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In the end, I didn’t get any information about the wolf.

Well, I’m not going to pry into other people’s affairs anymore… But I’m curious.

No matter how dangerous it is, my anxiety will not be so easily appeased.

— According to Professor John, the spotted disease that is common in Ravaal is not treatable with magic.

— But it can be cured with the help of madi, right

— Yes.

But madi is a valuable medicinal herb, ordinary people can’t get it.

— Why not use magic to copy madi and stop the spread of the spotted disease

— Copy magic belongs to dark magic, doesn’t it Were they targeting Liz Catherine

— Can a Saint cure a spotted disease I asked Gilles, unable to resist raising my voice.

Does this mean that Ravaal knows who Liz is

— A saint who is said to be able to save not only the country, but also the world, would be able to cope, — Gilles muttered with a heavy look.

— I don’t know for sure, though, — Gilles added after a moment’s thought.

…I can’t give Liz to Ravaal.

Without the Saint, this country will be in an even worse situation than it is now.

— Maybe I should go there myself.

I just said what was in my heart.

— What!

Gilles raised his voice, staring at me with wide eyes.

Well, the voice of my heart broke out again.

But it may come in handy.

Copy magic is available at level 90.

There are a lot of useless dark magic, but it can be used… although I’m not sure that copying magic refers to dark magic.

In any case, I would like to see the situation in Ravaal with my own eyes.

As in the case of a poor village, there are many things that cannot be understood until you see them with your own eyes.

However, the number of people who can travel abroad is limited, and in my case it is even more impossible.

I am the daughter of a powerful aristocrat… I wonder if it will be possible to get me kidnapped instead of Liz

— Hey, Alicia, what are you thinking about

Gilles looks at me, narrowing his eyes.

…What a smart child.

But if I say it out loud, then you will definitely be against it.

— Nothing at all, — i replied, looking at Gilles with a smile.

However, he continued to look at me suspiciously.

— Is that so..

In any case, don’t think about all sorts of strange things.

— Ok.

Gilles didn’t seem convinced by my answer… He doesn’t trust me.

Well, his intuition does not fail him.

We went to the dining room.

I wonder why it’s always so noisy in the dining room I don’t mean the noise of conversations.

Something unpleasant is constantly happening there.

A whole crowd gathered in front of the dining room, isn’t there too many visitors..

One glance is enough to discourage any desire to go there.

— Shall we go

— I don’t think so, — i said immediately.

I definitely don’t want to go there.

Even if I just walk in, I’ll be involved in unpleasant things again.

It’s stupid to go where nothing good is waiting for me.

— I think so too.

At the moment when we turned our backs to the dining room and tried to leave, we heard someone scream.

— Hey, Alicia Williams is here!

…Well, of course, I can’t just leave.

I love my ability to reveal myself in an instant.

— A new incident involving Alicia, huh — said Gilles with a slight grin.

I wonder why he looks so happy It’s creepy to realize that incidents related to me are already happening without my knowledge.

And I want you to stop saying the word «incidents».

— Celebrities are always in great demand.

— Are you having fun, Gilles — i said, lowering my voice and glancing slightly at Gilles.

— Well, it’s just that every time you do something, your popularity continues to grow without your knowledge.

— I’m not interested in that.

And I’m aiming for a bad reputation, not popularity.

— Will you ignore it and leave Don’t you want to go

…Why are you looking at me like that You’re at it again…

If I don’t go, it won’t mean that I’ve lost.

— I’ll go, — i said, and went into the dining room.


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