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“Your mother”


I’ve never seen Alicia’s mother before.

“It seems that she’s been rather busy as of late, so she’s not at home very often,” Alicia explains as she ducks under a mess of low hanging branches in our path.

“What did she talk to you about”

“She was giving me updates on everyone’s magic levels.

Like, she told me that Albert-Oniisama, Gayle-Sama, and Curtis-Sama have all surpassed level 80 and that Duke-Sama’s level has exceeded 100.

Oh yeah, and apparently Liz-san has also reached level 100 as well.”

“Hah! Ke…!” I scoff without meaning to.

The idea is just so ridiculous.

All this time, I’ve been completely cut off from the outside world, so I had no idea their abilities were growing that quickly.

Though, thinking back, I do remember that Duke got one more piercing a while ago.

He added a green magic stone right next to the blue one on his ear.

He must have did that when he surpassed level 100.

…..Reaching that height is not merely amazing at this point.

It’s not normal.

It’s ridiculously unlikely…..

Basically impossible!

Up until now, barely anyone ever managed to attain that level of magic mastery, but now we’ve got kids reaching it and surpassing it left and right It’s so random.

I want to call bullsh*t on it, but it’s probably the truth.

So instead, I just content myself with saying, “That’s crazy.” Because, as nonsensical as it seems, that’s our reality right now and there’s nothing I can do about it.

“Not really….

As the main cast of an otome game, of course they’re all extraordinary,” Alicia murmurs under her breath.

Her voice is so quiet, I can’t even call it a whisper.

Her words were pianissimo level inaudible.

It’s to the point where I almost didn’t realize she had said anything at all.

If I asked her to repeat them, I doubt she’d comply, since I probably wasn’t meant to hear them in the first place.

“Ah, speaking of Liz Cather, I’ve heard rumors that she’s become extremely popular within not just the academy, but the surrounding town as well.”

“Oh, yeah I predicted as much! Has she visited the impoverished village as well”

“There’s no way.

That woman’s all talk, no substance.

I doubt she’d be caught dead there.”

“Well, no matter.

Since she’s managed to become everyone’s little darling now, spreading my name as a renowned and fearsome villainess will almost be too easy.

With my antagonistic demeanor, all it will take is one little argument and rumors of my notoriety will get around like the plague,” Alicia declares cheerfully, a bright smile on her face.

Her thought process really is an enigma.

As a villainess, she should be moving purely to maximize her own benefits, so why is she that excited to be hated by everyone It just doesn’t make sense.

And yet, I can’t call her out on it.

I can’t bring myself to jeopardize her happiness, even if it is somewhat ill-conceived.

When she smiles like that, I feel like I’m wrapped around her little finger but somehow I have no desire to fight it.

And with the way she is now, I’m sure it won’t just be me who is captivated.

Other talented individuals are sure to flock to her brilliance like moths to a flame.

She’s that mesmerizing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she really were a goddess who had descended upon this world.

“Didn’t she talk to you about anything else” I ask, quickly changing the subject.

“Hm, not really.

She was just updating me on people’s levels and stuff, and she finished off the conversation by telling me that I shouldn’t do anything half-heartedly.

That, I should make sure to see things through to the very end.”

“That’s it When you told me your mother came, that’s pretty different from what I had imagined you would talk about.”

“That’s because she’s a rather peculiar person.

Normally, she’s gentle and easygoing, but when it comes to certain things, she’ll stand her ground with nerves of steel….

And I never know what will set her off or what she’s thinking.

Like I said, she’s just… peculiar.”

“She sounds eccentric.”

What I wanted to say was that she sounds quite a lot like someone I know….

but right as I’m about to speak, I think better of it and end up just agreeing with her.

“I can see the wall of fog….

Which reminds me, you don’t seem that excited to be able to visit Grandpa Will….

Have you been coming without me But how did you get into the village”

“With this,” I say, taking out a vial of light pink liquid and raising it up to show her.

Alicia stares at it in amazement.

I guess she never imagined that I would have something like this in my possession.


How did you get it”

“Your dad gave it to me.”

“Father did….” Alicia whispers.

Surprise is very clear on her face, but there is also a hint of happiness mixed in as well.


Apparently this stuff’s called Abell,” I say smirking while I wiggle the vial back-and-forth in the air in front of her.


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