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I’m about to enter a classroom when I hear Duke-Sama call out to me.

Slowly, I turn around to face him.

I’m surprised to see not only Duke-Sama, but Curtis-Sama as well standing right next to him.

How can these two stand out so much Both of their auras are completely different from the average person’s.

Like a matter of course, all the surrounding girls giggle and squeal shyly whenever they’re nearby.

Though, these two don’t seem to notice.

The noise must be so normal to them that they’ve already grown accustomed to it.

I, however, am not used to it.

All their shrill voices and excited, bubbly chatter makes me want to get as far away from them as I physically can.

“Yes What can I do for you” I ask unhappily holding my ground and forcing a smile onto my face.

“Come to classes with us from now on,” Duke-Sama says evenly.


“Ali-chan, you’re obviously exceptionally talented.

And we know just how smart you are, too.

With your skills, we’re sure you’ll do just fine keeping up with our classes,” Curtis-Sama adds, probably trying to reassure me.

But it’s not reassuring at all.



Absolutely not.

I can’t even use magic right now! And if I’m in the same classes as Duke-Sama and them, wouldn’t that mean that Liz-san will be there as well


I can’t.

If I am eventually found out, I at least refuse to let Liz-san be there to witness my disgrace.

“I must decline,” I say regally, giving the two of them a polite smile.

Then I move as if to enter my originally targeted classroom.

“So you were lying when you said you’d stay by my side and protect me, is that it” Duke-Sama questions, an obvious smirk playing on his lips.

…..Ah, why did I say that I blurted that out so confidently, too….

“No, of course not.

Ali-chan isn’t the sort to tell lies.”


Knowing my personality, you phrased it like that on purpose, didn’t you

He really might be the most frustrating and troublesome type to deal with.

I stand there frozen for a moment, staring at the two, my mind squabbling for an appropriate comeback but coming up blank.

“But, there’s no reason for her to suddenly skip to the highest grade” Gilles notes.

I felt like I was drowning just a moment ago, but his words keep my head above water like he just threw me a life-preserver.

Thank you, Gilles!!

And he’s exactly right! It would be extremely weird for me to suddenly skip five whole grades.

There is absolutely no reason for it.

Plus, if I join the senior class, won’t Albert-Oniisama and Gayle-Sama be there as well If earlier is any indication, I don’t think the three of us would be able to harmoniously attend class together.

There’s too much hostility between us to be able to learn anything together.

“Well, if I say it’s because I want to be together with Alicia, then isn’t that reason enough”


Unintentionally, I let my mouth fall open.

Dang it! The shock was too much and I let it show on my face.

As a villainess, I must be able to keep my emotions under wraps.

But that line was just foul play.

What is going on with him He’s not acting like himself.

And look at his face! He’s clearly making fun of me!

“Aren’t you being way to presumptuous right now!”

“I’m just saying my thoughts out loud.

Like you requested.” Wink.



“…..I liked you better when you were being silent and taciturn!” I mutter furiously under my breath.

“Did you say something”



Ah!! Have I learned nothing from my slip-up earlier today Why didn’t I think more before I spoke This is all because I went and said something unnecessary again!

Ugh, I can’t let myself be thought of as a woman who breaks her word.

But I also can’t just agree to this!

…What am I supposed to do

“Stop worrying about it and let’s just go.”

With those words, Duke-Sama closes the distance between us and unceremoniously picks me up, depositing me on his shoulder like a father picking up his child.


He’s doing this again! He’s seriously going to carry me in front of this many people

My dignity as a villainess…..!

“Put me down this instant!”

“Why It’s not like this is the first time I’ve carried you like this.”

“That time and this time are entirely different! Think about the location! The circumstances! How are these even considered comparable!”

“Talking casually with me now, huh… I like it.

Make sure to drop the honorifics with me from now on.”

“What makes you think you can order me around like this!”

I struggle frantically in his grasp, but Duke-Sama’s hold on me is strong.

His arms are like iron bars, they don’t budge.

“Curtis, let’s go.”

“Roger that….


Maybe I should carry you too” Curtis-Sama says, smirking down at Gilles.

Gilles’s eyes widen very slightly as he vigorously shakes his head.

Wait… Gilles… You can’t turn on me like this.

Don’t just stand there….

Help me!

“This is kidnapping!! Unhand me! You are taking me against my will!!”


“I don’t recall agreeing to abide by your commands.”

“Alicia, you should be happy~ I’m taking you to the classroom that your beloved Liz will be learning in~” Duke-Sama says, grinning in a devilish, teasing way.


He’s doing this on purpose.

I just know it!

To think he’s this sadistic….

I’ve vaguely known for a while that he had this side to him, but I never realized the full extent of it…..

Could he be doing this because he realized that I can’t use magic right now He’s already surpassed level 100, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he was able to tell somehow.

And even without magic, he’s always had an uncanny ability to read me like an open book.

He already knows that I gave my eye away, and obviously the only way to do that is through magic.

Knowing him, just from that fact he might have realized that something is amiss with me right now.

I can’t be certain whether he knows or not, but seeing the situation, I’m quickly running out of options.


When the time comes, please help me out, okay” I say, as if giving up.

Though I’m intentionally vague since I don’t know how much he knows.

“Don’t you prefer handling everything on your own” Duke-Sama asks, giving me a look as if he can see right through me.

…..Why do I feel such immense regret after every little thing I say to this man

What is with today Why is nothing working out for me!

“Don’t worry.

When push comes to shove, Duke will definitely come to your rescue,” Curtis-Sama whispers into my ear, too quiet for Duke-Sama to hear.


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