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“Alicia, Im about to head over to the Smiths house now, but do you want to come with me Henry and Al are planning to go too,” Alan-Oniisama says, walking over to me after after taking a break from his sword practice.

The Smith Family….

So that must be Finn-Samas house, right

I really want to see it! Lately Ive been getting bored since I havent been going out at all.

“Ill come! Ill go get ready now and be back in a few minutes.”

I hurry up to my room and change into an appropriate dress for making such an outing.

Although a lot of my wardrobe consists of loud colors and showy dresses since thats what I preferred before I had regained the memories of my past life, I now like simpler ones best, so I rummage around to find a dress that is a little more modest.

As an 8-year-old choosing to wear a simple dress, doesnt that show that I have pretty good taste

It was only for a short time, but I had attended a high school that had connections to the fashion industry so my fashion sense should actually be fairly good.

I pick out a slightly brighter chiffon dress.

Its a lovely amber color and I also put on some amber-colored earrings to match.

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Since Alicia has a pretty face, it seems like everything looks nice on her.

Since my hair still isnt long enough to pull back, there isnt really anything that I have to do to it to get ready.

The Alicia from the game had often boasted about this straight, silky black hair of hers.

And its not like I cant see why.

Its almost unbelievably silky and smooth!

As a final touch, I tuck the strands of hair on the right side of my face behind my ear and take a final look in the mirror.

Somehow, I dont really look like an 8-year-old.

I actually look quite mature for my age.

How should I put it…..

Its almost like Im looking at the spitting image of a villainess.

As I look at myself in the mirror, I cant help but become entranced by my own reflection.

It seems that just by choosing the proper attire, I can look quite wicked.

I guess that means I need to start putting a little more thought and effort into my fashion choices from now on.


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I hear Alan-Oniisama calling me so I hurry back to the entrance hall.

Then we all get into the carriage and head for the Smiths family residence.

To be honest though, I have a bit of a problem with carriages.

After riding in it for a long time, my butt really starts to hurt.

How I would love to be able to ride a horse instead!

……Speaking of which, I did try to learn horseback riding a while ago….

but it seems that I got bored with it almost immediately and gave up.

But that sensation should be something that has stayed with me, right

So if I were try riding a horse again now, I would probably be able to manage it one way or another I should think.

When we go back home, Ill have to try practicing horseback riding as well.

But this country sure is beautiful.

It seems like no mater where I look, the scenery is as pretty as a picture.

Ah, if only they had cameras in this world….

“Ali Whats wrong” Albert-Oniisama asks worriedly after seeing my face.

Hm I must have let some of my wistfulness leak into my expression just now.

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At a time like this, Im sure a true villainess would be able to come up with a whole slew of nasty remarks that she could reply with.

I wonder if I could say something fierce as well in this situation.

…….But I cant think of anything to say.

I guess I still have a long way to go on my road to villainy.

So I settle with smiling and throwing out some suitable lie instead.

The power of ambiguity and a vague smile sure is convenient.

“Man, you really have changed Ali,” Alan-Oniisama says, staring fixedly in my direction.

“Ive changed”

” “Yeah.

A lot,” ” Alan-Oniisama and Henry-Oniisama reply, remarkably in sync.

Have I really changed that much Though I suppose before my past lifes memories had returned, Alicia had been pretty awful.

Even though she is a villainess, she hadnt been putting in any effort to prepare for her life of villainy.

Was she really able to become a proper villainess with just that What would have happened if my previous lifes memories hadnt returned Its scary just thinking about it.

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Albert-Oniisama looks at me hard with a rather serious expression on his face.

“It might be a little late to be asking this but… why are you suddenly being so…… diligent lately”

“Diligent” I say, tilting my head to the side, surprised.

Im diligent He thinks that I seem diligent!

Oh no, what should I do….. Of course, villainesses are always diligent, but thats beside the point.

The important thing is to make sure that no one around you realizes how much effort you are actually putting in.

“Im not being diligent at all.

Im just doing the bare minimum of what should be done,” I say, and give him a sweet, relaxed smile in hopes of removing all such diligence nonsense from his mind.

Albert-Oniisama seems surprised at my words for a moment, but then he murmurs, “I see….” and gives me a gentle, kind smile in return.


T/N: Ah nice.

No stalking today! Just a nice family outing to go visit a love interest….

Now thats what Im talking about! XD

Though, maybe Im just a bit sad I really enjoyed reading everyones funny comments about how outrageous the boys have been acting lol.

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