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Chapter 7: 46th day

Since that day, Yuuma has been fighting the slime every single morning.

He woke up as soon as he heard Mamezo bark in the garden right in the morning.

Armed with a golden trio of hammer, gas burner, and cold spray, he peeked into the hole when his dog barked in the morning.

And just like before, the familiar metal slime has been waiting for him.

「Great, now I just need to like usual…」

First, he used cold spray until the slime stopped moving, then grilled the frozen slime with a gas burner.

The surface of metal slime would start to show cracks after he repeated that process around two or three times.

「Lastly, it’s this fella’s turn――」

A clear metallic sound rang inside the hole when Yuuma struck the slime with his hammer.

The body of the metal slime that had turned brittle due to thermal expansion then broke apart, crumbled into sands, and vanished.

It was a simple operation but he had to buy a new gas burner and cold spray when the last one was exhausted.

Yuuma was looking into his wallet and heaved a deep sigh.

「At this rate, my already small amount of pocket money will vanish if I have to buy them on my own.」

Buying something has always been the biggest bane of a high-school student’s wallet.

Day after day, after such process repeated over and over, then come the 46th day――

「Fuuuuuuuuudge! It won’t come out!! The magic gem doesn’t come out at all!!」

Yuuma, who just got out of the hole or zed as soon as he stepped on the ground.

His pet, Mamezo, was brushing their nose at him with a worried look on their face.

「I failed, Mamezo… Even after close to two months, no magic gem ever dropped.

I’m tired of this.」

Mamezo was licking Yuuma on his face as the latter complained about the dungeon.

「U~hm, you’re right.

For one hundred million.

Even if I have to wake up in the morning, even if I have to spend my pocket money like there’s no tomorrow, I have to endure this hardship for the sake of one hundred million.」

Yuuma brushed the soil on his clothes and took care of the hole.

When he brushed Mamezo’s head, the latter’s tail wagged happily.

「It seems you’re in a good mood after the slime is gone huh.」

Yuuma returned to the house while smiling wryly upon seeing the lively Mamezo.


Summer passed and autumn came, he brushed his cheek which cooled down due to the weather.

Along the way to the high school, Yuuma had been pondering about how many slimes he had been defeated until now.

「Sup! Morning!」


He almost jumped up when someone suddenly called him out from behind.

When he turned around, he found out that the one who greeted him was one of his childhood friends, Ichinose Kaede.

Though they were in different classes, their houses were close to each other, thus they often met along the way to school.

「Even though you used to barely arrive in time, you seem to arrive earlier lately.」

「W-Well, I just happen to wake up a little bit earlier lately.」

「Hu~m, is that a sign of the change in your mental state」

Kaede brought her face closer as she teased him.

Her short bob hair is bright in the smell of her shampoo.

Even though she looked like a legit boy in their childhood, she had already transformed into a proper girl.

Yuuma’s heart was beating even faster when she looked at him with her usual lively smile.

「Have you finally been self-conscious since next year is the last year of our high school」


He unintentionally averted his gaze from Kaede’s innocent smile.

「Hey, have you heard about what Rui doing nowadays」

「Rui Come to think of it, what he been doing lately」

Tensawa Rui was Yuuma’s other childhood friend.

Though they used to be hanging around together pretty often, they rarely do that nowadays after they got separated due to class change in high school.

「He’s completely engrossed with dungeon right now, and currently studying about it.」


Yuuma was dumbfounded for a while upon hearing an unexpected word.

「I mean, he wants to find a job in the company related to dungeons in the future after all.

It seems he went to various dungeons during the holiday.」

「E-E~h, is the dungeon-related business profitable It seems pretty unstable but still…」

「Eh Have you not heard about that matter, Yuuma Dungeon-related enterprises are growing rapidly recently.

I hear that even medical treatment has entered the business too.」

According to Kaede, of the few types of dungeon, the 『White Dungeon』 was the most important one.

It was a place that produced clear, transparent magic gems, which had a magical effect on “Heal Illness and Wound”.

It has a vast array of uses since it could even heal the illness or wound that was deemed to be impossible to heal by modern standards before dungeons appear.

For that reason, vast amounts of money circulating around dungeons, some news even stated that the amount of money that was equal to several billion yen circulating around the dungeon-related business in foreign countries was the norm.

「I have no idea about that.

How did it come to that…」

「Rui is amazing, right He already know what he wanted to do in the future.」

Yuuma had mixed feelings in his heart upon hearing Kaede muttered so with so much admiration right by his side.

Rui’s life has been influenced by the dungeon too, just like me.

Well, considering the future prospects in this business, he’s being realistic I guess… A great difference from me who spends day after day hammering down metal slime.

「Yuuma, what are you going to do in the future」


「I don’t know…」 was his answer when Kaede suddenly threw such a question at him.


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