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Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 

“I dunno.”

Cheng Yang looked confusedly at Lin Yi.

“How would I have known that the door was locked and that the window wasn’t.

I just heard your voice and suspected that you were in the duty room.

If I went directly to the door, something might have been waiting behind it to kill me.

Pushing the window seemed at lot safer.”



After explaining this, he then suddenly became frightened, “Lin…Lin Yi Xiong, why are you asking me that Did something… happened”

Lin Yi looked at him.

He could accept Cheng Yang’s ‘something might  have been waiting behind it to kill me’ reason. 

Seeing that Lin Yi wasn’t asking any more questions, Qin Zhou waved his hand.

“No, now get out of here.

It’s getting dark.”


Cheng Yang wanted to keep asking, but Lin Yi shook his head at him.

“It’s nothing.”

Cheng Yang thought for a while.

Finally, he nodded and left Room 304.

After Cheng Yang left, Qin Zhou pulled over a chair and sat down, straddling its back.

With his arms around the back of the chair, he raised his head and asked Lin Yi, “It isn’t him”


Lin Yi told Qin Zhou about that episode with Cheng Yang during the first night.

Cheng Yang must have watched too many horror movies; he was worried about waiting danger behind a door even from the first night.

If you are always on guard against doors, subconsciously avoiding the door and pushing the window first might be considered a normal reaction.

Qin Zhou pondered.

“Didn’t you communicate with the 7-7 Monster”


“I did.” Lin Yi said, “It was Cheng Yang’s voice and Cheng Yang’s tone.” 

Among the eight people involved in the 7-7 Rule World, Qin Zhou called him ‘little genius’, Cheng Yang called him ‘Lin Yi Xiong’, others would either call him by his name or a somewhat more affectionate ‘Junior’ followed by his name.

Qin Zhou frowned, and Lin Yi quickly asked, “Senior, is the monster’s ability to imitate that strong”

“It shouldn’t be but here in the 7-7 Rule World, I don’t know.” Qin Zhou said, “Too many people have died here and I can’t guarantee whether its ability has grown.”

This statement hinted at further information.

Qin Zhou knew that Lin Yi had picked up on it but nonetheless, he still said, “People who die in the Rule World will eventually be eaten by the monsters.

The more they eat, the more they look like people until they’re completely indistinguishable from other humans.

According to the conjecture of an old senior, when a monster has eaten enough people, it may have begin to desire for other things, like warm meals and the like.

It might not be willing to simply set the rules in its rule world.” 

Lin Yi unconsciously curled his hand into a fist.

He heard Qin Zhou add, “Little genius, actually, there are also rules in the Unnatural Engineering University, aren’t there”

Why are students selected to come to the school every year; why are the students restricted by the rules and regulations of the campus code; why do students of the university die when they leave the school.

Lin Yi pursed his lips and said in a quiet voice, “What Senior means to say is that a monster has escaped from the Rule World and has chosen the Unnatural Engineering University to turn it into a real Rule World.”

Qin Zhou said, “This is merely that senior’s speculation.

It’s so pessimistic that there are very few people who are willing to believe it.” 

It was able to turn the Unnatural Engineering University into a Rule World.

Once it becomes stronger, what about the entire world

“Then…” Lin Yi asked, “That senior of Senior…”


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“Already deceased.” Qin Zhou said.

Hlc Itbe vlvc’a gfjiis kjca ab mbcalcef bc atlr abqlm.

Lf rajgfv olzfvis ja Olc Tl jcv jrxfv, “Vb” 

Olc Tl: “Qtja”

Hlc Itbe: “Qtja vlv sbe olcv”

Coafg akb-atgff vjsr bo lcafgjmalcu klat Hlc Itbe, Olc Tl kjr jigfjvs erfv ab Hlc Itbe’r ralcxs tjyla bo cba jrxlcu vlgfmais ktfcfnfg tf tjv defralbcr.

Lin Yi quickly took out the birth certificate and several purchase slips from his pocket.

He handed them to Qin Zhou. 

Qin Zhou looked through them and asked, “Little genius, tell me what you think.”

Lin Yi said, “The date on the purchase orders is after that on the birth certificate and white vinegar does contain acetic acid which has the ability to soften bones.

If the birth certificate is related to these purchase orders then this…”

Lin Yi pointed to the birth certificate in Qin Zhou’s hand.

“This baby girl is probably the vase girl.”

“The main door is kept lock and this old dorm manager is very afraid of the vase girl.

And yet, he kept the birth certificate…” Qin Zhou pondered and Lin Yi interjected, “Is the vase girl his daughter” 

This handwritten birth certificate had no actual use but the old dorm manager still kept it, which meant that it held some meaning.

If this was completely useless, it would have winded up in the trash can, the destination of many such wastes.

“He probably it but he definitely must also be the perpetrator.” Qin Zhou raised the purchase orders in his left hand.

The first purchase order for the white vinegar was too close to the baby girl’s birth and the volume wasn’t large.

It wasn’t difficult to surmise that this first batch of white vinegar must have been just for experimenting.

When the experiment proved successful, the volume of subsequent purchases increased.

Lin Yi was silent for a while, a moment of silence for the tragic fate of the baby girl. 

After a while, Lin Yi also told Qin Zhou the ‘contract’ he had seen.

However, he had only caught sight of the first three items, one of them being that they weren’t allowed to enter the second floor.

So the topic returned to the second floor.

What the hell was on the second floor that made the old dorm manager include it in the agreement So concerned about that that upon seeing Qin Zhou on the second floor, he immediately chased after him.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi suddenly stopped.

Qin Zhou: “What” 

Lin Yi said, “The surveillance.”

Qin Zhou was also stunned.


The old dorm manager saw Qin Zhou going to the second floor from the surveillance.

Lin Yi, while he was in the duty room, had seen the surveillance monitors as well.

All the cameras in this dorm building are hidden.

Lin Yi managed to bypass the location of the cameras to reach the duty room just by analyzing the possible locations of the cameras based on the layout of the apartment. 

His parents always destroyed things that flashed or blinked lights so Lin Yi had put in a lot of effort into researching how the surveillance cameras would be able to capture his parents’ activities while still remaining hidden.

Lin Yi thought back to what he’d seen of the surveillance monitors.

From there, he analyzed precisely the location of all the cameras.

“There are cameras on every room.

Two on each side of the corridor on the second floor.

They’re past the iron gates, aimed at the gate.

There’s… one in the apartment hall on the first floor.” Lin Yi said, “It’s at the main door of the building.”

“There’s no camera outside the duty room” Qin Zhou asked. 

Lin Yi shook his head: “No.”

Qin Zhou asked again, “Does the camera at the main door capture the duty room”

Lin Yi knew why Qin Zhou was asking this question.

If it was able to capture even a corner of the duty room, the 7-7 Monster, standing as it had been for such a long time outside the duty room, would have appeared on the screen.

Lin Yi, who had slipped into the duty room, had been focused solely on finding clues and didn’t look much at the surveillance monitors.

But so long as there a corner of the duty room had captured by the camera, they could repeat the old trick on the old dorm manager and then sneak in to check the surveillance records to uncover the identity of the 7-7 Monster. 

However, Lin Yi once again shook his head in disappointment.

“No, it was outside its range.”

Otherwise, as soon as he appeared in the duty room, the old dorm manager would have discovered he was there.

Qin Zhou stepped back and asked, “Did you see Cheng Yang on the surveillance monitors”

If Cheng Yang was the 7-7 Monster, then as the maker of this Rule World, he must know the position of each camera.

He wouldn’t expose himself, so he would have definitely avoided the cameras. 

So in order to judge whether Cheng Yang was the 7-7 Monster, they just had to see whether Cheng Yang appeared on the surveillance monitors and they would have the answer.

Even Qin Zhou couldn’t blindly guess the location of the cameras so it must be even more impossible for Cheng Yang.

Lin Yi was thinking back on what he’d seen from the monitoring screens with this idea in mind as well.

He closed his eyes and recalled carefully.

At that time, his mind hadn’t been on the surveillance monitors and he had only given it a passing glance.

Add to that Qin Zhou’s warning and the appearance of the 7-7 Monster, all his attention had bene drawn away.

He hadn’t cast another glance on the surveillance monitors.

“Senior.” The little genius became frustrated: “I don’t remember.” 

He had only glanced at it but he did have a good impression of the surveillance in the rooms.

He said, “But there was no one in Room 302 and Room 303 at that time.”

In other words, neither Li Ying nor Cheng Yang had stayed in their room.


Qin Zhou asked, “How about Room 301”

Room 301 was Zhou Lingling’s.

The two girls, huddling together for warmth in this rule world they found themselves in, were inseparable.

Cheng Yang only mentioned Li Ying in his statement and not Zhou Lingling.

It seemed strange that Li Ying would appear in the toilet on the first floor by herself; more so, since Li Ying has always given everyone the impression of being timid. 

How could she have dared to go alone to the toilet on the first floor

Or, she was the 7-7 Monster and having heard Cheng Yang’s voice, immediately ran to the toilet to avoid him.

Lin Yi said, “There was no one in Room 301.”

Qin Zhou: “No one” 

Lin Yi affirmed: “Yes, Senior, there was no one in Room 301.”

Qin Zhou frowned irritably.

Zhou Lingling not being in her room made the likelihood that Cheng Yang was the 7-7 Monster a little more higher.

With both girls not in their room, the only possibility was that they’d gone to the toilet.

“Cheng Yang at least told the truth.” Qin Zhou snorted and said, “He did see Li Ying in the toilet on the first floor.” 

But whether he saw Zhou Lingling or not, only he himself knew.

“If Cheng Yang is the 7-7 Monster.” Lin Yi pursed his lips and said, “This is bad.”

Qin Zhou said that the monsters’ IQ weren’t high, but if Cheng Yang was the 7-7 Monster, not only had he convinced Lin Yi with perfect reasons but he also deliberately mentioned only Li Ying and not Zhou Lingling in order to throw off suspicion from him.

After all, Li Ying talked little and gave off a gloomy impression.

This kind of person gave off a low sense of presence.

But once suspicion falls on her, this low sense of existence becomes the greatest point of suspicion. 

Lin Yi also understood the reason for Qin Zhou’s irritation.

Could such a monster be considered as having a low IQ

How many people had it eaten to achieve such an IQ Would it be able to deceive the self-proclaimed genius, Lin Yi So, just what was the likelihood that they, who remained in the 7-7 Rule World, would be able to survive

Qin Zhou couldn’t sit still any longer.

He stood up and walked out.

Qin Zhou didn’t need to say it.

Lin Yi knew that he was going to use the same trick. 

Just who exactly was the 7-7 Monster, the surveillance recordings had the answer.

Even if the Monster used the surveillance to play a trick on them, managing to predict the pair’s deductions and then deliberately appearing on the surveillance, so long as they found records of Li Ying and Zhou Lingling walking together, they would also have their answer.


“You go and draw the old dorm manager out.” Qin Zhou said, “I’ll go in this time.”

Lin Yi said, “Let me go.

I’m familiar with the duty room.” 

“It’s going to get dark soon.” Qin Zhou said, “If the Monster lock you in the duty room again, the Monster wouldn’t even have to kill you, the old dorm manager would handle that.”

At least so far, the 7-7 Monster was targeting Lin Yi instead of Qin Zhou.

If Lin Yi were the one to go to the second floor and try to smash the door there open, it wouldn’t be a confined space and he would have room to escape in case the 7-7 Monster comes looking.

Lin Yi was about to nod his head when…

There was a sudden burst of screaming from the first floor. 

Lin Yi and Qin Zhou looked at each other.

Cheng Yang opened the door of Room 303.

“F*ck, what happened What is it”

Before they could follow the sound, the scream came running towards them.

It was Zhou Lingling.

Qin Zhou stopped her, “What” 

She held her head and kept screaming, unable to hear anything.

Qin Zhou motioned to Lin Yi to comfort her.

Lin Yi didn’t know how to comfort people was at a complete loss.

Cheng Yang asked, “Sister Lingling, what’s wrong Don’t be afraid, we’re all here.

What happened”

Cheng Yang kept consoling her for a long time before Zhou Lingling looked up. 

“Li… Li Ying…”

“She’s dead.”


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