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What an uncomfortable situation.

The students sitting in front of me keep turning back to sneak peaks at me, Gayle-Sama and Albert-Oniisama are constantly sending glares my way, and Liz-san is eyeing me with obvious suspicion on her face.

Meanwhile, Curtis-Sama and Duke-Sama are not even trying to hide their amusement over my discomfort and Gilles, my only true ally, is completely oblivious to it all! His eyes are practically shining as he stares straight ahead at the professor, raptly listening to his lecture…..


Who here knows the answer” Professor John poses the question to all the students present.

Here and there, hands rise amidst the various rows.

And of course, Liz-san’s hand goes up too.

Between all her sidelong glances at me, I wondered if she was even paying attention.

But of course she is.

At the very least, she’s an extremely diligent student.


Next to me, Gilles’s hand shoots so high into the air that he’s only barely remaining seated.

You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Involuntarily, I find myself staring at him.

This is a lecture meant for 20-year-olds, you know And yet this 11-year-old boy is not only not struggling to keep up, he’s actually proactively trying to participate….


And you are…..” Professor John asks encouragingly.

“I’m Gilles, Sir.“

A surprised expression floats onto the professor’s face.

And in that very same moment, all eyes turn towards Gilles.


He’s clearly just raising his hand cause he wants the attention.”

“How could a child possibly know the answer”

“Ha! Of course no one who can stand being next to that girl would be normal.

She’s corrupted him already.”

“He’s just trying to waste our time.”

These sorts of whispers travel around the room sporadically.

Each set of friends just has to give their two cents on Gilles’s behavior it seems.

Surely they are keeping their voices low because they wish to keep their commentary to themselves…..

but I can hear every petty word loud and clear.

I can’t tell if Gilles hears them as well, but if he does then he pays them no mind.

He doesn’t seem to care at all about their gossip; all his focus is devoted to Professor John.

“Okay then, Gilles.

Can you tell me what medicinal herb can be used to cure Spot Sickness”

Spot Sickness is a disease in which greenish spots appear on a person’s skin.

Once the affliction has spread across their whole body, that person will die.

From what I recall, the cause of this illness is still unknown.

And, the medicinal herb that Professor John is asking about is treated as a priceless treasure.

It’s extremely difficult to find and thus exceedingly rare.

And because of this scarcity, not many know its name.

“Madi,” Gilles answers calmly.

“It’s a flowering plant that blooms only on the top of very high cliffs.

I’ve heard that it’s extremely rare to the point that only a few matured specimens are found every year.

And Spot Sickness itself has the highest number of outbreaks in the Ravaal Kingdom.

Which means that there is a high possibility that the origin of the disease can be found there.”

Gilles’s gray eyes are alight as he answers, but his tone is dispassionate.


Like that of someone giving a lecture for the hundredth time.

Every single person in the room stiffens as they stare at Gilles.

Even Professor John seems surprised by the breadth of Gilles’s knowledge.

As he listens, his eyes widen ever so slightly.

He must be taken aback by the fact that an 11-year-old child was able to give such an answer.

Just when did Gilles get so smart

“Yes, you’re exactly right.

Spot Sickness is thought to originate in the Ravaal Kingdom.

Well done,” Professor John says, giving Gilles a soft smile.

“The world’s longest river, the Dagon, runs throughout the Ravaal Kingdom.

And it’s waters are considered to be some of the most polluted in the world.

Along this river, there is a particular species of mushroom not found anywhere else, and it is my personal hypothesis that those are the cause of Spot Sickness,” he says, continuing on with his lecture.

In a previous lesson, Professor John likely taught about Spot Sickness and the medicinal herb which can cure it, but he probably did not mention his theories on the origin and cause.

So Gilles, who hasn’t been attending these lectures, was effectively able to answer more fully than any other student despite his disadvantage.

As someone who has no magical power attending an academy designated specifically for magic wielders, I know Gilles has always been self-conscious of his lack of ability.

But it’s for that exact reason that he’s striving to become more knowledgeable than anyone else.

Rather than the merely decorative sons of the five great noble families, someone with true ability like Gilles deserves to stand at the top of this country.

And Grandpa Will as well…! He’s so wise, intelligent, levelheaded.

What reason could they possibly have had to banish him from the Royal Palace and exile him to that hellish village He could have been the strongest, straightest pillar for our country!


Gilles’s pretty amazing,” Curtis-Sama remarks, giving Gilles a sidelong glance.

The word amazing doesn’t cut it.

Gilles is undoubtedly a genius! By the time he’s 20, I’m sure he’ll be known as one of the most prevalent scholars in the world.

He won’t be merely amazing, he’ll be the best.

And thus, the world’s wickedest villainess will have the world’s most intelligent scholar by her side.

Together, we’ll be invincible!

Before I can stop myself, I feel a grin spilling onto my lips.

“Even though it’s also made from indigo dye, the blue dye is more brilliant,” I whisper, glancing towards Gilles.

In other words, the student has become the master.

“What’s that mean” Gilles asks, staring blankly at me.

He looks quite puzzled.

…..Of course sayings from my previous life won’t make sense here.

“I wonder,” I say cryptically, a faint mysterious smile playing on my face.


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