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『Are you incapable of speaking in intelligible sentences』

Suddenly, I hear my own voice coming from somewhere.

Those are the words that I had said to that girl I saw earlier.

『Are you incapable of speaking in intelligible sentences』

Once again, I hear my derisive, mocking tone echoing throughout the dining hall.

…..Hearing your own voice say the same thing over and over is kind of embarrassing, isn’t it Are they trying to make me feel shy

This must be some sort of magic, I would think Though what type of magic could it be……

Ahh, I can’t remember! I feel like I’ve read about it before, but I forget….

Clearly my studies have been egregiously insufficient.

“Won’t you kindly cease replaying that” I say calmly, the corners of my lips quirking up in a faint smile.

After shooting a quick glance towards the second floor I notice that it’s completely empty today.

What a shame.

If this sort of trifling matter is going to occur, I’d much rather it happen right under Liz-san’s nose.

“What for Aren’t they your own words You had the confidence to say them once, so shouldn’t you be proud to hear them again in all their grandeur!”

It’s that same girl again.

The one who spoke as soon as I entered the room.

She gives off the impression that she’s extremely traditional.

Unbendingly orthodox.

An obvious shoe-in for being friends with Liz-san.

The whole low, side ponytail that trails over one shoulder can be a great look, but she just can’t pull it off…..

Her hair is full of split ends, ruining any chance of her coming off as refined, and her features are much too cute.

She should take advantage of them while she’s still young.

High pigtails would look so much better on her.

Though she won’t hear any of this from me.

If she insists on looking bad, who am I to stop her

“What are you staring at!” she demands huffily.

“Ah, sorry.

I was just thinking that you don’t have an ounce~ of charm.

That’s all~”

“What did you say!” she screeches, enraged.

It appears that she can dish it out, but she can’t take it in turn.

It’s almost comical how riled up she is after such a trivial remark.

……Though my bleeding ears don’t find her reaction all that funny.

What a horrid racket.

Was that intentional Was that her plan all along To destroy my eardrums Dastardly indeed.

Glancing around, no one else seems to mind her uncalled for hysteria.

They’re all too busy staring at me.

Their gazes have gone way past the point of mere censure and contempt, rather they look as if they would love nothing more than to have me completely disappear from their sight.

If they had the ability, I’m sure they would throw me out of the academy right this instant.

So this is what my villainess predecessors had to go through.

They had to overcome a whole school’s worth of hatred and come out on top.

I must do them proud! I can’t allow myself to lose here.

“What’s going on” I hear Liz-san’s voice call out from behind me.

What amazing timing! Truly remarkable! Now this how a heroine is supposed to make her grand entrance.

I’m sure those empty-headed game administers would be overjoyed.

“Stay calm, Alicia.

You’re letting your excitement leak through,” Gilles chastises me quietly.

He no longer looks exasperated; he’s already schooled his features into an emotionless mask.

I do the same, and then look towards the newcomers.

Right behind Liz-san all the usual members are gathered.

……After growing up seeing such beauty all the time, the mere sight of them does nothing for me.

However, the girls in the dining hall are different.

Shrill, excited voices erupt from all over the room as they push at each other, trying to get the best view.

“Did something happen”

At Liz-san’s question, the girl from before shoves me aside and rushes over to her.

Even as she continues to send ogling, flirtatious glances over Liz-san’s shoulder at the beautiful boys standing just behind, she starts speaking in a pitiful voice to Liz-san.

“Liz-Sama! That girl said such horrible, mean things to me! And you should hear what truly abominable things she said to Marika earlier!“

You know, your speech would be much more powerful if you’d stop stealing fervid glances at Duke-Sama every few seconds as you speak.

Has no one ever told you that it’s abominably rude not to look at the person whom you are speaking to And the person whom you are being so discourteous to is not me, an obvious enemy, but rather your precious Liz-san.

If you insist on worshipping her, you might want to pay a little more attention to your attitude else others might start questioning your loyalty.

Though, I shan’t be the one to tell her.

I’m Liz Cather’s monitor after all.

How could I possibly remove such a perfect learning experience from my daft charge’s vicinity

Besides, once you become an adult, no one will bother lecturing you about manners anymore.

They’ll just silently ostracize you.

……Certainly, we are still only students.

But it won’t be long now.

……Also, not even our status as students can excuse finger pointing.

That’s just rude, ridiculous, and childish no matter how you look at it.

What an uncivilized fool.

“My, my.

Before criticizing someone else, maybe you should take a closer look at your own conduct first” I say while glaring steadily at the girl.

Under the power of my gaze, she cowers back, gripped with fear for a moment, but then she raises her voice.

“Marika–! Play it for us one more time!”

“Eh! A-ah–…… Okay!“

So that suspiciously clumsy, ultra-forgettable girl’s name is Marika.

What an unusual name, considering this clearly western-style setting.

『Are you incapable of speaking in intelligible sentences』

My voice replays once again from out of seemingly nowhere.

Was there such a thing as magic that enabled you to record a person’s words

“Mel,” I hear Duke-Sama’s clear voice calling out faintly.



At the mere mention of her name, that slightly ominous, high-pitched laughter rips out throughout the room.

Simultaneously, a sweet fragrance softly envelops the area.


Before I know it, Mel, smiling pleasantly, is standing right next to me.

“Geh–” Gilles chokes out, flinching at her sudden appearance.

“Aren’t you……” Liz-san starts, tilting her head slightly to the side in surprise.

The look in Mel’s eyes change instantly.

They slide over to Liz-san and then with a huge smile, Mel zooms up to her.

“Awwwww, so you remembered me! We only met that one time, ya know~! Mel’s so happy~!“

From her words alone, you would think that she’d be truly touched….

And yet, why do I feel like fingers of ice just trailed down my spine

Her voice itself sounded bright, yet it somehow conveyed the feeling that barely contained animosity simmers just below the surface.

And her eyes….

they’re clearly unnaturally sharp contrary to her tone and exuberant smile.

Although eyes are often compared to knives, in this instance it wouldn’t do them justice.

Mel’s eyes aren’t as cute as mere knives.

They are more akin to long, thin, and deadly Japanese katanas.

They won’t just stab, they’ll slice right through you, body and soul.

If killing with one’s gaze were possible, she’d have an instant victory on her hands.

Those adorably large eyes and doll-like features become terrifying the moment you anger her.

Like a demoness hungering for carnage.

“Aw, there’s no need for ya to look so displeased~ As soon as I take care o’ some things, I’ll disappear again~!” Mel says smiling broadly.


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