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As far as Yernia knew, Cassian had never cried.

After knowing him for twelve years, she hadn’t seen him do it.

It was a little shocking to realize that.

What did this mean

Did Cassian cry because of a woman

Yernia became curious about the identity of the woman who made him cry.

She felt like it would be someone she didn’t expect.

Yernia set her curiosity aside and sat on an empty space on the bed.

For a moment, she looked at Cassian lying on the bed.

It was amazing.

“Are you sick”

She heard that love would make someone sick due to missing the other person so much.

Yernia thought this only happened in novels.


Isn’t  this a novel as well

“I feel like I’m going to die, Yernia.” Cassian said weakly.

It was the first time she had seen it.

Yernia should do something for her childhood friend of twelve years.

In the end, they got married like this.

She began firmly.

“You know, Cassian–”

“What are you going to say I don’t want to hear anything today.”

She felt sorry for him.

He must be afraid to know what she had to say about this.

However, Yernia wouldn’t give up.

She couldn’t!

Would he be scared if said that

“I’ll say something you’ll like.”


I don’t trust you.”

“See her.”


“Meet her.”

Yernia thought he understood, but it appeared like he didn’t.

Puzzled, Cassian attempted to hold Yernia’s hand shyly, and their fingertips touched.

“What do you mean”

His brain might not be working well because his heart was in pain.

She would have to understand.

Maintaining eye contact, Yernia repeated, “Meet her.”

The hand slightly touching Yernia’s fingertips stiffened.

Did he get it now

“I don’t know who caused your love-sickness, but you can meet her, Cassian.

We didn’t get married because we loved each other.

We only liked each other as friends, so I understand.”


“She even made you love sick, so I don’t want to stop you from meeting her.

There’s no cure to it aside from her.

I want you to be happy with the person you love, Cassian.”

Cassian closed her eyes without saying anything.


He should be happy, but it turned out he wasn’t.

“It’s not love-sickness, Yernia.” His tone was sad and subdued.

“It’s not like that.”

“I have no reason to be jealous of her, so there’s no need to be bothered.

Just don’t get caught.

And, don’t even bring her to our home.

It’s impolite….”

“Get out.”

Yernia patted Cassian on the shoulder before turning her back on him.

“It’s all right, really.”


“Or do you want me to sing it for you”

Suddenly, Cassian jumped out of bed, put his arms behind Yernia’s legs and carried her over the shoulder.

“What! Oh! All of my blood is going to my head—”

Yernia slapped Cassian on the back as she struggled to escape from his hold.

Ignoring her poor attempts,  Cassian opened the door and put Yernia outside.

He scowled at Yernia before she heard a loud bang.

He shut the door in her face.

What’s wrong with him

Was he supposed to be lovesick

Yernia went to Joseph and explained what happened a while ago.

Joseph’s jaw went slack when Yernia got to the part where she gave Cassian permission to meet the woman she loved.

When she was finished, Joseph shook his head quietly.

“Just… Just stay with him, My Lady.”

What did she do

Yernia just wanted to become the bigger person, but why did it feel so unfair


The maid just closed the door to the Duke’s bedroom.

As she walked down the stairs, a pink head popped out.

It was Yernia.

The Marchioness of Lecardo.

“Is he sleeping”

The maid shook her head.

Yernia sighed deeply.

“Why isn’t he sleeping What is he you doing”

“He was just there,lying on the bed.

I  glanced at him once and he told me to leave right away.”

“He must be having a hard time.”

“Yes, I’m worried about him, My Lady.

Should I tell the Duke”

Until now, Yernia has been banned from visiting his bedroom at night.

She just wanted to comfort him, thinking something must have happened, but he had pushed her away multiple times.

“Don’t be so sad, Cassian.

She will like you back one day.”


Stop it.”

“Can I help you with something”

“Get out.”

It was always like this.

However, Yernia would give Cassian a big smile after that incident whenever she tried to open the door.

In the end, he had to put up a sign saying, ‘No access to Yernia’.

The couple had shared a bedroom which meant this particular room was also Yernia’s room.

But Yernia couldn’t even enter her own room.

She was only allowed to look around.


If he had to go to Rennes for work, I don’t want to bother him.”

“When will you have a successor” The Emperor asked Yernia.

Yernia’s days had been hectic after getting married.

She just didn’t expect her and Cassian to be summoned to the Imperial Palace for a family dinner.

Since the Emperor was Cassian’s uncle, the family dinner was legitimate.


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