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Chapter 28: Life and Death Battle in the Morning


”This guy is truly bad news!” The moment such thought flashed into his mind, the two sharp feelers had already rushed toward Yuuma.




He reflexively moved his arms to protect his head.

And though the sharp feelers struck him, it was repelled along with a clear metallic sound.

Yuuma, whose body transformed into that of metal due to metalization, had easily deflected the giant slime’s attacks.


「My heart skipped a beat there…」


“Since that’s the case, I can rest assured and subjugate it normally.” Was what he thought as he took two cold sprays from the outside of the hole.

And when he pointed the nozzle of the spray to the giant slime, something unbelievably happened right before him.

Numerous feelers grew from the slime’s body.

The tips were taking the form of edge tools, hammer, ax, morning star… and many others forms of weapons.


「Wait a fri*Cking minute! Time out!!」


But, it was all hopeless, dozens feelers had already rushed toward him at once.

Yuuma stooped forward to protect the spray can.

Numerous blows from various kinds of weapons rained down to his shoulders, back, and head.

It was the scale of attack that would surely turn a normal living creature into a beehive.

And yet――




Yuuma brushed off the feelers, raised his arms and then sprayed the slime with cold spray.

No matter how much they tried to attack him, Yuuma in his metallization state completely invalidates physical attack.

And then, cold air filled the hole.

Unlike Yuuma who was unaffected by the cold air, the giant slime’s movement was clearly slowing down.

This advantage had already decided Yuuma’s victory.

The moment Yuuma was convinced of his victory, the giant slime retracted their feelers.

Just when he relaxed his vigilance, thinking that the slime had finally stopped moving――




Numerous thorns grew from its entire body.

The slime now looked like a sea urchin.

And the momentum behind the thorn was really strong to the point that Yuuma was sent flying till his back crashed against the wall of the hole.

And yet, his body was safe and sound.

Thus, he realized that the slime’s attack couldn’t pierce through his metallic body.

Yuuma didn’t waste more time and grabbed another cold spray the moment he realized that his enemy couldn’t do a sh*t toward him.

The spray can that pierced before kept releasing cold air in the hole, dropping the room temperature even further down.

Now he wielded another can of cold spray, doing his best to stop the metal slime’s movement.


A few minutes later, he had somehow managed to freeze the metal slime.


「Haah, haah… Dammit… Even stopping this bast*rd’s movement takes so much effort.」


Upon a closer look, he realized that his clothes had already been shredded to pieces.

Fortunately, the one he wore was old clothes, not that he felt delighted seeing his old clothes in such a tattered state.

And now, Yuuma dual-wielded a gas burner and pointed its muzzle toward the slime that had already frozen stiff.

He heated the slime bit-by-bit with the jet flame.


「It would be much easier if it’s not moving at a~ll」


His wish was dashed since the slime started moving again after a few minutes, this time, it used more than twenty feelers to attack Yuuma.

Though the attack was ineffective against him, no one liked being beaten senselessly.

Moreover, he couldn’t help but to worry about the stock of his cold spray and gas burner since they kept being sliced open by the slime.

He repeated the superheating and cooling process.

The reason being he had no other means to attack the slime.

It took a lot of time and he was already late to come to school.

Yuuma started to worry that her mother, who didn’t see him coming down for breakfast, was looking for him in his room.

Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t find her son who was in the middle of a life-and-death battle right now.

One hour after the start of that crazy battle, when Yuuma had already down to his last gas burner, cracks finally appeared on the giant slime’s body.


「Finally, let’s finish this…」


He hit the giant slime’s body with his hammer and yet, only metallic sounds rang in the hole, the slime was completely unscathed.

And though the giant slime looked really exhausted right now, it could still conjure sharp feelers from its body.

While it look like a futile resistance in Yuuma’s eyes, those feelers still struck at Yuuma’s right hand―― And right at that moment, Yuuma realized that something flew from his right hand.

The handle of the hammer was sliced off, its head fluttering in the air for a second, and fell to the ground.

It was a 1280 yen hammer that had been used by him for more than one year to slay the metal slime.

And yet, the hammer that he already regarded as his personal weapon had finally fallen at the last minute.


「How dare you…」


Yuuma clenched his fist, and punched the giant slime.

His punch bounced back along with a clear metallic sound.

It seemed that punch wasn’t enough to finish off the giant slime.

Since he had run out of cold spray and gas burner, he had no choice but to use brute force now.

The tattered giant slime couldn’t conjure either feeler or spike anymore.

But, the same could be said about Yuuma’s stamina.

He was almost running out of breath.

And yet, he kept punching the giant slime like an obsessed madman.




He focused all his power into his fist and slammed his fist onto the giant slime.


Along with the cracking sound, his fist pierced the metal body.

The giant slime’s body then turned into sand.

The sands sparkled for a moment and then vanished to nothingness.


「I, I did it…」


Yuuma plopped on his rear as he spoke.

It was the first time he experienced such intense exhaustion.

After he adjusted his disorder’s appearance, he looked at the thing left behind by the giant slime.

It was a magic ore.

Yuuma stretched his hand and grabbed the magic ore.


「This one must’ve some sort of special ability too… Well, let’s confirm that later.」


Yuuma crawled out of the hole, and back to his house.

Though his mother was really surprised upon seeing the exhausted Yuuma, it lost to her scream the moment she saw Yuuma’s tattered attire and soiled appearance.


Yuuma barely managed to avoid a sermon after he told his mother that he went too far when playing with Mamezo


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