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“Ah–! It’s Duke!” Mel exclaims, pointing a finger off at something a distance away.

…..It’s true.

He really is over there.

However he’s not alone.

There’s a group of others standing around him.

I can practically see the sparkles and roses blooming behind the lot of them.

They must be the other student council members.

Though seeing them standing all together like this, rather than the student council, I’d say they look more like KPOP idols.

And standing right in the middle of their shining group is Duke-Sama, with Liz-san right beside him…..

All the other usual members are lined up on opposite sides of them as well, of course.

Not quite to the point of screaming, all the female students in the area can barely hold back their shrill, excited whispers.

If one of the members of a KPOP band told his fans to quiet down at a concert, I suppose this is what it might sound like.

An indistinct roar of bubbling enthusiasm…..

Duke-Sama has showed them some fairly dark and prickly parts of his personality, yet they all still love him this much.

I guess that just shows how important having a handsome face really is.

Looking at them all now, they somehow feel so faraway.

Like they exist on a different plain from the rest of us mere mortals.

They’re so cool and good-looking though, it’s no wonder they’re popular…..

As their self-designated antagonist, I feel like I can somewhat understand the reason that everyone in this academy hates me so much.

“Duke! Look! Ali-Ali’s become so cute!” Mel shouts over at their group.

In that moment, Duke-Sama looks over here and our eyes meet…..

His are huge and wide open as they stare at me.

Just what has him so shocked

Mel’s been singing my praises all this time, but perhaps Duke-Sama actually prefers long hair to short

With quick steps, Duke-Sama walks purposefully toward me…..

Somehow, I’m a bit scared.

Why’s he heading over here with that sour look on his face

…..Should I run away But, I’ve never heard of a villainess who would just turn tail and run.

Duke-Sama stops right in front of me, and then he just stands there and stares at me…..

Why does he seem to be in such a bad mood

But even with an expression like that, he’s still unbelievably handsome.

I can do nothing but stand there and stare right back at him.

A moment passes, two, and then he suddenly covers his eyes with one of his hands.

….Is it so bad that he can’t even bear the sight of me Am I really that unsuited to short hair

“This is aggravating.

You’re just way too cute,” Duke-Sama murmurs.

……Eh–! So that’s what all that frowning meant What a uncomfortably confusing reaction.

“I wanted to be the first to see.”


I can’t help it.

In my shock, the question just slips out.

He just sounds so….



I had expected Duke-Sama to be more mature than this…..

Was it a mistake after all To demand that he tell me whatever he’s thinking Though, I must admit, seeing this side to him is quite endearing.

“Ooh~ Ali-Chan, you cut your hair It’s cute~”

That means next to nothing coming from your flirtatious self, Curtis-Sama….

“What are you insinuating It’s Alicia-Sama.

Of course she’s cute.”

“Ali’s a beauty, so everything looks good on her.”

Carol and Henry-Oniisama add, with Henry-Oniisama ambling over to me to pat my head.

Liz-san and the rest of her faction say nothing, they just stand there in stunned silence…..

I’ve wondered about this before, but does Liz-san hate me Since she likes Duke-Sama, but Duke-Sama has feelings for me…..

Somehow this whole situation feels rather complicated, and I don’t think I like it.

Could it be that I actually have feelings for Duke-Sama….. I mean, if I had to decide whether I like or hate him, of course I’d say I like him.

After all, I respect him a great deal….

But is it weird that I sometimes find his actions so unbearably cute

“It makes you look more grown-up.

The short hair,” Gilles whispers from beside me.


It’s not a bad feeling at all, having everyone praise me like this just for getting a little haircut.


Don’t be silly! Tons~ of people in the cafeteria must have already seen her so….

if you wanted to be first, you were wayyyy late!” Mel says, giggling maniacally…..

Her personality really is so bad.

And even Carol, who was silently observing their exchange, can’t seem to help but smirk in smug amusement.

Now that I see them side-by-side, her and Mel’s expressions actually feel remarkably similar.

I guess blood really is thicker than water.

…..In this sort of situation, how am I supposed to react How is a villainess, who is easily able to ensnare men with her charms, meant to act I really have no idea….

Though, if I want increase Liz-san’s hostility towards me…..

I suppose it would be best if I focus my attentions on Duke-Sama

“Duke-Sama, may I ask you to crouch down a little for me”

Looking curious, yet amused, Duke-Sama does as I ask.

“I may have forfeited some of my hair, but I haven’t forfeited any of my feelings for you,” I murmur so that only Duke-Sama can hear, my lips a scant hair’s breadth away from his ear.

Even without pulling away from him, I can tell that Duke-Sama stiffens at my words.

The feelings that I spoke of are mostly feelings of respect of course…..

though there might be some traces of love mixed in too.

Recently, I’ve been getting the feeling that I don’t really know myself.

Even my own feelings are starting to seem an enigma to me.

However, through my actions, Liz-san’s gaze on me should have become much sharper than it was before.

As a villainess, if it’s to obtain my goals, I’m not above using others for my own benefit.


must be out of my mind,” Duke-Sama whispers, his hand covering his mouth.

He’s no longer crouching anymore.

Instead he’s standing with his back ramrod straight and looking everywhere but at me.

“Would you look at that” Mel whistles.

“What a sight.

Duke, where’s that languid confidence of yours gone You look like a school girl who’s been told something naughty~” Mel says, clearly enjoying herself and Duke-Sama’s expense.

…..It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Duke-Sama act like this.

If anything, usually it’s him toying around with me, but this time it’s the exact opposite.

The power of short hair is…..

surprisingly effective.

I glance over at Liz-san, curious how she’s taking all this.

……Oh my, that’s quite the dirty look she’s giving me.

Should the heroine be allowed to make that sort of expression Though, I did act in such a fashion with the hopes of seeing that exact look on her face.

“Oh, so bad~ Ali-chan, you’re quite wicked~”

“Don’t say that.

She’ll just take it as a compliment.”

Gilles says immediately in reply to Curtis-Sama’s comment.

Oh It seems that knowledge of my wickedness is finally starting to spread.

What a fantastic development.

If things keep going along this trend, then my name will for sure be engraved in history as a fine villainess!

Thinking this, the beginnings of a silly grin starts to form on my face.

Author’s Note: I’m very sorry for the delay in releases.

And thank you so much for continuing to read and enjoy this story! All your comments have made me so happy!

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T/N: For once, I’m not the one apologizing for the delay in releases lol.

Enjoy the regular updates while they last~ XD My goal is through the end of September! However after that, I’ll be working a lot more again, at least for the first week and a half, so I won’t be able to keep this up 

As for the chapter itself…..

I’m sorry to all the Duke haters….  But don’t you worry.

The next chapter two days from now won’t be a repeat of this, I promise.

Duke won’t even be in it lol.


as for the rest of us that don’t mind him too much…..

did you see Did you see Alicia has him wrapped around her little finger hahahahaha.

Short hair power XD It was adorable //>.

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