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At that time, there was a war in the meeting room of Avery royal palace.

Alyssa had a gut feeling that this wasn’t going to be easy.

There are so many high priests that they fill the conference room.

She was already exhausted.

Alyssa started talking.

“Thank you for accepting this invitation.”

“Hmm… No, thank you for inviting me.”

“I think you know why I invited you like this.”

The role of the temple will continue to grow in the future.

Alyssa thought the temple’s role was necessary to establish the rule of law.

The temple should be the spiritual support of the people, as it has been doing until now.

The problem is that the temple wants to preserve the royal family.

“Are you sure you want to”

One of the high priests asked, dissatisfied.

“People want something familiar, not the new, especially in a cluttered environment.”

“Yeah, but this was going to happen someday.

And I decided to move it forward.”

“It is the dogma of the royal family.”

“That’s right! Now that you’re the king, you must keep your obligations.”

Alyssa chuckled.

From the past till now.

Are there any other people as selfish as the temple

They had previously rejected Alyssa, but now they are anxious to let her live as the king.

They were stubborn every time she announced she was on a throne with a grace period.

However, they were people who could change their attitude at any time according to the current trend.

The royal family’s existence would be more conducive to maintaining the temple.

The temple was anxious.

It was clear that they thought that the temple could collapse at any time, just as a royal family collapsed.

But that’s up to the temple, not Alyssa.

“In five years.

I plan to finish everything within it and do it.

After that, the royal family of Avery will be closed forever.”

“But, Your Majesty…!”

Surprisingly, it was the leader, who kept his mouth shut, who stopped the high priests who protested.

“If the king’s will is that way…”


“Let’s do that.

You’re qualified for that, so I will support you.”

Alyssa narrowed her eyes.

“Are you serious”

Until now, the temple had never been on Alyssa’s side.

In the past and now.

Therefore, it was natural to doubt the leader’s declaration.


I will obey.”

What is this

Alyssa clicked her tongue.

She never thought it would be so easy.

There will be no further backlash as the temples are those who follow the leader’s will.

For the first time, the temple helped her.

Alyssa felt very confused.


Alyssa stretched out.

She climbed the two large mountains she had to climb without difficulty.

“… now things are going to work out.”

Alyssa mumbled and buried her head in the desk.

She was tired.

So many people were looking for Alyssa, so she could only boil down/ cool down at night.


Alyssa blinked his eyes.

She doesn’t know what day it is, as her daily life goes by so quickly.

Alyssa looked at the calendar with her hazy eyes.

Then she noticed a part of the calendar and opened her eyes wide.

Only…… Only two days left.

Until Seidrick arrives.

Her mind seems to be loosening.

Alyssa and Seidrick had more conversations through letters than they had in three years.

They even shared everything challenging to put into words.

The time of their separation, which Seidrick was worried about, actually buffered the two of them.

Alyssa got to know him better than ever before.

Seidrick, who she had thought was a good-natured person, was unexpectedly anxious.

And surprisingly, he was very jealous.

Dania clicked her tongue, asking if Alyssa only knew it now.

And Seidrick was kind.

He supported whatever decision Alyssa made.

When she thought it was unfair, he quietly listened to Alyssa and sided when it was right.

But, of course, no matter how much Alyssa explains, if he thought it was not right, he would even refute her words.

Seidrick was a man of integrity, and his opinion was just as much so.

And she used to explain why, rather than just blindly oppose.

Seidrick gave Alyssa a new perspective and an opportunity to think differently.

The more she got to know him, the deeper it was.

Alyssa closed her eyes.

When she wakes up tomorrow, she wishes she had Seidrick in front of her…

She missed him.

The wait was getting longer.

There were days when each minute, every second, felt like an eternity.

It was after she heard that Seidrick was cured.

Without knowing it, her heart was deepening.

Because it was still love.


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