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When I return home, Father is standing in front of the little cabin, waiting for me.

Hmm, I get the feeling that he aged quite a bit since I last saw him.

Despite the lines on his face, and the salt and pepper hair, Father is still as dashing as ever though…..

“What brings you here, Father”

“Congratulations on obtaining level 90,” Father tells me with a low, gentle voice.

…..Oh, right.

This is the first time I’m seeing him since I came out of my seclusion.

“Thank you very much,” I say politely, giving him a light bow.

Father’s expression grows strained as he looks at me.

This should be our tearful, heartfelt reunion after all this time, so why does he have that look on his face

With his brows knitted, Father reaches out a hand to me and, very lightly, traces his fingertips over the eye patch covering where my left eye should be.

Ah, so that’s why.

It’s fine, Father.

It doesn’t bother me.

Besides, I’ve already given up on the idea of marriage in favor of pursuing my goals as a villainess.

So, even if I’m not able to marry in the future, I don’t mind at all.

….Even though I’m giving him a reassuring smile, trying to convey all of this with my gaze, he is still looking at me regretfully.

As if he wants to apologize to me.

“Father, I’m happy right now.

So please don’t apologize or feel sorry for me,” I say emphatically.

Some of the pain seems to lessen in his eyes as he smiles at me affectionately.

“I see…..

And now that this is all over, you will be coming back home, won’t you”


“Don’t tell me you were planning to keep living in this little shack for the rest of your life” Father says incredulously, his eyebrows arching up nearly to his hairline.

….I was though After spending two whole years here, this little cabin has really started to feel like my actual home.

I’ve almost forgotten what it was like to live anywhere else.

…..But, maybe I should return to the mansion

“Go imprison yourself in that little hut.

Come home…..

Adults sure are demanding,” Gilles mutters acerbically.

At his words, Father flinches, an anguished expression flitting across his face.

What Gilles said was certainly true.

But I can’t really blame Father for this.

He had never intended for me to actually stay here for two years.

He was merely worried for my wellbeing and suggested it because he wanted me to quit my role of monitoring Liz-san…..

“There’s an extensive library on the estate, and intelligence gathering will be easier from there too, so it would be more convenient to return,” Gilles sighs.

“And, I really don’t think a girl like you should be living in a place like this, Alicia.”

My eyes widen at Gilles’s sudden input.

To think he would willingly offer up such advice just to help Father out…..

It seems things have changed quite a bit between these two in the two years that I was gone.

“I suppose I will come back home.”

Father’s face brightens the instant the words are out of my mouth.

He really wanted me to come back home that badly….. Or, maybe it’s more than that.

It seems he really was bothered by the years I stayed holed up in the little cabin.

“That’s great, isn’t it Arnold” Gilles quietly congratulates my father.

It’s been way too long! I take a good look around my room, surveying it.

Ah, I missed this huge, comfortable bed.

It looks like in my absence, someone has still been taking good care of this room for me.

“Alicia-Sama–!” cries an excited voice as I hear someone knocking on my door.



You can come in,” I answer back calmly.

As soon as I say the words, the door bursts open.

“Oh, Alicia-Sama! You have finally returned!”

The Rosetta from the game was supposed to have hated Alicia, but my Rosetta is now looking at me with tears in her eyes, clearly overjoyed at my homecoming.

Although the two of us never met with each other directly, Rosetta had been the one to bring me whatever I needed during my stay in the little cabin.


Your eye……” she gasps in horror, her eyes going as round as the wheels on our carriage.

Ugh, it’s gotten kind of annoying having to explain this to everyone.



“I gave it away.

To a certain someone.”

As I am saying this, I suddenly realize something.

Even though Father had looked sad as he looked at my eye patch, he never asked me anything about it.

That likely means….

that he must have already known about it Though, it’s not like I didn’t expect him to have heard at least something about my eye by now.

Although my reply was vague, Rosetta doesn’t press me for further details.

In fact, hearing my answer, she looks abashed for a split second and then, as if returning to her senses, she calms down and gracefully bows her head to me.

“I sincerely apologize for acting on my personal feelings and disturbing you in your private quarters.”

“It’s fine.

Thank you for worrying about me,” I say, lightly placing my hand on her head.

Rosetta glances up slightly at my touch and I can see she looks as if she’s about to cry.

Why is she in tears again I hadn’t been trying to be mean to her just now I’d been trying to be nice, actually! Could it be that I’ve gotten so good at being a villainess that I can bring someone to tears with a few words, even if it’s unintentional Or did she hate having my hand on her head that much Now that I think of it, Rosetta should actually be older than me…..

“Alicia-Sama…… I’m really, really happy that you have come back,” Rosetta murmurs.

…..So she wasn’t upset.

She had been moved to tears.

And then, with her eyes still wet, Rosetta looks up at me and smiles in joy.

It really does feel nice knowing that someone is this happy because of my return.

“Then, I will take my leave.

I’m so sorry for having taken up so much of your time,” Rosetta says, bowing to me.

She walks to the door and just as she’s opening it to leave, she pauses for a moment.

Turning her head back to look at me she says, “Oh.

And, Alicia-Sama You’ve become so beautiful.”

With those final words, she beams at me in delight, then turns around and walks out, closing the door behind her.

T/N: A happy reunion all around  Though, it was a bit boring  Am I the only one who wanted a bit more….

spice I wanted her brainwashed brothers to stop her at the door! Or I wanted Henry to do something unexpected! Or…..

What I really wanted to see was her mom.

She was that mad when her idiot husband inadvertently cast their only daughter out of the house, but now that her baby girl is back, she isn’t the first one to welcome her Instead, her maid is the first one That’s a little sad.


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