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To the young people, the nightlife in a small city like Youcheng County was no less exciting than in a big city.

However, for the third-year students, they did not feel happy at night at all.

Even though it was already cold and it was almost the new year, they still had to attend evening self-study and could not go home before nine oclock.

Year 3 was the final stage of the sprint, and also the final sprint of 12 years.

When Qin Lin drove to Youcheng County First Middle School to deliver sandalwood incense powder to Zhao Xianhong, the students who had finished their evening self-study had already run out excitedly.

His father-in-law was also one of those with high insomnia.

It was not easy to be a high school teacher, and it was even harder to be a teacher in Year 3.

It was the hardest to be a Year 3 dean.

Not only did the Year 3s have to face the most serious age of adolescent rebellion, but it was also the year where students had more melodramatic accidents.

In addition to these, the Year 3 dean also had to bear the problem of the enrollment rate.

Therefore, many Year 3 deans were worried, unable to sleep, and lost their hair.

Over time, many Year 3 deans became bald from worrying about their students and even gave some rebellious students Mediterranean nicknames.

His father-in-law had already begun to lose sleep.

He should be entering the hair loss stage soon.

Therefore, this sandalwood powder came at a good time.

It might prevent the crisis of him becoming bald.

In the Year 3 office of Youcheng County First Middle School, he said to the teachers inside with a smile, “Everyone, go back early when youre done.

Ill be leaving first.”

A female teacher asked with a smile, “Chief Zhao, youre so happy today.

Something good has happened.”

“You can tell My son-in-law and daughter are waiting for me outside.” Zhao Xianhong was all smiles as he strode out of the office.

The teachers in the office smiled knowingly at this.

Everyone naturally knew about Chief Zhaos daughter.

She had studied in Youcheng County First High in high school, and many people in the office had taught her.

It was this son-in-law of Chief Zhao that made them very curious.

Chief Zhao had been mentioning this son-in-law a lot recently.

Every time, he would be full of smiles.

It was obvious that he was very satisfied with this son-in-law.

However, Section Chief Zhao was very good at keeping secrets.

Everyone only knew that his son-in-law used to be a student of First Middle School.

Zhao Xianhong was naturally satisfied with his son-in-law, Qin Lin.

After all, he was capable.

He had such a big career and had a good temper.

He was also good to his daughter and was very filial to the couple.

This was definitely the model of a son-in-law that all parents wanted.

Zhao Xianhong walked out of the school gate and immediately walked over when he saw Qin Lins car.

Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing also hurriedly went down and greeted Zhao Xianhong.



Zhao Xianhong nodded at the two of them and asked, “Why did you suddenly think of picking me up from school today”

“Dad, Qin Lin knows that you cant sleep, so he specially sent you some incense to help you sleep,” Zhao Moqing said happily.

What women were most afraid of was that after they had a husband, they would have to separate their families from their in-laws and reduce their interactions.

But she had no such worries at all.

Her mother had become best friends with her mother-in-law.

From time to time, they would meet to shop.

Qin Lin was also filial to her parents.

The two families were harmonious and beautiful.

How nice.

Sometimes she felt like the happiest woman in the world.

When Zhao Xianhong heard his daughters words, he felt even happier.

This son-in-law was really good.

However, he still said, “Qin Lin, youre busy with your own business now.

You dont have to come all the way here for me.”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Dad, its only right.

Its cold outside.

Lets send you home first.”

“Yes.” Zhao Xianhong nodded.

They got in, closed the car door, and started the car.

Qin Lin drove Zhao Xianhong to Ming Yuan District in the East City.

Then, he handed the two sandalwood incense sticks and an incense burner to Zhao Xianhong.

“Dad, this is sandalwood incense powder that helps with sleep.

Just light a little every night.”

Zhao Xianhong held the incense in his hand and smiled.

Whether the incense helped him sleep or not was no longer important to him.

His son-in-laws intentions were the most important.

After Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing left, he hummed happily as he walked towards the building.

When he returned home, his wife was watching television in the hall.

The TV footage showed them on a bus.

A man and woman were shouting,Theres a bomb! when the bus exploded.

But in the next moment, the young man and woman did not die.

Instead, they suddenly woke up from the bus seat with shock on their faces.

“Youre back” Chen Xiao stood up when she saw her husband return.

“What kind of show is this” Zhao Xianhong asked as he put down the incense burner.

“Its a new drama that just came out.

Theres a bomb on the bus.

The male and female lead have been blown up several times, and they can be revived every time.” As Chen Xiao spoke, he went to the side to pour a cup of water for Zhao Xianhong.

Then, he took out a packet of prescription medicine for insomnia.

“Take the medicine first, then go take a shower and lie down.”

The quality of her husbands sleep had been decreasing.

Her heart ached every night as he tossed and turned.

Now, he could only rely on medicine for treatment and lie down as soon as he came back from the shower to ensure that he would have the energy to go to school the next day.

Zhao Xianhong waved his hand and picked up the incense that Qin Lin had given him.

“I wont take any medicine today.

Qin Lin gave me some incense to help me sleep.

Ill go take a shower first.

Light the incense in the room first.”

With that he went into the bedroom and took his clothes into the bathroom.


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