to repay this kindness!

Before leaving, Ayako left behind a sentence, “If Uncle Tobirama is still here, everyone will be coming with me to support the Kingdom of Maelstrom!”

“My clan, Senju, will never disappoint our allies.

We would rather die!”

The clan of Senju left just like that and never returned.

Finally, they found the bodies of Ayako and his wife, leaving only the ten-year-old Nawaki and the twenty-year-old Tsunade.

After that, the Kingdom of Maelstrom was destroyed, and only a small number of Uzumaki Clan people escaped.

What was even more interesting was that these Uzumaki Clan people who had escaped, even if they were stranded outside and suffered all the cold and painful treatment, would never take even half a step into the Kingdom of Fire!

Afterwards, Kumogakure and Sunagakure officially declared war on Konoha, and the Kingdom of Water and Earth wanted to take advantage of the chaos to attack Konoha.

As a result, the two countries fought first.

At the same time, the Amegakure began to expand its territory and began to attack neighboring Country.

The entire Ninja World instantly became a mess!

Sarutobi and Hiruzen originally thought that there would be 20 years of peace, but in the end, it only took 14 years for the war to start again.

The second great battle of Ninja World was also the war that had been the longest and had the heaviest casualties.

Now, the prelude was slowly opening!

Another thing worth mentioning was that Konoha had also forcefully brought back a red-haired Uzumaki Clan.

To the outside world, it was to preserve Uzumaki Clan’s last seed.

In reality, it was because the water family was old, and with this incident, there was no longer any trust between the two sides.

Therefore, Konoha needed a new Jinchuriki, the Jinchuriki under their control!


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