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This guy’s timing is the worst! My heart is crying out.

I don’t know what to do!!

“What was that, Henry-Oniisama”

“Like I said, level 90 Did you–“

“Ah, so Rebel-san just turned 90 years old That’s amazing~”

Gilles’s eyes widen as he looks at me skeptically, wondering if I really think this stupid way of dodging the question will actually work.

And no, Gilles.

I’m afraid I don’t.

I know exactly how ridiculous I must sound right now.

But what else was I supposed to do I couldn’t think of any other way to deceive him on the fly like that!



You’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you,” Henry-Oniisama demands while glaring at me.

Of course he wouldn’t be fooled.

I can’t trick him that easily.

“Ohoho, I’d really like to meet with Rebel-san to congratulate her~” I say, forcing out a fake smile and a laugh.

“So it was impossible after all” Henry-Oniisama says ignoring me.

“Oh! It’s Duke!”

“Gilles, you can’t seriously think I’d fall for that.”

“I’m not kidding.

He really is heading this way,” Gilles says, a slight tension audible in his voice.

For emphasis, he even raised his finger and pointed.

Henry-Oniisama gives a quick glance in the direction he indicated as if humoring him.

Of course, at the same time, he grabs hold of my arm to prevent me from fleeing.


He really is coming over,” Henry-Oniisama murmurs, his eyes going slightly wide.

At his words, I too turn to look…..

And there he is.

I guess Gilles wasn’t just trying to create a diversion after all.

Duke-Sama is a small distance away, but he’s walking steadily towards our little group.

I literally have a mountain of things that I want to ask him, but I can’t exactly say any of them with Henry-Oniisama around!

Agh, darn it! This sucks!

If it’s already come to this…..

I’ll just have to use my last resort.

I don’t hesitate.

I slam my heel down onto Henry-Oniisama’s foot as hard as I can.

In my heart, I can’t help but feel a little bad. ‘Good children definitely shouldn’t try this at home!‘ I think to myself wryly.

But my scheme worked.

Henry-Oniisama grimaces and releases his hold on me, bending forward to clutch at his foot.

Since I got him squarely with the heel of my boot, it ought to have hurt quite badly.

“Come on, Gilles! We’re getting out of here!” I shout as I break off into a run.

He seems rather flustered by my sudden outburst, but he quickly starts sprinting after me.

I hear the pounding of his feet behind me, but his steps seem to be getting further and further away.

Turning back, I see him struggling to keep up.

“Come on, Gilles! Faster!”

The heavy books that he’s very carefully carrying under his arms are clearly dragging down his pace.

And compared to me, someone who has been tempering her body day after day, his athleticism just can’t keep up.

“Ali! Wait! Come back!” I hear Henry-Oniisama calling out to me from behind.

At the same time, I get the feeling that I can just barely hear the faint sound of Duke-Sama’s ensuing laughter.

I don’t look at them though.

I turn around and make a beeline for Gilles, wrapping my arms around him when I get him within reach.

Then without ceremony, I fling him over my shoulder and keep running in my original direction.

This should be decisively faster than allowing him to run on his own!

It’s not the time to worrying about the odd stares that the leftover students in our surroundings must be throwing at us.

All that matters is quickly getting as far away from here as possible!

“Hey, wait….

Ali Put me down!”

“Just hold still! If we get caught now, that’ll be the end!”

“You are still a noble, you know! Have a little self-awareness!!”

“I’m fine!”

“…..Unbelievable,” I hear Gilles mutter as he heaves a deep sigh.

But he listens and doesn’t struggle.

And like that, with Gilles still thrown over one of my shoulders, we exit the academy.

If anyone were to see us, a woman running around carrying a small child over her shoulder, surely they’d think I was kidnapping him.

Although such a thing is certainly evil, it’s nowhere near befitting of a villainess.

This bizarre spectacle I’m making must be losing me so many villainy points right now….

Despite securing my infamy in a variety of ways, I’m sure my mistakes more than cancelled out all my hard work for the day.

After distancing myself from the academy and verifying that Henry-Oniisama hadn’t followed me, I finally let Gilles down.

“So… are we going to walk home now” Gilles asks.

“I think that’s really our only option at this point.”


are you seriously an idiot”

Gilles’s surprise has long since surpassed astonishment.

It’s gotten to the point where he basically seems like he’s given up.

“What Why I came up with a plan to get us out of there, and executed it perfectly.

Shouldn’t you be praising my intelligence instead of insulting it right about now”

“Was there even a point in avoiding answering Henry when Arnold is sure to find you once we return to the estate Who cares if the end is delayed by a couple hours, or even a day or so”

“That’s why we aren’t going back to the estate.

Won’t everything be fine if we just stay in my little cabin for the next week”

“That seems….


Will that really solve everything”

“Well, I can always lock the door, so we should be fine! Hm, I feel like we should give this plan a name…..

I got it! From here on it shall be called the Living Stealthily Stratagem!“

“Wha–! That’s so lame! ….Seems like even you can’t live two years by yourself in a little shack and remain unscathed.

I think by now you have more than just a couple screws loose….

Maybe you’ve even lost a few.”


That’s rather harsh.

Sure, the name could use a bit of a work, but I thought the idea itself seemed reasonable.

And the little hut has a bath and everything so we should be fine for a week…..

In fact, this plan should actually be the simplest, safest option we have at hand.

On the contrary, I can’t even come up with any other viable options.

Simpuru izu besto!

“I’m getting tired,” Gilles says, a slight whine creeping into his voice.

“Me too.”

“How much longer ’til we get there”

“It would probably be best to just walk.

Maybe don’t think too much about that….”

Like this, Gilles and I walk all the way to the little cabin, exchanging a couple words every so often.


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