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“Ali, things are getting out of hand again,” Henry-Oniisama says after rushing over to us.

I wonder what’s got him in such a hurry Did I make some sort of mistake without realizing it

“What’s wrong What do you mean things are getting out of hand”


Were you badmouthing Liz” Henry-Oniisama asks, looking at me seriously.

Badmouth I don’t recall doing such a thing….

“Isn’t it them”

Gilles’s eyes, which had been glittering with enthusiasm over our game, now look dull and completely uninterested.

Just from those few words, I can guess what must have happened.

It would appear that someone is trying to set me up.


Academy life is actually much more cutthroat than I had initially anticipated.

Letting out a small sigh, I look over at Henry-Oniisama and say, “I personally did not say anything slanderous in regards to Liz-san, however I did happen to cross paths with a couple of people who did.”

Understanding flashes in everyone’s eyes at that.

Because they have already chosen to have faith in me, from that little piece of information it seems they were able to surmise what had actually happened.

And I’m grateful for it.

I really am.

Especially when I think about how any true Liz-san devotee wouldn’t understand no matter how much I explained myself.

But these people in front of me accepted my words so readily.

“For now, let’s go find Liz,” Duke-Sama suggests, to which we all nod our agreement.

“Where is she right now” Gilles asks, deadpan.

“The classroom.”

“Ooh, I’ll tag along too~” Mel chips in brightly….

But her eyes don’t match her tone.

They look like those of a professional killer out for blood. 

She really, really can’t stand Liz-san, huh

We swipe the eraser across the blackboard a couple times, haphazardly removing the traces of our game, and then start out towards the classroom.

These days it feels like I have no time to rest.

I feel like I’m getting caught up in one thing after another.

Just as I’m thinking this, we arrive at the classroom and walk through the door.

“Ah! She’s here!” a female student calls out as if they had been waiting for me all this time.

“That’s right.

That’s right, I’ve done you all a favor and graciously come at your beck and call,” I say to the girl with a flippant grin.

“What’s with that attitude!” the girl cries out, her voice shrill and loud in indignation, but I merely ignore her and head straight towards Liz-san.

As we had expected, the group of girls who had called out to me this morning are standing around her.

And, of course, the scene wouldn’t be complete without her usual posse of boys being there too.

Although Curtis-Sama and Finn-Sama are noticeably absent this time.

A flirtatious, flashy man and a cute but calculating baby-faced boy…..

I suppose whether they’re here or not, nothing really changes, though those two are certainly the most mysterious of the bunch.

I have a difficult time comprehending what they’re thinking.

The rest, however, are all too easily understandable.

After being on the receiving end of such scornful stares all this time, I’m rather used to it by now.

Personally, I find such lukewarm feelings a bit boring.

I’d much prefer it if they glared at me in rage.

After all, nothing really solidifies my status as a villainess like wrathful expressions.

“Now what What’s happened this time” I say smiling pleasantly in Liz-san’s direction.

“You should know what.

These girls tell me that you’ve been saying bad things about me,” Liz-san says evenly.

She doesn’t show even the slightest hint of animosity towards me.

As expected of a saintess.

Under such circumstances, normally you’d at least look displeased when the villain arrives, but she’s remained perfectly calm and collected.

“And What do you think, Liz-san”

At my question, Liz-san looks thoughtful for a moment.

“There’s no evidence so I can’t really say anything to you.

That’s why I wanted to ask you about it directly,” she answers, her emerald green eyes searching my face.

“Were you saying mean things behind my back, Alicia-chan”

The fact that she can get caught up in rumors this easily is truly amazing.

“…..No, I wasn’t,” I say flatly.

“I see.

I believe you,” Liz-san says smiling softly at me.

…..It’s been a while since I was last subjected to this angelic smile of hers.

I wonder why it is that every time I see it, my whole body somehow feels itchy and uncomfortable.

Normally, I should probably be feeling moved at her unwavering trust in me, but that’s just not something I think I’m capable of.

“Liz-Sama! How can you just believe this brat like that”

“She was badmouthing you earlier, Liz-Sama”

“That’s right! We all heard her! She was calling you a slut and saying you were getting cocky because all the boys are paying you so much attention!”

All at once, all the girls huddling around Liz-san start chiming in one after another with all the offensive things I’ve supposedly said.

‘This brat’…..


I’m hurt.

Couldn’t she have said, ‘this villainess’ or something instead

As they speak, Liz-san’s face slowly grows darker.

She just said she believed me, but it seems she’s already starting to doubt my words.

I guess even Liz-san knows how to be distrustful towards her fellow man.

The eyes of the other students in the room are also turning sharp as they stab into me.

Though, considering a majority of the student populace are all believers in the Liz-san religion, I suppose such ‘warm’ gazes can’t be helped.

It’s not like I can’t understand their desire for me to be lying to them.

Gilles sends a quick glance towards Mel, but she just shakes her head slightly.

She must not have witnessed what went on this morning.

I can’t even use magic right now, and even if I could, it would be hard to prove my innocence for something like this.

“Hmm, but wasn’t it you girls who were doing all the badmouthing” suddenly a boy’s sweet, youthful voice interjects from behind me.


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