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Chapter 2: There Was a Hole in The Garden

「What the hell is this Seems like a cave-in…」

Yuuma held the barking Mamezo with his hand as he squatted on the ground, peeping into the slightly gaping hole.

It was a round pit around one meter deep.

It looks like a small cave-in.

Just when he thought that hole was deeper than he expected, he saw something wriggling inside the hole.

「Uhm What in the world is that」

He brought his face closer to get a better view.

alas, it was too dark inside.

Yuuma returned to his house while muttering 「Cant be helped then」, and returned outside after taking out the flashlight from the top part of his drawer.

He entered the hole and switched on the flashlight to get a clear view of the situation.

Inside the hole was a small cave with less than one tatami mat space, and a dead-end one on top of that.

It has enough space for an adult man to enter if he was stooping down.

And then, the thing he was looking for was right inside that cave.

Its size was a bit smaller than a handball, it was a grey-coloured creature that moved around as its body jiggled non-stop.

「What the… hell is that」

Though it looked like a mysterious creature, Yuuma felt that he had seen that creature before.

Thus, he returned to his house in a hurry, and went back with his smartphone.

He was looking at the site that published dungeons monster.

「Found it! Its this guy.」

Yuuma found the creature in 『Slime』s entry.

It was a monster that often appeared in the game but the slime in the sites database had a far eerier appearance.

Its dimension was around sixteen centimetres, pretty much the same as the slime in front of him.

But, it was clearly different from the other slimes.

Originally, slime was supposed to have light, transparent colors such as 『Blue』, 『Pale Blue』, 『Red』, or 『Green』.

The slime in the cave wasnt transparent, and its colour was grey.

「Is this not… A slime」

Yuuma tried to search for more information about the monster before him on the internet.

And then, his eyes stumbled upon one particular article.

It was the article about 『Metal Gray Slime』 witnessed in Amerikas dungeon.

「Metal Gray Slime」

The article was writing about another slime species found in a mid-sized dungeon, 『H211』 dungeon which is located in the western part of Central America.

That metallic slime was so fast to the point that it had already vanished the moment it saw the eyewitnesses.

The leader of the exploration team that found the slime, Eric, also couldnt tell about the details since the image that captured the new slime species had a blurred picture.

When Yuuma tried to search for more related information, he found another article about the aforementioned slime found in Italy.

An Italian explorer, Rossini told the story about his encounter with slime that looked like it was made of metal during one of his explorations in a large-sized dungeon in Italy.

Rossini tried to attack it with his sword but its body was too tough, he couldnt even leave a scratch on it.

But, many people believed that it was just BS since there was no evidence in the form of a picture, it was just a testimony.

「There is too little evidence but, it seems to be a slime.」

Yuuma frowned.

If it really was a slime, it means that the hole in the garden of his family house had really become a dungeon.

How did such a dungeon appear in the vicinity of a private house He tried to find more information as he thought so.

It was an era in which you can search for information that you dont know about on the internet.

After he entered the keywords, he found news of several cases about privately owned land, houses, or companies turned into a dungeon.

「Well, it looks like a paranormal situation such as a dungeon is unrelated to privately owned land.」

In the case that privately owned land is turned into a dungeon, the owner seems to report their finding immediately to the local government or nearby police station.

After that, the government would send their investigator, and the dungeon itself would be acquired by the country.

There was no description of the matter related to the warranty or procedure of handing over the land.

「Sounds like troublesome after all…」

He couldnt accept the fact that a stranger would suddenly intrude into his familys garden.

Because when that happens, Mamezo would also lose his playground.

Yuuma was looking at another article on his smartphone.

Up to this point, none of the witnessed 『Metal Slime』 has been defeated.

So if the creature inside the cave is truly a metal slime… Doesnt that mean Im the first one who killed it

At that moment, such a thought crossed Yuumas head.


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