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As always, the woman had visited him today.

Jennan, who was about to pass the pink-haired lady hanging around in front of the waiting room, glanced back when she called his name.

“Hi, Jennan.”

The instant he saw her, he realized it was Yernia.

The future Duchess of Lecardo.

“Did you wait for me”

Jennan gave her a swoon-worthy smile.

The woman in front of her had no idea how much he had practiced to perfect this smile.

He even let out a lovely chuckle.

“Yes, I did last time.”

“I was thinking about you, too.

Come on in.”

He opened the door to the waiting room and clutched the end of Yernia’s sleeve.

Yernia faltered and glanced at her surroundings.

A lot of noblewomen like her had lined up to meet Jennan.

“Jennan! I enjoyed your performance today.”

“Can you make time for me today, Jennan Why don’t we go to a nice little restaurant and eat dinner together”

“My husband is currently on a business trip.

Do you want to come with me”

His female patrons had exclaimed in unison.

These shameless women tried to seduce Jennan with their curvy bodies.

Jennan pulled Yernia, who stood next to him awkwardly, into the waiting room and shut the door.

Behind their backs, the noblewomen watched the closed door with displeasure, disapproval, and envy.

“Please wait for a moment.” He told Yernia before he faced the ladies one last time.

“I apologize but I had an engagement at the moment, ladies.”

“I’ll give you more money, Jennan.”

The noblewoman looked like she was ready to give him a check at any moment and Jennan gave her an obnoxious frown.

Contrary to his appearance, he wasn’t in a bad mood but he still felt the need to show them.

“That’s too much, My Lady.

I do appreciate it but why are you doing this”

“What do you mean”

“I’m upset that you’re trying to buy my time with money.”

It was easy for Jennan to act so kind and caring as he returned her money back.

As he put up an exhausted front, he suddenly recalled that Yernia was still in the waiting room.

Jennan opened the door and went inside.

“Have you been waiting long”


It’s alright.

I thought you already had an appointment”

“No, I’m just kidding, but I have quite a few of them.”

“Oh, are you alright with me being here”


Yernia was worried about these women bullying her.

Meanwhile, Jennan could barely suppress the urge to snort but he still feigned ignorance.


Never mind.

Rather, I came here today because I wanted to apologize properly to you.”


“I didn’t think about how you feel, and you assumed I am on Cassian’s side.”

“Oh, at least you are aware of it.”

“I’m sorry.

I’m sure Cassian feels sorry for you, too.”

“That’s all right, and thank you.

That’s a relief.

I was worried that you wouldn’t see me anymore.”

He said, pretending to be a little disappointed.

Before Yernia could say anything, he rummaged through the clothes he had taken off at the corner of the waiting room and pulled a crumpled check from one of its pockets.

“Please give this to Marquis Lecardo, my lady.”


Jennan stopped the urge to smirk at the girl’s naivete who still hadn’t realized what her own husband had done.

He tried to look pitiful when he added, “He gave it to me.”

“Who Cassian”

“I think he misunderstood something.”

Despite saying that, Yernia still couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

Silly girl~

“It’s about you and me.

He assumed that you are having an affair with me.”


“It’s alright.

People misunderstood opera singers like this.

I just don’t want your husband to see his wife’s character in a bad light.

I don’t want this money either.”

He looked at Yernia’s wide-eyed stare.

Judging from her slow reaction, he thought it would take him a long time to become deeply acquainted with her.

But it wasn’t that impossible because she adored her and her stage.

It was easy to own the heart of a woman who liked him.


After opening the carriage window, Yernia rested her chin on one hand as she observed the noise outside.

She still couldn’t believe that Cassian misunderstood her for cheating on him with Jennan.

“Don’t you trust me, Cassian”

Yernia took out the crumpled check that Jennan had given her from her bag.

She couldn’t imagine Cassian slapping the opera singer’s cheek with this.

Jennan’s confession drove her mind into a loop.

There was no way that Cassian would do such a thing just because he didn’t trust her.

Did Jennan lie to him

He wouldn’t dare.

Neither an aristocrat nor a Lecardo would lie to him.

Yernia was in a bad mood.

She was dissatisfied with the fact that Cassian misunderstood them by himself and went to Jennan to insult him.

Cassian must have thought she was similar to the other people he couldn’t stand–such as people who cheat and smoke.

Of course, their marriage was no different than an arranged marriage.

Theirs was a marriage with no love.


But how can he betray her loyalty without thinking

“We’ll see.”

Yernia gritted her teeth and turned her back.

Then, she opened the window covering the footman’s seat and said, “Let’s go to the market for a moment.

I have something to buy.”

She had no idea why Cassian thought of her like that but first of all, she must resolve this misunderstanding at once.

Cassian must have assumed many bad things about her enough to visit Jnenan.

It appeared like Cassian had regained his ferociousness back.

To correct this, she should start buying a gift to relax his mind a little.

If she started this discussion by challenging him, a fight couldn’t be helped.

Yernia stopped by a boutique dealing with men’s clothes.

She planned to give Cassian a cuff button as a present.

“Well, what would be good”

Yernia heard a familiar voice while choosing a gift in all seriousness.



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