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T/N: Today, Id like to give a big thank you to my Cookie Donor Brooke and also to all the amazing readers who left comments on the last chapter! Thanks to you guys, I was finally able to better understand the economic situation of this novel.

I was blown away by how knowledgeable you all are!! Seriously, thank you!!

Also, Sorry for the late chapter! I was taking a break and got obsessed with Korean manhwa XD Anybody else a fan of those VR MMORPG novels LMS anyone Lol

I mentioned it to the king earlier…..

but I wonder what the situation is actually like in those impoverished villages

Its probably not the greatest to talk about them so confidently like that without having seen them, right

And… a picture is worth a thousand words so… I should probably try going there for myself, shouldnt I

But theres no way that Father would willingly let me go….

Plus, no matter how kind Mother is to me, or how much Oniisama dotes on me, Im sure theyll both be against it as well.

So how should I do this

Its a place that nobles typically wouldnt visit after all.

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And whenever I go out, Im always either going somewhere with my brothers or Rosetta is accompanying me….

So that doesnt afford me any opportunities either.

If I want to go, Ill have no choice but to sneak out of the house by myself.

Ill need to think this through carefully if I dont want to get caught.

The only time when this might work is if I go during the middle of the night.

But even then, Ill still have to worry about being caught by the guards.

Ugh, it would be so great if I could just make myself invisible.

…..Wait, yeah.

All I need to do is become invisible….

Magic exists in this world! Just because Im not the invisible man doesnt mean its impossible to become like him!

…..But I still havent actually figured out how to use magic…..

And I still havent found any books even mentioning magic.

And, even if I managed to sneak out, Id first have to walk to the neighboring town, and then from there I would have to walk to the woods located in the middle of it, and then walk through those woods to get to the impoverished village….

Its too far away for me to get there and back in time.

I spread a map out on the desk.

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……..Hm It seems like the woods that are just behind our estate actually connect to the woods where the impoverished village is located! If I walk straight through from there, its not actually that far at all.

And even though there doesnt appear to be any sort of path leading to the village, that doesnt mean I wouldnt be able to get there from here.

But the problem is that theyve probably cast a magical barrier around the village that will prevent people from entering it from the woods….

Since I possess my own magical power, I wonder if I would be able to pass through the barrier

I just dont know.

And its not like I can ask someone about it… Or find a book to consult about it… Ugh, this isnt going to be easy!

Should I just go for it anyway Nothing ventured, nothing gained after all.

And even if I cant get through the barrier, then that just means Ill have to search for a different way in.

Its at least worth trying…..

Alright! Ive decided! Ill go through the woods in the back and head straight for the impoverished village!

But even if I cut a straight line through the trees, the trip is bound to take quite a bit of time….

And I still cant ride a horse properly yet….

Not that riding a horse would help matters much since there isnt a path anyway though.

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I guess the only way to make this work is to set off as early in the evening as possible.

If I act like Im going to bed around 9:00 PM and then sneak out from there, then this just might work.

Its about 10 kilometers from here to the village, so with my current physical abilities, I should be able to get there in around an hours time….

If I leave at 9:00, doesnt that mean Ill have plenty of time to look around then

Plus, a 10 kilometer run will be great exercise!

….But 10 kilometers in an hour….

Isnt that a bit fast for an 8-year-old I must be in pretty good shape for my age.

But thats great! Since being a villainess means being able complete anything and everything with an excellence unparalleled by anyone else.

Once Ive managed that, I should have no problem trampling on the heroine and making a fool of her!

And with that, all my plans are in place for the evening, so I head over to the library to spend the rest of my time reading.


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T/N: Lol, I dont know if the novels writing style is just slightly simpler than the mangas, or if my skills are just lacking, but whenever I read the manga I just start to feel a little bad about myself XD HaruParty just has a way with words.

And with the second chapter of the manga for this going up on MangaDex, Im once again a couple of chapters behind haha.

Itll be at least 3 chapters, if not more, before we get some new content… But Ill do my best not to get ensnared by manhwa again and get those up for you soon!

Also, lol.

It takes me 45 minutes at best to run/jog/walk a 5K….

And here Alicia is doing a 10K in an hour at age 8.

Im just a tad jealous haha


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