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The return day is tomorrow.

Seidrick chose the market as the place to spend his last day.

It was a complex reason, and it was also to check the commercial development of the kingdom of Belgium.

“It’s really just what you said.”

“Isn’t it Commercially, it’s quite lagging.

It’s impossible to anchor a commercial ship as the king of this place requested.”

Pauline said in trouble.

However, he cannot afford to abide by the king’s request.

Did they not take care of his convenience They needed compensation for that.

The king was demanding that the commercial ship be anchored as a reward.

However, large amounts of money are required to move commercial ships.

For a commercial vessel to come to this distant place, there must be a certainty that a corresponding profit can be obtained, but there was no certainty at this time.


A conclusion must be reached before the meeting with the king this evening, but no conclusion has yet been reached.

It was such a complex request.

“…wouldn’t it be better to think differently”


“It has to be a win-win for each other; it can’t be beneficial to only one.

What did you say about the most abundant mineral in this country”

“Iron ore.

However, in Belgium, the iron ore industry is not developed, so it was left as it is.

Are you going to sell that ore Unprocessed iron ore will lose its value, Your Excellency.

It won’t be very profitable.”

“Of course, you have to process it and sell it.

If the king is willing to invest in the iron ore industry.

Use the kingdom of Belgium’s budget to buy technology from other countries.

Then after processing the iron ore, we put it on the ship.”

“I think it would cost quite a bit to do that.”

“Look into the distant future.

Imagine if our ship sails from the Kingdom of Belgium, Pauline.”

Pauline groaned as she tilted her head.

“Are you going to have the Kingdom of Belgium build our ships”


Medical ships.

There are limits to Avery’s ability to build ships anyway.

Labor and land.

So, I’m going to have them build a medical ship here.

Then, of course, I plan to help other iron ore businesses.”

“If we make a way out like that, then it’s the Belgian Kingdom’s turn, isn’t it”

Seidrick nodded his head.

If they didn’t accept it even after giving them this much prize, there was no way for him to do it.

He, who was looking for an answer before the conversation with the king, said with a light face.

“Then, shall we take a tour of the market”

“You weren’t not interested in such things.”

Seidrick chuckled.

Another reason he came to this market was to buy a gift.

Although they probably speak the same language, the products sold at the market are different because of the different cultures.

Among them, it was the handicrafts that caught the eye of Seidrick.

A fountain pen made by hand.

He was told there was a store that sold fountain pens with delicate designs, like the ones he bought at Caradella’s the other day.

Alyssa will be using the pen a lot in the future.

Whenever she used the fountain pen he purchased for her, Seidrick wished Alyssa would remember him.


Pauline looked at him puzzledly but ignored it.


The thought of Alyssa trying to use the fountain pen that Seidrick had bought her made his heart flutter.

Others may just ask, was he excited with just that However, between Seidrick and Alyssa, small things become extraordinary.

It’s probably because they haven’t been able to live as a proper couple for the past three years.

So he’ll start with these little things.

Very slowly.

So that Alyssa can accept him naturally.

Seidrick picked up the fountain pen with a careful face.

It was to find the most beautiful design while retaining the characteristics of this country.


Alyssa was also thinking about Seidrick while Seidrick was thinking about a gift for Alyssa.

“…Where should Seidrick go”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Dania nodded her head as if for a moment.

“You need to check this carefully.

Should you send Lord Seidrick to Cambridge or let him stay in the royal palace Originally, it is correct to have Lord Seidrick, the spouse, stay in the royal castle, but if you don’t want to….”

“No, it’s not!”

Alyssa shook his head quickly.

Realizing that she was in too much of a hurry, Alyssa cleared her throat.

It’s not that she doesn’t like Seidrick staying at the Royal Palace.



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